"Welcome home, Tsu-kun. How's the trip?" asked Nana lovingly while Tsuna, Lambo, Futa and Reborn just arrived home.

"Fine. It was fine," smiled Tsuna at Nana. Then, Tsuna rummaged his backpack while handing the brown envelope to her. Nana looked at her son in question.

"Grandpa told me to give it to you. His little souvenir, I think," said Tsuna. Nana smirked before taking the envelope. Tsuna was shocked to see his mother's smirk.

'Am I just seeing things? Probably since I'm very tired from the flight,' thought Tsuna while massaging his temple.

"Look how exhausted you are, Tsu-kun. Why don't you go up to rest? Once I finished cooking, I wake you up," said Nana. Tsuna nodded in silent before climbing upstairs to go to his bedroom.


Nana entered her room upstairs before pressed some button on remote control and a secret door was opened at the white wall. Nana stepped inside and light turned on automatically. She opened the envelope and took out the content and it is revealed to be the candid photograph that Nono took about their revenge to the bully, including the one where Kyoko punched the boy in the face. She must say that was her favorite.

Nana carefully put the picture in the last page of her thick album before placing it on the rack. She was startled when she heard the phone rang in that room.


"Hello,Nana. Did you get it?"

"Yes, I got it, Nono. Thanks a lot,"

"I'm glad to hear it. Iemitsu told me that he will return to Japan soon,"

"Okay. I can't wait to show him my new collection of Tsuna's bully picture," chuckled Nana. Nono only laughed before they say their goodbye.

"Ah, there goes another collection of my Tsu-kun's bully picture. That made it the 20th album of them," smiled Nana.

"I can't wait for Iemitsu to see this," said Nana while walking out of the room and goes to wake Tsuna for the dinner.