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Kanan's POV

I watched at the end of the alley, helpless. Imperials raided a small house. Gunfire and screams could be heard as the moonlight shone on the streets. I stood there numb. There was nothing I could do. Finally it went silent. I stepped into the shadows as storm troopers escorted a tan, blue haired male and a female out of the house. They were both crying but obedient. I sighed and was about to walk back to my hotel room on Lothal when I heard a faint high pitched echo come from the house. I shrugged it off and kept walking.

For the next few days, the echoing got louder and more desperate every time I walked by the house. On the fourth day, I couldn't handle it anymore and decided to check it out. I went inside to see a cold, empty living room. I went and searched the other rooms but I didn't see anything important. I went back into the common room and sat on the lounge. Suddenly I heard the echoes again. I closed my eyes and concentrated. The echoing disappeared and was replaced by faint sobbing. I opened my eyes and looked at the table in front of me. I lifted it and put it to the side, revealing a hole with a ladder.

I proceeded down the tunnel to see a dark room full of different gadgets and machines. I heard it again and followed the sound. In one of the corners of the room lay a little blue haired boy, crying into a little loth-cat toy. I bent down and the child backed himself into the corner and started to sob. I calmly said "its okay, its okay. I'm not going to hurt you. I want to help." The child calmed down a little and rubbed his eyes. He looked so tired and weak. I came closer and he stiffened. I sighed and looked at his stomach where his rib cage could be seen. "Want to come with me kid? I can get you some food." The child hesitated at first but then nodded.

I stood up and picked him up gently. His eyes were red from crying and I cradled him in my arms. He still held on tightly to his toy as I climbed up the ladder and left the house. I started to walk back to my hotel room and he was having trouble keeping his eyes open. Usually if this happened I would try to find someone who would look after him but there was something special about this child… I just couldn't tell what. When we made it to the hotel I looked to see he was fast asleep in my arms. I went up the stairs towards my room and then laid him on my bed. I looked at him peacefully sleeping, blue hair messy and covering his face. I pulled the blankets over him and took one last look at him tan little face.

It was that moment that I knew I had to look after this boy. Something about him was special and I was determined to help him grow into something amazing. The last thing I wanted was for him to be taken away by the Empire too or become a street rat like the many on Lothal. I stroked his head gently and said "Sleep. Tomorrow is a new day…"

Hey everyone! This is a short sneak peak of my new fanfic "O' Son of Mine". I hope you liked it and are excited for the future chapters! May the force be with you, always!