"Yesterday you were glaring at that phone. Now you can't stop smiling. Are you going to tell me exactly who is putting a smile back on your face?" Sienna spoke, looking at her fifteen year old daughter with a knowing look. "And don't you dare say Peri because I'll know."

Nico looked up, her cheeks turning slightly pink at her mother's words. "Just... A friend." She shifted slightly in the arm chair she was curled up in, her eyes flickering back to her phone in her hand as another message came through.

"Well, if he's just a friend, tell me." Sienna smiled. "I'm not blind, Nico, only a boy can put that kind of smile on a girl's face." She added when she saw her look up, a little shocked. She crossed the small space between the kitchen area to where Nico was and she perched herself on the arm of the chair, her hand coming to rest on top of her head, playing with her hair.

Nico looked up at her. "It's...Dylan." she admitted after a few moments.

Sienna looked at her, her fingers stopping mid brush through Nico's hair. "The same one that upset you the other day?"

"Yeah. We..started talking again, he apologised for being an idiot and he got me this."Nico moved her hair to one side to show her the choker that she wore.

Sienna considered her words for a moment, and her eyes softened, a smile on her face. Her little girl was growing up, she could see that Nico had fallen for the boy completely. "Oh, Nico..."

"I really do like him, mum..."

"Oh, I know. I can see it, the way you've talked about him, the smile on your face when he talks to you. And from what I've seen with him, he likes you."

"So, you're not mad?"

"No, of course not. I know I don't always go the right way about things, but everything I do, it's for you. I love you so much, and I want you to be happy, with the right people in your life."

Nico knew she'd been hinting at Theresa, but for the moment, neither she nor Sienna were at each other's throats, and she decided to savor it. She smiled and leaned in toward her.

Sienna smiled and put her arm around her.

"I've been telling him he's got to make it up to me, and so far, he's promised that he will let me win at any video game I want-I do anyway and he's a sore loser."

Sienna laughed softly as Nico opened up the messages again.

"He's also promised that he will get me all the jelly babies and marshmellows I want, and he's promised that next time he's feeling angry, just to let me know, in our way, we haven't decided what that will be yet." Nico listed.

Sienna nodded. "Well, why don't you invite him round?"


"Really. You have to make a start on your winning streak don't you?"

Nico giggled and nodded. "Okay. I'll see what he says."

"Perfect." Sienna smiled and kissed her on her head and stood up and made her way to the kitchen again. 'I just hope he looks after her.' she thought. Nico had been through enough in her short life, and most of it was her fault. The lies she'd told, the schemes she'd come up with, Nico should never have been forced to take part in any of it. Her daughter needed some stability in her life, to act like any other teenage girl with her first crush or her first boyfriend. 'I will try to be better for you, Nico. I promise you, I'll be the best mum that you deserve.'

After a few moments, Nico dropped her phone on the arm of the chair and stood, walking to the kitchen to get herself a drink. "He says he'll be over soon." She said, pouring some juice into a glass.

"Okay. Well I know when to leave you to it."

"You don't have to."

"I need to get something for dinner tonight anyway. I promise I won't be long." Sienna smiled.

Nico nodded. "Okay."

"Hey, come here." Sienna said and pulled Nico into a hug, lightly tickling her.

"No! Get off!" Nico laughed and struggled against her. "Stop!"

Sienna laughed with her, continuing her attack for a little while longer before letting her go.