Hello everyone! Welcome to Legend Of Bardock. This is a story that I started about a year ago, 2015, and this chapter is a rewrite of the first. Until about Chapter 7, my writing style was developing, so I hadn't decided on a style yet. At about Chapter 8, I learned my style and started to write that way. That's why the book has/had different writing styles. Tbh, my old writing style was pretty bad, but this first chapter has been updated to the new style. I'll be updating old chapters for a little while, but I'm also still working on new ones so do not fret! Anyways if you are new, welcome! And enjoy the story!

As suddenly as it had appeared, it was gone.

A world that was...maybe it could've been...maybe it never existed.

A Saiyan warrior by the name of Bardock was leaving Planet Kanassa after being given the ability to see the future.

Bardock had seen it all. He had seen his son grow up and have children and grandchildren! It was the curse given to him by the Kanassan.

There's nothing I can do.

It was the first thought Bardock had. He was meant to die fighting against a tyrant by the name of Frieza. Bardock was too weak and ended up being killed along with his entire race.

There's a way. I could go to Earth. I could go with Kakarot.

Bardock opened his eyes in a rejuvenation chamber on Planet Vegeta. He knew that he was too late to save his team from Dodoria but he could save the rest of his race.

No matter how angry he was, Bardock could not face Frieza. It was unusual for a Saiyan to run but it was the only way for him and his race to survive.

If Bardock could convince King Vegeta to issue an order, the Saiyans would be saved. Bardock had to hurry before he ran out of time.

" You had a rough time out there Bardock."

Appule was standing in front of Bardock. Bardock ignored the alien and put on his armor.

The first step was to warn the King. Then, to get his family and evacuate.

Bardock flew too the palace and ran by where the babies were kept. Bardock looked a Kakarot and Broly.

Make that devil suffer, son. Bardock thought.

Bardock burst into the throne room and first noticed Paragus on the floor, nearly dead.

" What is the meaning of this?!" King Vegeta demanded.

" I come with grave news my lord." Bardock bowed. " Frieza plans to destroy the planet." It pained Bardock to call King Vegeta ' lord ' but it had to be done.

" How have you come to know of such news?" King Vegeta questioned, suddenly curious about the information.

" On planet Kanassa, one of their people gave me the power to save the future. I foresaw Frieza destroying the planet. You confronted him but you were defeated effortlessly along with me and the rest of the planet." Bardock said.

" Me? Defeated? I doubt that. Along with the fact that you can see the future? " King Vegeta asked, skeptical. " Doesn't seem to believable...but I've never liked Frieza, and it can't hurt to gain the upperhand…"

" What planet do you recommend?" King Vegeta asked.

" A planet called Earth. The planet has tons of food and water, there is plenty of space and the air is breathable."Bardock said.

" Fine. Leave me low level."

Bardock growled quietly. He tries to save Vegeta and he disrespects him. He'd show that jerk one day. But he didn't have time for that, it was time to go.

Bardock left the palace and flew to his home.

" Gine!"

Gine walked out of the kitchen with a frying pan. " Hello Bardock. I see you're back from your mission. I have dinner almost ready so-"

Gine was cut off by Bardock.

" We have been ordered to evacuate the planet. I'll explain everything to you later. For now, grab Kakarot and meet me at the docking bay." Bardock said.

" O-ok." Gine said, confused to the sudden situation.

Gine left to the baby area and scooped up Kakarot. Then, she flew over to the landing dock to see Bardock waiting for her.

" Get in the pod in front of me..." Bardock pointed to a Saiyan Pod, large enough for Gine and Kakarot. " I've already programmed the Pod to take you all to our new planet, Earth. I'll meet you all there soon."

" Alright... but what is going on!?" Gine asked.

" Frieza plans on destroying Planet Vegeta. On my last mission, I gained the ability to see the future. I've warned the King and he's issued the order to evacuate. " Bardock said. " I don't expect you to believe me, but I'll explain all of this later."

Kakarot started to cry and wail as Gine started to climb up to the pod. Bardock walked up to Kakarot and rubbed his hair. " Be tough son...you too, Gine."

" Alright Bardock." Gine replied. " But you better be there!"

Gine got into her pod as Bardock kept rushing her. After seeing his family leave, he climbed into his own pod and took off for Earth. With a rush and headache, he managed to save his race and family but how was Earth going to do with the King and the Saiyans?!