Still in the Island where the Team Aqua chamber used to be located at. Archie is on the hovercraft with the Blue Orb on his hands. "Hahaha! All of you will never stop me now, bow down to Team Aqua." Cackled Archie, while he hacks his mouth. "Ack! I swallowed a bug. NOT LITERALLY!" He pulls out a Blue Orb and raises it in the air that leads to Kyogre's patterns glow red, even its eyes. Kyogre's ability called Drizzle causes the storm to build up faster than before. The storm features rain, tornados, whirlpools, and even thunderstorms. "Onwards to Mossdeep City!" Commanded Archie.

In horror, the Blue Orb glows with Kyogre's red pattern and possess Archie and screams in gruesome pain. Then, he laughs hysterically that he says "I can feel Kyogre's ultimate power!" Archie has Kyogre's red pattern on his chest while his eyes glow red. Unlike the Red Orb, the Blue Orb is not a living thing but it still has Kyogre's ancient power inside. Although, he cannot do elemental bendings like Pikachu and the Red Orb did. "Aw man! I wish I can do that like Pikachu did." Complained Archie.

In Mossdeep City, a storm rages above the city with skyscrapers. A rumble had sounded when a footstep occurred. Lance's Dragonite flies and lands on the top of a building, and then Ash, Brock, May, Max, Gooey, and Lance climbed off of Dragonite. "Thanks for the ride, Lance." Responded Max. "My pleasure, Max." Replied Lance. Groudon is coming closer to Mossdeep City; the footsteps grow louder that Groudon arrives to the city. "Godzilla, really?" Commented Gooey.

Groudon roars for action that the citizens of Mossdeep City began running away from the horrors of Groudon like "Godzilla" movies. Groudon's patterns glow blue, even its eyes glow blue too. Groudon used flamethrower from its mouth while Pikachu is using flamethrower too via fire bending from its fists; that makes it a bigger flamethrower from Groudon and Pikachu. "This is fun; I am borrowing Pikachu's body to live like a ghost, and I the Red Orb have the ability to manipulate Groudon!" Commented the Red Orb in Pikachu's body in "Raj's" voice. The flamethrower melts down the skyscrapers and buildings. A tank encounters Groudon and aims at Groudon. "Ready, Aim, Fire!" Commanded the military soldier. The tank fired out a missile, but Groudon counters the missile by using Solar Beam; a white beam of energy. The missile is destroyed from the Solar Beam, then Groudon stomps at the tank and also killed a soldier. Two helicopters out of nowhere flew about while they are hovering against Groudon while they shoot vulcan guns, but no effect. Groudon spews out a stream of mud known as Mud Shot, had wiped out two helicopters out of sight.

Groudon slashes the skyscrapers in half with its claws. Half of Mossdeep City is destroyed. "No one will ever flood Mossdeep City and the world." Said The Red Orb in Pikachu's body in a demonic voice. A tidal wave from Kyogre is heading to Mossdeep City, Kyogre is using surf. That part leads to flooding the city. ""Well well well, if it isn't Captain Archie and Kyogre." Snickered the Red Orb in "Raj's" voice. "Don't call me a 'Captain!'" Responded Archie from an insult. "Anyways, I am now fired up from the Blue Orb that Team Aqua and I, even Kyogre will conquer the world!" "Bring it on, Archie. Let's have a Godzilla like legendary battle in Mossdeep City. Right here, right now." Declared the Red Orb in Pikachu's body in a demonic voice. He is on the hovercraft at the edge of Mossdeep City. Groudon and Kyogre roar at each other. Groudon used the ability drought to end the storm with a spectacle sunlight.

The epic legendary battle begins with Kyogre using Orgin Pulse; it sends out glowing blue spheres of energy flying to Groudon, then it turns into blue beams hitting Groudon mercilessly. "It's on now, Archie." Responded the Red Orb in Pikachu's body with "Raj's" voice. "Filthy shorts attack!" Pikachu flings a dirty underwear and it hits to Archie. "Ew eww, disgusting. Get it off of me!" Exclaimed Archie. He takes the underwear off of his face. Due to the Red Orb's ability of Earth Bending inside of Pikachu, Groudon has the ability to use Precipice Blades; then Groudon used Precipice Blades by making the pillars rise above the ground that it hits Kyogre, but not very effective.

