A/N: This is based on a story that I recently read but was never completed. It was called sacrificial second chance if you are interested. My story will be somewhat based upon that story, at least the premise and the kind of person Harry becomes. However, as a psychologist I am also aware of most of the idiosyncrasies of the psychopath so will perhaps have a slightly different portrayal of the previous Harry.

I am writing this story as a kind of start back into writing after a long and problematic period of time. I have been diagnosed with an incurable chronic disease I have had for 11 years but misdiagnosed until now. I have just gone through an acute stage of the disease so was unable to write and continue my other stories during this time, but hopefully once my muse starts up properly again, I'll have more to put into my other stories.

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Chapter 1.

Yama, the god of death and Karma watched one of his favourite mortals as he fought against the dark lord of his age. This mortal was Harry Potter and Yama was always fascinated with the different ways that this mortal managed to overcome obstacles that were put in front of him, always to succeed in the end. What Yama liked the most though, was that no matter which incarnation of the boy he watched throughout the multiverse, every one of the Harry Potters he watched were intrinsically good people and always did their best for the people they cared for and those they didn't even know.

At the moment as he watched, this Harry Potter who was particularly selfless and loving, was facing against Voldemort in the great hall of Hogwarts. They were facing off and Yama could tell from a scan of the boy's thoughts that he intended to sacrifice himself for the good of the world and so that those who he cared for could live in peace and harmony. This touched Yama more than he thought it would and for the first time in 4000 years, he shed a tear for the actions of a mortal. At that point as he watched the child-man cast a spell, summoning the sword behind the dark lord while the dark lord was busy revelling in his victory as he had cast an ancient dark curse towards the defenceless boy. As the curse struck the boy in the chest, the sword pierced through the back of the dark lord's neck, decapitating him, ending his reign of terror. The spectators around them who supported the Potter boy spun on the spot and easily subdued the remains of the dark lord's following and once this had been done, all mourned the loss of the possibly most loved magical being in magical England at the time.

Yama, knowing that he would need to judge this mortal saw instantly that a special gift was going to be needed for such a pure and giving soul. He thought through all the buoy had to endure through his life, the losses and the trials and decided that he would grant the boys deepest and most fervent desire. He then began searching through the multiverse for a suitable location for his gift to be presented.

Yama looked into the world he had found with a deep frown. This world was quite far away from the one he had seen his favourite mortal in and he could tell it also by the way this Harry Potter was. Unlike all of the Harry Potters he had ever seen, this one was far from the kind and generous individual who would do anything for others. In fact this one was a monster. Yama watched silently as the boy in his vision rose and began his day.

Harry Potter awoke with a scowl on his face. He rose, tucking his curtain of dark red hair behind his ear so he could see what the tie was. Seeing that it was still quite early, he sat on the edge of his bed and contemplated what he was going to do this day. He knew his mother was keeping more of an eye on him at the moment as she had caught him the other day with a knife he planned to use on the next door neighbour's dog as it annoyed him by barking during the night. It wasn't particularly loud, but it was annoying so it had to go. Thinking of annoying, he focussed on his two sisters. He grinned as he thought of the times where he had hurt them, but in such a way that no one could tell it was him. He had learned in his ten years of life just what he could and could not get away with and so made sure every time someone was hurt in the house that he was not in the room or there was no way they could accuse him due to lack of evidence.

He could tell though that they were getting wise to him, especially his sisters. Hmm, he thought to himself, perhaps it is time for them to have a permanent accident. They are not as important as me after all and those two idiot parents of mine spend way too much time with them or on them. Plus it will hurt them both if something happened to one of their precious daughters. He cackled within his mind, and swore that even if it killed him, he would make sure his sisters were out of the picture. He believed though that there was nothing that could hurt him as nothing else in this world was as real as he was. Everything and everyone else in this world were just two dimensional facades to him to be used and abused.

Yama, who happened to be listening to the boy's thoughts at the time decided he had heard more than enough. Reaching down, he removed the boy's soul and brought it into the in-between, the place of judgment. The soul, looking like the physical form it had inhabited looked around wildly for a moment and then spotting Yama, sneered and asked "Where in the hell am I and who in the hell are you?" Yama, having taken a particular dislike to this soul sneered back, removing the soul's previous expression from its metaphysical face and answered "I am the god Yama. I am here to place judgment upon you for your crimes." Upon hearing this, all arrogant features from the boy vanished the face paled dramatically as it realised now that it was not only dead, but in judgment and the knowledge of its crimes was apparent to this god. Yama smirked and walking around the soul, he began talking "I have watched your actions these past ten years child and I must say I have never witnessed someone with such abhorrent behaviour as you. You are cruel, you are vindictive, you hate with a passion for no apparent reason that you don't want to love. I do not see you reforming at all, instead I see you becoming worse over the years. For this reason, among others, I am placing you in purgatory for ten years. You will experience the pain you have foisted on those who are innocent and those who love you every day for those ten years. If you do not change, you will be condemned to the underworld and will be punished. If you redeem, you will be given a second chance. Now go!" With these words and a wave of his hand, he sent the soul onto its punishment in the hope that it would reform and have a second chance. He did not like condemning a young soul like this, but he had seen the signs before and knew there would be little chance it would reform on its own. Sighing, Yama moved to the realm where the soul of the Harry Potter he was rewarding was residing after its untimely death.

