Hello everyone! I know it has been a very long time! I'm sorry but...I bring bad news upon my return. Legend of Bardock, this story, will be ending. There will not be any new chapters on THIS page.

Yet on the bright side, I bring even greater news! Legend of Bardock will be...rebooted, to say the least. It has been years since I posted the first chapter of Legend of Bardock, and since then I've grown as a person and writer. I can do better! I've been gone for so long, working on my first non-fanfiction story, which will be available for viewing soon, so stay tuned! But back on the topic, I am rewriting Legend of Bardock. It will not be an exact copy of the original, there will be many changes to both plot and writing style, but will still be the Legend of Bardock. If you are a fan of this story, you will definitely be a fan of the newer version. I am sorry for being gone for so long, and for fans of my other work, I will be remaking those stories soon as well! For now, this is the first book I have ever written and stuck to, I have amazing fans that pushed me to do better, and I can only keep apologizing for being gone for so long without a trace. The next and last chapter on this page will be the link to the new story, the first chapter is completed, and open for viewing. I hope you guys enjoy!