Mistletoe Magic

This FanFic contains mostly TAKARI

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A/N This story takes place shortly after the second season ends.

~~~Chapter 1: The Idea~~~

It was a bright sunny day (for December that is) and the digidestined were having a meeting at the park because T.K. and Kari wanted to tell them something. Kari and Tia were just leaving home.

"We haven't all hung out in weeks," Kari said. "This will be great. The whole gang together. Even though she was looking forward to seeing everyone Kari everyone it was T.K. she was most eager to see. It had been their idea to get everyone together. Of course there was more reason than just hanging out. They'd gotten an idea of what the group could do for the holidays and they were quite eager to tell everyone.

"Well here we are," said Tai bringing his little sister back to reality. Then he went to sit with Sora while Kari looked to see who was here. She saw Yolie, Ken, Cody, Sora, Matt, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, and T.K. As she headed over to T.K. she heard Tia say, "Davis is late again."

"Hey T.K.," she said happily.

"Hey, Kari," T.K. replied equally happy. Kari smiled and T.K. became even happier. He loved Kari's smile. In fact he loved everything about her. Her eyes, her smile, her personality, that she never gave up. Now not sure what to say he just kept looking at Kari. While this was going on the older digidestined were talking about them.

"Look at them," smiled Sora.

"Think they like each other?" Asked Izzy.

"Kinda obvious isn't it, Izzy?" Mimi stated.

"Well, I..." was Izzy's stammered reply. Everyone laughed quietly.

"It seems like they were just two helpless little kids in the digital world." Commented Tai.

"Yeah, but they never really were helpless as long as they were together," Sora pointed out. "You know when they were kids I thought it was puppy love, but I guess it was more." Just then Davis arrived.

"What took you so long?" Asked an annoyed Tai.

"Sorry but I had to shake Jun. She wanted to come so I had to run around half the city to get rid of her." Davis explained. Matt sighed relief. Jun was Davis' older sister. She liked Matt but he couldn't stand her.

"Thanks," said Matt appreciatively.

"Now for the real reason we're here." Kari announced. She glanced at T.K. and smiled.

"Well, as you know it's getting close to Christmas..." T.K. started. "And we thought it'd be fun to have a Christmas party." The others nodded in agreement.

"So what should we do?" Tai asked.

"Well we thought we could pick names and get that person agift." T.K. suggested.

"Then everyone can bring food and some of us can decorate." So they talked and planned and agreed to celebrate at Matt's rehearsal hall a week from that day.

Then they picked names.

Tia got Sora, Sora got Yolie, Matt got Joe, Joe got Mimi, Izzy got Ken, Mimi got

Matt, Davis got Cody, Yolie got Davis, Cody got Izzy, Ken got Tia, T.K. got Kari, and Kari got T.K.

After they had picked names they started to talk. T.K. and Kari wandered off from the others.

"Sounds like they liked the idea." Kari said sounding very pleased.

"Yeah it does," T.K. agreed. Kari smiled and despite the cold air T.K. felt warm.

Again the other children were taking about them.

"Well they both like each other the problem is they're both too shy to admit it." Matt stated.

"Matt's right," commented Yolie.

"Hey I've got an idea!" Shouted Mimi.

"What" the others asked.

"Well it's Christmas, right?" She said leading up to her explanation. "So why not let the old mistletoe tradition have a try at the problem?"

"That might work!" Cody agreed happily. Soon after everyone left and Matt went with T.K. to swap gift ideas.

"Joe's pretty easy so what are you gonna get Kari?" He asked.

"I don't know," he admitted. "Something special."

Matt smiled at his little brother. "You like her, huh?"

"Put it this way. Whoever said no one finds their true love when they're eight never met Kari Kamiya."

"Maybe you can find a gift that will tell her how you feel." Matt suggested.

"Worth a try."

"Well, T.K. I gotta go. See you later!"

"Bye Matt." T.K. started to think but fell asleep.

~~~End of Chapter 1~~~

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