"He is known in the Wild as Strider."


Okay, my newest fanfic has an interesting twist. I know some people ask "Why is Thranduil talking about Aragorn? He's 10! No one should know about Strider." Well good question…and I have an answer: "In Fellowship of the Ring (book) there is a 17 year gap between Bilbo's birthday party and when Frodo leaves the Shire. In FotR (movie) there is no apparent 17 year gap between these two events. Thus in the movies, Aragorn would be 27 during the time of the Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. Now my fanfic will cross BotFA (movie) and LotR (book) so that Legolas will search for Strider, but Aragorn will be 10 years old. Want to know how this will work? Then read on!


Ranger's Scop