Harry Potter looked at his surroundings in consternation. All around him was a white mist, reminiscent of the time he had been hit by the killing curse in the forest. Seeing that he was naked once more, he wished for clothes and they appeared next to him. He quickly got dressed and began to walk around to see where he was. The problem was though that there was nothing here. There was nothing in the mist, there was no Kings Cross Station, there didn't even appear to be a floor.

"Hello?" He asked, to see if there was anyone here. Hearing no answer, he wondered where he was this time. He had hoped that he had done enough to be able to pass through to the afterlife and finally see his parents. He had been looking forward to seeing them since his first year when he had seen them in the mirror of erised. He began to despair, thinking perhaps his death was seen as a form of suicide for he had been taught when he was a lot younger and this Aunt Petunia had forced him to go to church that killing yourself was a mortal sin which condemned you to hell.

"No, your actions were not seen as a sin Harry." A voice came from the mist behind him sounding reassuring. Harry turned to see a figure clothed in shadows, or at least it seemed that way. He then realised that the figure was actually so dark that no light actually reflected from the figure, even its eyes were black. Chuckling to itself, the figure snapped its fingers and took a more normal-looking appearance. His hair was long and black and held back in a ponytail, his skin was almost white it was so pale and his eyes were an iridescent blue. He wore a black robe and on its breast pocket it held a design of a continuous knot which Harry later learned was the sign for Karma.

"I must apologise young Harry. I was just finished with my duties in judgment for a particularly nasty soul and had my appearance look appropriately scary for a suitable punishment that I gave it. My name is Yama and I am the god of death and Karma. I judge the souls that enter the afterlife and decide whether they are worthy to pass onto their reward or whether they are to be punished and perhaps given a second chance." Yama explained to the soul before him. Harry gulped upon hearing who he was facing and bowing slightly said "I am pleased to meet you sir. I was afraid I had been condemned for my actions. I was hoping to be able to see my parents after all of this time."

Yama nodded at this and waving his hand he conjured two chairs. Motioning for Harry to do so, he sat in his own chair and folding his hands together, leaned forward and began to explain.

"Harry, your actions in your life were exemplary. You have to be the most selfless individual I have met in my long existence. You left the world you inhabited a much better place and many loved you for your actions that saved not only the wizarding society, but also many lives from being ended by the dark lord. For these reasons I am here to offer you a very special reward. This is not something that is normally done so please think carefully about your decision, alright?" Harry looked intrigued as the god had hoped he would be and nodded his understanding. "Well what I am proposing is to send you to an alternate world to live a life which you had been denied. I recently came across a world where a very different version of you for some reason was born as what I can only describe as evil. He had your talent in magic and the lack of morals to use it to his own gains. He would have been much worse than your Voldemort had I let him continue. Luckily the idiot was unintentionally promising his own life in exchange for the lives of his sisters, which he was planning on ending in order to get more attention from is parents." Yama knew that this information would be hard for this Harry to hear as the boy wanted nothing more than a family, but he knew it was also important that the boy had all the information he needed in order to make the best decision as well as knowing what he would be in for in this new world.

Harry on his end looked appropriately horrified at the actions of his counterpart in this world. He could not imagine doing something similar and vowed that if he took this opportunity that he would make it up to his family as much as possible. After a few minutes of getting over his shock at his counterparts actions, he looked back up and indicated for Yama to continue. "Okay, well I took his soul and judged it necessary to have some corrective action taken, which is happening as we speak. What I propose is that I put your soul into his body and you take over his life. He has only just turned 10 years old, meaning you have an entire year to get to know your parents and family before you go to Hogwarts. There are several things you need to know about this world though. Are you interested to know more?" Yama asked, eager to hear Harry's answer. Harry couldn't believe the offer he was being given. If he was honest a lot in his previous life sucked. He knew that having his parents in real life would make him agree no matter what else was different, but wanted to hear the god out before saying anything. He nodded again, his thoughts at the offer leaving him speechless.

