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By: Ryuuen

Chapter Three


Seiryuu, the Dragon God of the East and the youngest of the Four Gods sat upon his ornately decorated chair in the Grand Hall of Heaven with his three elder brothers, deep in thought, totally oblivious to their presence. This was one of their usual gatherings, save for their mother, Taiitsukun's absence due to some pilgrimage some sort. He was unusually silent and this perturbed the Turtle and Tiger God greatly and infuriated the Phoenix, which is something considering that the said Phoenix is the God of Love. They knew too well that Seiryuu + silence + serious and deep in thought = a plan. And, knowing the Dragon, said plan usually meant something bad was going to happen to either their seishi, their land or both.

"So…" Suzaku repeated, carefully trying to control his rising temper, lest he provoke his brother any more. He was not blind to ignore the fact that when it came to power and experience, his brother's seishi could easily defeat his own any time. This needed strategy.

Seiryuu blinked out of his reverie (known to his brothers as an 'evil collection of evil thoughts that would somehow lead to an evil plan that would lead to something evil.' Oh and did they mention how evil it was?) and frowned. "What is it this time, you over-stuffed chicken?"

Suzaku twitched. A casual observer would have seen steam emanating from his ears and nose, not a pretty sight if you ask me, considering it was coming from a god. It's a good thing there are no casual observers in heaven, ne? A NyanNyan poked its head in and clicked a camera. Well, maybe not… So, anyway, the Phoenix God of the South was beginning to hyperventilate when Genbu, the eldest, took it upon himself to alleviate the situation by clearing his throat.

"Suzaku, Seiryuu, enough of that. We're here to sit peacefully with one another and drink or afternoon tea, not start another war." He said this glaring pointedly at Seiryuu who hmphed and looked away.

"Why do you always think I'm planning to start a war?"

Genbu and Byakko sweatdropped and Suzaku replied sarcastically, "well, I don't know, Genius. Hasn't it occurred to you that it is natural for us to be suspicious of you for the simple reason that you're the freakin' God of War?!"

Seiryuu regarded Suzaku with half-lidded eyes. "So? That doesn't mean I can't have my moments of peace in the same manner that you, being the God of Love, can't have some moments of violence and hatred…"

Only towards you, dumbass… Suzaku interjected mentally.

My, my, what explicit choice of words… reprimanded Genbu, mentally. (Did I mention they could do the telepathic, mind-talking thingie that gods have the ability to do?)

But, then again, this is Seiryuu we're talking about… Who can blame him? Byakko mind-nodded solemnly.

I would really appreciate it if you didn't do this while I'm speaking… it's not like I can't hear you…

The three gods jumped as they felt Seiryuu mind-fry them into crisps.

"So, anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted…" He glared at Suzaku at this. "You don't need to worry because as of now, I have different things on my mind…"

"Like what? Do tell…" Byakko said, leaning forward in interest, followed by Suzaku and Genbu, mirroring his movements exactly. It was kinda creepy, seeing the same evil glint that is supposedly copyrighted by Seiryuu and probably Nakago, in the eyes of the three usually serene gods. Seiryuu sweatdropped visibly. Flash. There goes the camera and another NyanNyan disappears off into NyanNyan space gloating.

"Well, it's nothing. It's just that…"

"Seiryuu, Seiryuu, he's here… he's here… he's…" Yet another hyperactive NyanNyan appeared from NyanNyan space, tripping and falling in her rush. 

"Nani? Who's here?" the other gods questioned.

"He's here, Seiryuu… He's…"


A star sparkled in the distance.

            "Hey, what'd you do that for?" Byakko scolded. "That was a poor, defenseless… well, maybe not but still, that was Okaasan's… You know she doesn't like us messing around with her toys…"

            Seiryuu hmphed childishly.

            "So, Seiryuu, what are we going to do about him?" Genbu asked.

            Seiryuu frowned. "Do you even know who he is?"

            "Damn right. That asshole nearly took my miko's virginity and… he's freakin' gay, for crying out loud!"

            "And what's so wrong with that?"

            "Why you…"

            "Calm down, you two," Byakko (literally) roared. "We are in no position to decide his fate. At least, not without Okaasan…"

            "Byakko's right for once, " agreed Genbu, earning a glare from the said Tiger God at the for once comment. "We must wait until Okaasan returns."

            "Wait? But I thought it has been decided that any of his," Suzaku pointed distastefully at Seiryuu at which the Dragon God snarled, "seishi are destined to be damned?"

            "I resent that! My seishi aren't bad. They're just misunderstood," Seiryuu answered matter-of-factly. "Look at Ashitare.."

            "And there he goes again with that 'my-seishi-aren't-bad-just-misunderstood' dialogue," Suzaku frowned. "Ashitare was redeemed only because he was 'so kawaii' as a wolf-cub that Okaasan decided to keep him as a pet…" the Phoenix God shook his head. "I'll never really understand her…"

            Seiryuu hmphed once again. "Fine… But don't you think this one should be given the same chance to redeem himself? After all, he did what he did out of love for Nakago… Even you  should acknowledge that, Suzaku…"

            "True love, I consider but gay love? I don't think so…"

            "Suzaku, I think I'm gonna have to side with Seiryuu with this. There must be no discrimination. Seiryuu has a point."

            "Yeah," piped up the Tiger God. "It's not like the two of you…" Seiryuu and Suzaku sent simultaneous glares and for once, it was not at each other. Genbu sweatdropped.

            "Alright, alright… You win… But, on one condition… I get to choose the manner of redemption." An evil smile was beginning to spread upon Suzaku's lips.

            "What?! Why?! He's MY seishi you overgrown windbag!?"

            "Tsk… Tsk… Be grateful I am actually agreeing to this… What I have planned may even benefit more than one of your seishi…"

            Seiryuu mind-groaned. That's what I'm afraid of.

            I heard that! Suzaku interjected, mentally kicking his brother before walking towards the grand double doors at whose end waited the ill-fated soul.

            "I'll see you all in a jiffy…" And with that, he disappeared in a puff of red smoke and tail feathers.

            "Show-off…" Seiryuu muttered bitterly.

            "So…" Genbu began, standing up. "Are you just going to sit there and sulk or are you coming with us?"


            "Suit yourself," Byakko shrugged and followed his brother to Taiitsukun's chambers where the crystal ball with which she monitors the rest of the world was.

            "I wonder what has gotten into Seiryuu… Why's he acting so fatherly all of a sudden?"

            Genbu shrugged. "I don't know. He must've realized how much he was screwing up. One of his seishi, Nakago, I believe, no longer listens to him and even attempts to take his place as a god."

            "Ooh… Now that's really a problem… But, do you think it's safe to actually trust Suzaku with this mission? You know, he might…"

            "I don't know… But one thing's for sure, this is gonna be quite interesting to watch…"

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