Afterword / Coming Attractions

Dear Loyal (and patient) Readers-

Thank you for making the investment to read the second book in my series, Robotech: The Smoldering Earth.

Now that we've established the antagonists, the Te'Dak Tohl caste of Zentraedi, their principal characters and their motivations in my first posted book, Robotech: The Ashes of Empire, and have met the "protagonists" (the flawed bunch that they are) and have become acquainted with the condition of Earth in Robotech: The Smoldering Earth- we're now ready for an epic clash.

Robotech: The Enforcers' War will begin posting very soon, and will deliver (I hope) on what Robotech fans would expect from the storyline/scenario I have been working toward in the last two books.

I was reflecting on the reaction of FanFiction readers to Robotech: The Smoldering Earth with a friend of mine, confiding in him that I was a little confused and puzzled that the reception in general had not been as great as that for Robotech: The Ashes of Empire. He pointed out to me, "You know, it's probably because it's not really what people would think of when they hear, Robotech…"

In hindsight, I'd say that's a fair assessment. I suspect and wholly understand that some might be a little put off to start going through a book with "Robotech" in the title and not find page after page of savage melees between the RDF and Zentraedi. For those of you who might feel that way, I sympathize and assure you that Robotech: The Enforcers' War does contain that- a lot of that.

For Robotech: The Smoldering Earth, my position remains what it was when writing the book- that Robotech, and by extension "Robotechnology" is an interesting framework to build stories upon and around, but that the stories have to be about the characters and not the neat and flashy bells and whistles of an alien technology.

I think that if I had to sum up my argument of Robotech: The Smoldering Earth, it would have to be that Humankind has all of these nifty abilities now because of Robotechnology, but it is still bound and restricted by the fact that it's made up of imperfect, "Mk-1 Human Beings". Sure, the REF has starships that can bend space and leap from one spot to another thousands of light years away in a little more than the blink of an eye- but The United Earth is still having problems feeding its population. There is a huge, resident alien menace on the Earth, and still human beings are just as likely to squabble and brawl with one another over the control and distribution of resources that have little bearing on the average citizen's life. Personal and regional/national interests outweigh the pursuit of a common good and security, and distract all from real threats.

…And look what's creeping up on us because of it.

But- it does open the door to the colossal slug-fest that is the upcoming, Robotech: The Enforcers' War and the works that will follow it.

I hope I still hold your interest and confidence in my ability to tell that story and that you'll join me for that ride-.

It's gonna be alotta fun!..

Very Respectfully,