FOR ANYONE READING THE 'O' Son of Mine' SEQUELS: The Lost Chapters and O' Family of Ours

Okay, so I know the time line of the trilogy can be a little confusing, so I've made this chapter for anyone who doesn't understand it. It starts with the first chapter of O' Son of Mine. This is where Kanan meets 7 year old Ezra and he takes the boy in. Throughout the first chapters of O' Son of Mine, Kanan and Ezra join Hera in creating a rebel crew.

Now we jump to the Lost Chapters. These are the adventures and stories that happened in the five years we skipped from O' Son of Mine, hence the name 'lost chapters'. ZEB AND SABINE WILL JOIN EVENTUALLY THROUGHOUT THE LOST CHAPTERS JUST GIVE IT SOME TIME! Sorry, it's just I hear a lot of you asking how did they join and when did they join. I'm getting to it, just be patient.

Throughout this mid-sequel, Ezra and Kanan slowly start to detach from their 'father son' bond and become master and padawan. At the age of 10, Ezra was taught how to do basic meditation and force abilities. At 12, Kanan then started teaching him lightsaber forms and techniques. Ezra is talented with mechanics with the help of his droid Chopper, which was given to him on his 7th Birthday (not that Hera and Kanan knew though).

We now go back to the second half of O' Son of Mine, where Kanan finally decides to tell Ezra the truth about his parents. Kanan then gives up his jedi code and adopts Ezra and marries Hera. Finally, we come to O' Family of Ours. This is where is gets complicated. Some episodes from the tv series will be occurring but not in the order you're used to. The 'Fighter Flight' episode will happen in the Lost Chapters, when Zeb first joins the crew. There is no 'Rise of the Old Masters' and is instead replaced with the 'Unexpected Guest' chapter from O' Family of Ours.

As seen in the latest chapter of O' Family of Ours, 'Father son bonding', Kanan and Ezra are entering the jedi temple. This will be where Ezra obtains his kyber crystal (Note: This does not mean he will get his lightsaber straight away). After that, there is a small break of adventures, then followed by 'Breaking Ranks'. There will be no 'Empire Day', 'Gathering Forces' or 'Path of the Jedi' and will be replaced by another set of events. Then I might do 'Idiots Array' if I'm feeling like it and then of course 'Vision of Hope', 'Call to Action', 'Rebels Resolve' and 'Fire Across the Galaxy'. From there on I'm going free reign (unless I can fit episodes from season 2 in when it comes out). I have a plan for those chapters that I think you'll enjoy.

Anyways, I hope that clears up the time line a bit and that it makes more sense when you're reading the sequels. If you have any other questions, PM me or say it in a review for the Lost Chapters or O' Family of Ours. I'd be happy to clarify things for you. Have a great day and may the force be with you, always!