A Team Magma helicopter flies and lands on the top of a building where Ash and his friends are located at. A small group of Team Magma grunts including, Maxie, Tabitha and the fully restored Courtney were exported out of the helicopter. "Hi sugar." Said Courtney. Ash blushes while he sweats and his eyes are rolling. Gooey snickers about Ash getting uncomfortable. "I came here to apologize for trying to seize you and your friends. Team Aqua is actually our real enemy that we have to face because Archie plans to flood the world and kill all humanity." Apologized Maxie. "All is forgiven, Maxie. I am sorry too for yelling at you." Replied Ash. Courtney pulls out a Tool Gun and spawns out two lawn chairs for Ash and Courtney's. They sat on their chairs and they watched the epic legendary battle. Ash pulls out a bag of popcorn while Courtney pulls out a bag of chips. "Having fun, Ash?" Asked Courtney. "Yes, I am. I think the Red Orb is trying to protect us from being washed away from Kyogre." Noticed Ash. They are eating their snacks while they watch Groudon and Kyogre battle each other.

Godzilla comes out of nowhere and roars into action. "Oh come on! That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Groudon and Kyogre are fighting against with Godzilla too?" Complained Gooey. Kyogre's pattern glows red and its eyes glow red too and used Kyogre Hydro Pump at Groudon, but it was countered by Pikachu's Air Blasts from its hands to split the pressure of water into different directions like a reflected mirror. "Finish him!" Commanded the Red Orb inside of Pikachu. Groudon used Solar Beam by firing a white beam of energy at Kyogre; it is super effective. Godzilla uses a destructive beam of energy from its mouth to attack Groudon. Groudon mercilessly slashes Godzilla with its claws; they fight each other with claws. "Ha, the Red Orb is totally distracted. Let's wash these bad boys." Commanded Archie. Kyogre used surf at Groudon and Godzilla from the behind.

"Hey, Ash. There is a simple explanation. When Team Aqua stole the Blue Orb in Mt. Pyre, Archie commands Shelly to free Kyogre from the Team Magma HQ to get Kyogre to be manipulated. However, Courtney stole the Red Orb, and she gave it to Maxie while Groudon was imprisoned in the Team Aqua chamber; Groudon woke up that it gave a message to the Red Orb to come to life and take over Pikachu's body to give the Red Orb's life to rescue Groudon like Shelly released Kyogre. And lastly, Groudon had visited to Mossdeep City to confront Kyogre and fight to stop flooding our world." Explained Lance. "Wow, I did not know that. I wonder if Neil the fox used Rayquaza to end the battle." Commented Gooey.

Meanwhile, back with me and Genesect. I am riding on Genesect in his high speed flight form on the way to the Mt. Pyre summit. As we landed on the summit, Genesect folds back to normal and I hoped off of him. There is the shrine where the Blue Orb and the Red Orb used to locate a few yards away, but I have to go through The Bridge of Death again with the Bridgekeeper. Gooey pops out of nowhere in front of me. "Going to The Bridge of Death again?" Asked Gooey. I shrieked quickly in surprise. "Do you mind, I have to go there to get the Jade Orb." "Jade Orb, what Jade Orb. I don't see it on the shrine; it does not exist. It shows the spot where the Blue Orb and the Red Orb used to locate." "Relax Gooey, I'm too intelligent for that. Plus, the Jade Orb is secretly on the secret compartment between the spots where the two orbs used to locate at." "Here, let me help you go through The Bridge of Death." Gooey walks to the Bridgekeeper and he asks Gooey some rigorous questions. "What; is your name?" Asked the Bridgekeeper. "My name is Gooey." "What; is your quest?" "To help Neil the Fox get the Jade Orb." "What; is 1900 times 2600?" "I don't know that. But why did you ask me that?" "Well; I don't remember that." The Bridgekeeper accidentally levitates himself and he was thrown to the ditch full of stones. "That was better than I expected." Commented Gooey. "Now let's get down to getting that Jade Orb. Genesect, return." I said. I pulled out a master ball and it sends a beam to return Genesect. Gooey and I crossed the bridge of death successfully that we are at the shrine. The secret compartment opens out and rises out a Jade Orb. "Ooohh. A Jade Orb, gimmie!" I exclaimed. I picked up the Jade Orb and I bit on it, but still nothing. I tried to bite on it harder, but still nothing. "How do you eat this thing?" I questioned. I licked the Jade Orb, and it tasted awful that I spit. "That was the worst tasted gift ever!" I responded. "You're supposed to raise it in the air to summon Rayquaza." Demonstrated Gooey. I raised the Jade Orb in the air while it glows green with light rays. My fur grows into a darker green fur while I equip Maleficent's cloak; I attached the Jade Orb on my scepter. "I Dark Neil, have the power to manipulate Rayquaza!" I cackled. Gooey disappears all of a sudden. Rayquaza flies to me with my glowing Jade Orb. "Come with me Rayquaza, let's knock those suckers away." I commanded. I climbed onto Rayquaza and we flew back to Mossdeep City.

