Hey thank you to Dark Omen who told me that Aragorn should be a ditz. There for I will the advice given and make him a ditz. Enjoy!!! Just I reminder my comments are in []. Oh I realized that I have not done a disclaimer for this story. [Insert normal disclaimer here.]
When the large Jet ski landed on the other side of the river Pippin began singing 99 bottles of ale on the wall, Very Loud and Long. To spite the duck tape on his mouth all the people [Hobbits, and other] in Bree could hear him coming. "Pippin would you please shut-up! I swear that you should shot for singing that song with a gag! Look I will give you a cookie if you shut-up" Frodo begged of his cousin. Pippin shut up instantly and stared ahead to the suburb of Bree. They were greeted at the gate by an annoying man with a dew rag. "Yo wat ' chu all doin in Bree shorties." "we want to stay at the inn." Frodo answered. "Speak for your self. I don't want to go. I want to go back to my PS2 and blow up more orcs on that Fellowship of The Ring game." "Shut-up Sam you don't count." Replied a very annoyed Merry. "Alright little dudes. Here you go." The large toll bar thingie moved up and allowed the hobbits entrance to Bree. [Think toll booths people.]
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