Foreword / Confessions of an Author

Dear Interested Readers-

Thank you for deciding to investigate my second posted work, Robotech: The Smoldering Earth. This work, though it contains a majority of new characters is the sequel to my previous work, already posted in full- Robotech: The Ashes of Empire. At the risk of imposing my work upon you, I would also hasten to advise that reading of Robotech: The Ashes of Empire may assist in understanding one of the critical sub-plots of Robotech: The Smoldering Earth.

That advice being given, I think that Robotech: The Smoldering Earth does stand sufficiently on its own, and can be enjoyed as such. It also will adequately prepare you for my next work, in-progress, Robotech: The Enforcers' War.

First things first.

Before we get started with Robotech: The Smoldering Earth there are just a few "liberties" that I have taken that I should disclose. Robotech "purists" will certainly pick up on these anomalies, and may find them distracting depending on the level of their purist taste. Changes I've made, I believe are at least rooted in reason and for the purposes of my storyline serve to produce a more interesting and textured plot.

Timeline Compression. Set in late 2015 (clearly the Robotech-alternate 2015 and different from the one we live in) I have the RDF in the initial stages of decline with indications that the REF his already established and building in strength for the dual purposes of fulfilling Henry Gloval's strategic vision of taking the fight to The Robotech Masters, and also mounting a defense against rogue Zentraedi elements of Dolza's shattered forces, and possibly against hostilities with The Invid. I believe that this scenario is not only possible, but would have been likely as Breetai would have certainly advised his new allies of the threat posed by The Invid and in response, The United Earth would have used the enormous manufacturing potential of the captured Robotech Factory to assume an appropriate military posture as quickly as possible. For this reason, readers will find that VF-1 series Valkyries are still patrolling the skies of Earth at the same time that Alpha Veritechs and lesser REF vessels are flying around space. Other tweaks, you will discover as you read and hopefully accept given my basic premise outlined above.

The Army of The Southern Cross. As the timeline has been compressed, readers will find the ASC building in strength and control as a sort of confederated militia in areas of the Earth that opted out of joining the pre-Macross unification movement. I've altered the character of The Army of The Southern Cross somewhat- not making them "villains" necessarily, but a shadier military faction than the RDF with the same basic goals of defending humanity. Given the post-"Zentraedi Holocaust" world of 2015, and the fact that the resources of the afore mentioned Robotech Factory would be going to serve the ends of the RDF and REF- I think that these changes are at least feasible and make for interesting conflict and reading. I will let you be the judge.

Character Crossover. My brief background with Robotech is that I first was exposed to the story in the late 80's / early 90's in high school- not through any of the animates series, but through the Palladium role-playing-games. Perhaps this also explains my willingness to have the series timelines overlap some. In the course of game play over the years, certain RPG characters were created and played by friends. Many of those characters appear as characters in Robotech: The Smoldering Earth as faint reflections of how they were played as part of the RPG. Amongst them was a character I created, Lance "Moggie" Cattermole, who in fact was based on a character (Lance "Mogey" Cattermole) from Derek Robinson's novel, Piece of Cake and a subsequent portrayal of the character by Neil Dudgeon in the BBC mini-series of the same title. I beg Derek Robinson's forgiveness for borrowing some of his character's basic qualities, but I also feel that I've altered the character's persona and story enough to say that my "Moggie" is a creature in and of himself. Still, for those who are fans of historical fiction, I highly recommend Mr. Robinson's novel and to view the BBC adaptation of it, in which I'm sure you'll have a love/hate relationship with the Dudgeon character. I humbly offer my "Moggie" as an homage to them both.

That's about it.

So, if you're still game, let's get into Robotech: The Smoldering Earth.

I hope you enjoy.

Very Respectfully,