Back at Mossdeep City, Raquaza flies to Groudon and Kyogre. Rayquaza confronts both of them and roars at them that puts an end to the fight, then Rayquaza activated the ability; Air lock, the weather effects were dissipated. Both Groudon and Kyogre's patterns stop glowing and then they separated and all of a sudden; I am climbing up to the top of Rayquaza's head. "Not so fast! I had found the Jade Orb. It is hidden in Mt. Pyre right below the spot where the Blue Orb and the Red Orb were located at as a secret compartment." I announced. "Oh god, Neil the Fox is influenced with Maleficent; he is wearing that cloak." Criticized Brock. "Quiet you, fool!" I yelled, while I pointed my scepter attached Jade Orb at Brock. "With this Jade Orb, I have the power to manipulate Rayquaza." Rayquaza used Dragon Pulse by firing a light greeny-blue ball of energy from its mouth at Kyogre. The battle continues all together in three legendary pokemon. Both Groudon and Kyogre glow their patterns again, even Rayquaza's patterns glow yellow.

In horror, the Jade Orb glows with Rayquaza's yellow pattern. My dark matter powers flow right to the Jade Orb attached scepter gaining the ability to shoot lightning bolts from the orb, dark magic, and it can also do other varieties of spells like a meteor shower and more. The green aura grows stronger around me and my scepter, I raised it in the air and zapped a lightning bolt at Kyogre. Kyogre used Hyper Beam at Rayquaza and Groudon. "It's on now! Dragon Ascent, now!" I Commanded. I raised my Jade Orb attached scepter in the air that Rayquaza creates a green aura all over its body and flies to Groudon and Kyogre and hitting them. "It's not over yet, I still have Kyogre." Declared Archie. Kyogre used Hydro Pump by firing a high pressure stream of water at Rayquaza, but I counter the Hydro Pump by firing a lightning bolt from my scepter. They cancel each other out with an explosion. The explosion hits Kyogre ironically but violent, even when their attacks cancel each other. Rayquaza used Fly by soaring into the air, and then it flew down like a dive bomber to hit Groudon.

All of a sudden for Pikachu, the blue markings flicker on and off. "Preposterous! I am the legendary Pokemon's artifact that represents Groudon. I... am the Red Orb! I.. AM THE LIVING THING OF THIS BLEAK JEWEL RATHER THAN THE BLUE ORB AND THE JADE ORB! GUOOOOO!" Howled the Red Orb inside of Pikachu with a dying demonic voice. The Red Orb admitted defeat from Groudon that it leaves out of Pikachu's body; Pikachu is still out cold. Pikachu fell off of Groudon's head and splashed right into the ocean. "Well this sucks. I cannot borrow Pikachu's body." Said the Red Orb in "Raj's" voice, while it floats in midair.

Unfortunately for Archie, he loses possession of the Blue Orb. "NOOOOOOOOO! My Blue Orb, I feel like a loser without it." Screamed Archie. Then he became out cold and he falls out of the hovercraft and into the ocean like Pikachu did.

My Jade Orb on my scepter begins to flicker and it struggles from my scepter. "What's going on here?" I responded. The Jade Orb detaches from my empty scepter. "My Jade Orb! I'm powerless without my Jade Orb on my scepter." I cried. The Jade Orb is free like a released bird. My fur grows back to a normal green fur and I removed the cloak. I jumped off of Rayquqza and I flew with my two tails. Unfortunately, I grew exceedingly tired from flying because I used my energy from the dark matter powers that I fell down like Pikachu and Archie did.

Kyogre dives into the sea and rescues me, Archie, and Pikachu from the deep ocean. It docked directly to the building that the three of us were off board. Ash, Brock, May, Lance, and Max runs in a hurry to me, Archie, and Pikachu. Ash picks up Pikachu and he says "Pikachu, are you ok? Speak to me." Pikachu opens its eyes that he woke up, he is ok. It felt like a dream that he was possessed by a ghost manipulating him.

Shelly comforts Archie and did the same thing that Ash did to Pikachu. "Ugh, what the hell had happened to me?" Puzzled Archie. "You might have lost memory before you were possessed by the Blue Orb." Replied Shelly. "I am ok, I will give you a redesign." Archie pulls out a Tool Gun and zaps at Shelly that she got an "Alpha Sapphire" design. They hug and kiss each other.

Courtney shows up to me and did the same thing that Ash did. "Neil, speak to me." Whimpered Courtney. I woke up and I groaned in pain. "I am absolutely ok. I feel sorry about the legends." "It's all over now, the battle has been ended thanks to Rayquqza." Courtney unhoods and hugs and kisses me. "I love you." I said. "I love you too, Neil." Replied Courtney.