Yama, who could read the boys mind with ease, smiled as he saw that Harry was willing to take on a lot in order to have his parents back in his life. A deal was a deal though so he wanted to make sure Harry would be fine with the new life he was being given. "Well in this life you will not be the boy who lived. Yes it is Neville, but being in the wizarding world his whole life, the boy has a head the size of Alaska. He also has the attitude pretty much of superiority to all others. Just imagine Draco Malfoy with more popularity and you pretty much have this world's Neville." Yama laughed when he saw the look of disgust on Harry's face. "Now I would suggest you enjoy your life and do the best you can. You will have all your previous power added onto the previous Harry's magic as well as your knowledge. You don't have the dursleys to screw up your psyche this time so make your parents proud. After all they were top in all of their classes. Alright?" Harry nodded, thinking of all he knew and deciding he would not hide this time like he tried to in the past.

"While you are not the boy who lived and the chosen one, you still have the power of the chosen one. This means you still have the power to affect things if you choose to. It is your choice though. Personally I wouldn't blame you if you decided to let Neville handle the dark lord, but if he targets you or your family, know you can whup his ass." Harry almost laughed at hearing the god say this but nodded his understanding. "I'll do it!" Harry blurted without giving the god a chance to continue. Yama couldn't help but laugh at Harry's intense longing in his eyes. He put up a hand to forestall Harry and answered his statement "Okay, I knew you would say yes, but I haven't finished with the information. All of it is important so you need to listen, okay?" Harry realising he had jumped the gun a bit, blushed a little sheepishly and nodded, waiting for Yama to continue.

"Okay, now you need to understand that when you enter this body that your family have been dealing with a monster for almost 8 years as he only started being this way from about the age of 2, so they will be wary of you to begin with, just give them a chance to get to know the real you and everything will be fine. I am afraid you will be tripping over your counterparts doings for a few years at least as I am pretty sure some of your teachers at Hogwarts had met the previous you, which did not make a good impression. Perhaps a heart-felt apology when you met them would be best? Harry thought about this for a moment and agreed an apology would probably be best. However he also knew that first impressions would always colour someone'S future impressions of him, but he figured it was not much different than people having initial assumptions of him in his former life. Yama continued, "You also need to understand as well that not everyone in this world will be the same. Just because they were good in your world, doesn't mean they will be so in this world and vice versa. Finally, your personality is made up fifty percent physical and fifty percent mental or as we say, spiritual. The previous Harry that inhabited the body you will had a particular disorder because both his mind and body were set that way. What this means for you is that you will have a couple of personality changes. It is nothing big, but I believe the changes I foresee will do you some good. An example will be that you will look out a little more for yourself than you have previously as you will value your own skin more than some others. This is not a bad thing Harry; I would suggest you embrace the new you and work with what you have." Harry once again was deep in thought. He knew he had been reckless in his previous life when it came to his own safety as his saving people thing as Hermione had dubbed it was usually foremost in his mind. He also thought that this had been a product of his upbringing and appreciated the advice Yama was giving him.

"Okay now two final things. Firstly, I will have limited ability to be able to help you in your new life once you are there, so once you are there, essentially you are on your own. So what I will do is give you some special gifts to help you. First I will give you a shield to prevent anyone from seeing into your memories of the past. As far as anyone will be able to tell you suddenly changed your ways at the age of 10 and no one will know you are from another world, not even that sorting hat or the headmaster. I will also give you a cover story to tell your parents and family, which I will help them accept to make things a little easier on you. As I said while they accept what you say, they will still be on guard, just in case you revert, so it is still up to you to change their mind about you. Also I will give you a gift that you will need to unlock by training not only your body, but your mind. Just because you have my shields does not mean someone won't be able to rummage around in the rest of your mind, so learn Occlumency and study and you will be rewarded. Train your body just as much and you will receive a similar reward. I'll leave it as a surprise for you to find out what they are." Harry almost pouted at this last comment, making the god laugh a little. Harry then asked "So what is the final thing you need to tell me?" Yama's previous jovial mood became a little more serious as he stated "As this world is different the horcruxes are different. If you choose to, you will work out what they are and where they are. I thought I should just warn you. However you may find more than one way to skin a cat in that regard." On that note, Yama sat back in his chair and waited for the young man before him to take in all of what he said.

Harry finally looked up and nodded to the god, saying "I'm ready to go. What do we need to do?" Yama smiled at him and clapped his hands, saying at the same time, "Good luck Harry and enjoy your reward!" With this, Harry's vision went black.