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A/N This story takes place shortly after the second season ends.(Forget that after-math type thing they showed, okay?)

Chapter 4: The Party

It was the day of the party, everyone was excited and busy doing their last minute wrapping. Or at least Davis was. He and Ken were lost in a flurry of wrapping paper at Davis' house, where Ken had spent the night.

"Hey Ken! Dyou think Cody's gonna like his gift?"

The other boy just rolled his eyes. He'd been assuring Davis that Cody would for a week. "Davis if you ask me if Cody will like the martial arts computer program you got him again, I'm going to start telling you know and see if that stops you."

Davis sighed as he tried once again to wrap it. He wasn't having much luck with the awkward packaging. Ken laughed as he came over to assist him, but suddenly he was worried as well. He didn't know Tai as well as Davis, and he'd wondered if his present would be appreciated. He hated to admit it, but he kept wishing he'd gotten Izzy or Yolie or even Davis. Someone that would have been easier, and someone he knew better. But as things stood he felt he'd at least made a decent job with the green banded soccer ball watch with the emblem of Tai's favorite soccer team. It would match his school uniform too, so it was an all around useful gift.

"Come on Davis, we'd better get going, if we leave now, we'll be early, by a few minutes."

Davis nodded, stuffing his crudely wrapped present into a bag along with Ken's and the food they had been told to bring.

"Alright, alright. Quick before Jun comes and tries to go with us."

They tip toed out of Davis' room and towards the front door.

"Oh Davis!"

"Shoot." He whispered as Jun's call penetrated the house. "RUN!"

And they sprinted to the door and down several flights of stairs, not wanting to chance waiting for the elevator.

Meanwhile at the Kamiya house doubts were also running high. All the girls had met there to wrap their gifts and pack their food.

"Sora, are you sure he'll like it?"

"Yes Kari." The elder girl answered with a warm smile. Yolie and Mimi also shared it and handed Kari the wrapping paper.

"Don't be so worried Kar, he's your best friend, he's gonna love anything you get him."

"You sure Yolie?"


She breathed a sigh of relief. "Alright then, let's get going." And they left.

The concert hall looked amazing. Sprigs of holly and garland were everyone, bright and green and bouncy. Bows and bells and ribbons were scattered along the door ways and tables. A beautiful pine stood in the middle, boxes of decorations surrounding it in preparation for the decoration. It was the one thing they'd left to do, it would be so much more fun to put the trimmings on the tree together.

Tai, Matt, Izzy and Joe were the first to arrive. They set their packages on a table in the corner, they'd go under the tree later.

"Now to put plan 'Mistletoe Magic' into action." Tai said with a wicked grin.

"You got the supplies, right Izzy?"

"Of course I did Matt." From his coat pocket he extracted a package of mistletoe, tied together with a red and gold ribbon.

"Then all we have to do is put it up over the other table, and then add the sign. You brought it, right Joe?"

He produced his own object crucial to the plan from his own pocket. A small laminated piece of paper that said, 'Look Up,' in bold, bright red, gold and green letters.

"Excellent." Tai and Matt chimed.

Joe put the paper on the table, a table alone in a far corner of the room, just a little bit off from the other gift table.

"Now bait!" Matt and Tai both set the packages they'd brought on the table, one of them covering the paper. The plan was for each of them to ask their sibling to go get their gift as they placed them under the decorated tree.

"All set."

Now all they had to do was wait for everyone to come and the party to begin.

Four hours later the tree was decorated, the Christmas carols were in full swing, and the cookie platter looked as though it hadn't been touched. In the window snow swirled and the wind blew as stars sparkled in the dark sky, but inside it was warm and cheery.

"Now to put the gifts under the tree." Mimi yelled with more excitement then the occasion called for.

Matt and Tai shared a grin as everyone brought their own present to give over and they began to organize them.

"Hey, T.K., can you go get Joe's present?"

"Sure Matt."

"Kari, can you get Sora's?"


The two smiled as they walked over to grab them, but their smiles of joy quickly turned into bright berry blushes and downcast gazes when they saw the paper and the mistletoe. Everyone laughed, including Davis, for he'd long since given up chasing Kari.

They weren't moving at all, neither of them, so Ken decided to push things along a bit by being uncharacteristically forward. "Oh, just kiss her already!"

Much laughter followed as they blushed even brighter and leaned in to give one another a chaste and nervous kiss.

"That wasn't so bad was it?" Tai teased.

"Not really." Kari replied with a shy smile and a sidelong glance. She'd felt the spark in that kiss, and she was sure T.K. had too.

His own shy yet knowing smile confirmed that. "Yeah, so nice I think I'll do it again." And he did.

Hours later they finally swapped gifts. T.K. and Kari kissed a third time when they opened theirs.

"Thanks Kari." He was nervous again. "I, uh. Well, what I mean to say is..." He couldn't say it, but he was trying.

"Love you too T.K. You know, I'm really glad we set this up, if we hadn't, they'd have never set us up."

Several more couples made an appearance that night, and years later when their children would ask them how they finally got together, after being friends so long, they'd just smile and say they owed it all to magic. Mistletoe Magic.

The End

Finally. I'm so sorry you all had to wait so long for such a terrible ending. The one thing I know I personally got out of finishing this was the realization that I've gotten better. This is so short. Some of my chapters are longer then this whole story put together. Anyone, thanks for hanging in there, and believe me, the stories I've got up and in progress now will NEVER be left like this one.

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