"It's not over yet, after all of this heresy I face; I have to do no choice left." Said the Red Orb in a demonic voice. Then it glows demonically red and shows a yellow omega symbol on it. The Red Orb demonically cackles and fuses it to Groudon. Groudon reacts to the possession of the Red Orb that it automatically reverts into Primal Groudon. And then it roars louder than the normal Groudon. "I finally became whole again. Primal reversion caused me to restore from my miserable jewel into a giant monster." Roared Primal Groudon. Primal Groudon has the ability to speak telepathy from the half part of the Red Orb's power. Primal Groudon's ability Desolate Land is activated that an intense drought occurred on Mossdeep City that the ocean that flooded Mossdeep City is now evaporated harshly. "My... This is dehydrating my body, I have to find some shelter." I wheezed. There is a small shed on the top of the building, so I entered into the shed for some shade. Although, it is still a little bit cooler. The cheesasaurus rex from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese sticks his eyeball on the hole of the shed. I poked him on the eye and he screams in pain. He backs up like he was creeped out, then he pulls out some "Galaxian 3" related items and start talking about "Galaxian 3." I shoot him with a BB gun rifle and I came out of the shed while I stole all of the "Galaxian 3" items.

The Blue Orb levitates in midair and glows demonically blue and shows up a cyan alpha symbol on the Blue Orb and fuses it to Kyogre that it automatically reverts into Primal Kyogre and made a shrill roar. Afterwards, Primal Kyogre activated the ability, Primordial Sea; a raging storm of extreme heavy rain, incredible tornadoes, huge whirlpools, severe thunderstorms and high flooding that Mossdeep City is flooded again. While Gooey and Ash are at the pool, there was a "Ben 10" alien called humungousaur. I ran to Gooey and Ash quickly. "Get out of the pool. There's an alien at the pool!" I panicked. Ash and Gooey leaves the pool, except for humungousaur.

My lost Jade Orb floats about and glows demonically green and shows a yellow delta symbol on the Jade Orb and fuses it to Rayquaza that it mega evolved Rayquaza into Mega Rayquaza and activated its ability, Delta Stream. This ability features a strong wind warning across the horizon. And the clash continues with Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, & Mega Rayquaza. The wind is blowing 60 miles per hour. It causes May's hair to get messed up due to the strong winds. I came out of nowhere and I yelled "Brush your hair!" "Neil, the wind is blowing 60 miles per hour. There is no way I am going to do it." Disobeyed May. "BRUSH YOUR HAIR!" I yelled loudly. I disappeared all of a sudden.

Primal Groudon used flamethrower, but Primal Kyogre used Hydro Pump at the flamethrower that it pushes the fire. The pressure of water hits Primal Groudon; it is super effective. "You have defied the super-ancient Pokemon and betrayed humanity? We will destroy you for being an unforgivable sin to the Red Orb, which is now fused permanently on Groudon. Even the Jade Orb is fused permanently on Rayquaza as well." Growled Primal Groudon. Mega Rayquaza roars at Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. They stopped fighting each other that Primal Groudon stomps away to the volcano, leaving Mossdeep City. Same goes to Primal Kyogre that it left the flooded Mossdeep City and went back to its proper place, the deep trench of the sea. The Delta Stream was dissipated because Mega Rayquaza flew away into the sky.

"Alright, that's it! I am going to end that stupid fanfiction of mine!" Bellowed Gooey. He angrily pulls out a Tool Gun and it spawns a flower bud. The bud blooms out three sunflowers on the sea. "Wait a second, why are flowers growing above the sea?" I questioned. The fourth flower bud is purple; it grows slowly that it is a huge flower. "What kind of flower is that? It's scary." Said Courtney in fear. The huge flower bud is tall as a sky scrapper; when it blooms, it is revealed to be a giant purple stinky flower. A horrible odor comes out of the bloom. "Gooey you idiot, you can't pollute Mossdeep City and the world with a giant stinky flower!" I gagged. The smell was so bad that I threw up. Courtney begins to throw up too and she passed out. "Aw man, that's worse than the skunk spray!" Groaned Ash. He vomits so badly that he passed out. May and Max fainted from the odor. Everyone including all of Team Magma and Team Aqua passed out too. I felt dizzy and I fainted that I accidentally knocked the camera out of place. The camera starts to break and the screen went fuzzy. And finally, the screen went into a blackout screen of nothingness while the "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" intermission music plays; also known as the upbeat pipe organ music. Which reminds me of an extremely long chapter once again.

I teleported out of nowhere in the black out background when the music ended. "All's well that ends well." I said. A comet from the 1987 "United Artists" logo hits me right at the chest that knocked me out.

The End.