"It's not like you to be up here," Virgil commented when he found his brother at the highest, accessible part of Tracy Island.

Scott looked up in surprise and shook his head, he had expected to be left in peace by his brothers. His communicator was on if they had needed him. His younger brother jumped down next to him, sending a cloud of dusty dirt swirling through the air, "Dad used to come up here all the time,"

Scott just nodded in response, that was why he had gone there. That was the only reason he ever went up there, to be closer to his Dad, "It's been a year Virgil,"

Virgil nodded, all of the brothers knew that fact well, none of them needed to remind the others. Scott often wondered what his father would think of the boys' alterations to the organisation, giving John more to do during missions, coordinating the rest of his brothers on the ground, giving the youngest of them, Alan, a fraction more responsibility, and Kayo having her own Thunderbird.

Part of Scott believed his father wouldn't mind, as long as International Rescue fulfilled its purpose, Jeff Tracy would be happy, wherever he was.

"Do you think he's gone, Scott?" Virgil murmured, none of them sure if or how their father could just disappear without any leads to what had happened to his ship.

Scott looked up to the sky, it's blue hue turning to orange and red as the sun set into the sea, "I'd think we'd know if he was,"

Virgil nodded and followed his oldest brothers stare, the first star shining brightly against the darkening sky. He thought of his brother, that felt like he was so many millions of miles away, John hadn't taken a break in the last year, he usually came back down for at least a couple of weeks at least once in twelve months.


"He doesn't want to come down," Scott cut his brother off, knowing what he was going to say, having the same worry for him, "I tried to talk him into it the other day, but he was having none of it," Scott shook his head, a small smile gracing his face for the briefest of moments, "Even Grandma tried to persuade him,"

Virgil laughed, "Oh yeah, I reckon he's just hiding up there to keep away from her cooking experiments,"

Scott smiled and nodded, "Probably," He looked up to the darkening sky, "I'll head up in a couple of days and drag him back by the ear if I have to,"

Virgil nodded, "Alan can go up, even if it's just for a few days,"

Scott was about to reply but hesitated as his communicator buzzed on his wrist, "International Rescue, we have a situation,"

"Go ahead John," Scott told him as the two brothers jumped up and jogged down the uneven terrain.

Up on Thunderbird 5 John was assessing the situation, "A commercial airliners navigation systems have been interfered with by some sort of unusual weather system," He wasn't entirely sure that it was the weather system causing the problem, in that day and age, a thunderstorm wasn't usually enough to knock anything out.

"Where abouts?" Gordon asked, if it was over an ocean he may get chance to take Thunderbird four out.

"Dead centre of the atlantic," John told him, "They're struggling to get above the storm,"

Gordon was desperate for a job, the last three missions he had been left at home, his expertise not needed for so many land based missions, "Can they not do an emergency water landing?"

Kayo raised an eyebrow, "Come on Gordon, you of all people should know the water would be too choppy for them to try it,"

John could see they didn't have the time to have the discussion, the Airliners altitude was dropping, fast.

"Could we perhaps discuss this once someone's on the way?" He nudged, "Otherwise this plane is going to hit the water before you even get there,"

"We're on our way John," Scott announced, "We'll talk once we're on route,"

"FAB," John nodded as three of his brothers disappeared from the hologram.

Three hours later, Scott sighed as he walked back into the house, cold, tired and sodden. Why had he insisted on being the one to climb onto the plane to cut open the door that had bolted itself shut? It had been far from the best conditions, pouring rain, biting wind, and waves the size of Thunderbird two splashing over him every few minutes.

The mission was done though, and it had been a success.

He looked around as his Grandma came over to him with a towel, "Is everyone back safe?" The house was too quiet for any of the brothers to be awake, rarely did Scott experience this peacefulness. Grandma Tracy nodded, "All fed, washed, and asleep," She assured him, "Shall I put the soup on for you?"

Soup, Scott smiled, the only food Grandma could cook. He still declined though, just wanting his bed, "I'm fine thanks Grandma, you should go to bed,"

She nodded to her first grandson and smiled, "Good night Scott,"

"Night Grandma," Scott smiled back as she headed into the kitchen to finish tidying up before she turned in for the night.

The eldest Tracey brother paused at his fathers old desk, taking a minute to gaze at his parents' wedding photo. Only he and John really remembered their mother, Virgil remembered small bits, but the others had just been too young when she had died.

Now that they were both gone, Scott held the burden, he refused to let anything happen to his remaining family. He could only hope that he could make his parents proud in what he was doing, "Night Dad," He murmured softly, "Night Mum,"

He looked up as the lights flicked off in the kitchen and smiled softly, knowing his Grandma had been quietly watching from a distance.

She knew the burden the eldest held, how he would do anything to keep his brothers safe. Who would keep him safe though? Even the oldest needed someone to guide them every now and again, and she was more than happy to do the job. After all, Grandmas were just Mums on steroids.