A.N- This scene starts at the end of the movie where Natasha is facing the wall.

Of Confused Minds and Velveeta

Natasha is staring at the wall lost in her thoughts. Thor, Tony, and Steve join her in the room. "Are you all right?" Steve asks.

A single tear slides down Natasha's cheek. "I wanted to go with him." She whispers. "Why didn't Bruce take me with him?"

"Well that's-," Steve begins, but Tony interrupts him. "Weird." Tony points at Natasha; with his mouth full of Velveeta. "Like way weird. Romanoff? You still in there?" He waves his hand in front of her face.

Steve looks at Natasha doubtfully. "They got extremely close, in a very short amount of time." He tries to give her space, but he thinks it's quite odd that the hard trained assassin is crying.

"I love him so much!" Natasha sobs and sinks to the ground. She looks half hysterical and Tony secretly wonders if they should call a doctor or something.

Thor speaks up, glancing sideways at the sobbing assassin. "No, Iron Man is right, this is… strange behavior."

They all turn and look as someone comes into the room. It's Wanda. "Hello, I was wondering-." She breaks off abruptly, looking at Natasha crying in a heap on the floor. Wanda's eyes suddenly widen. "Oh dear, um this is awkward." She waves her hand and a red light seeps from Natasha's eyes.

All of a sudden, Natasha ceases crying and shakes her head. "Wh-what happened? Wait." She looks at Wanda and her eyes narrow. "Did you put me under a spell?!"

Wanda backs up, putting her hands in front of her defensively. "I admit it probably wasn't the best thing to do, but it was my brother's idea and well, it did sound kind of funny." She giggled a little.

Natasha seems to be trying to keep her cool, but failing miserably. Her face is contorting with rage. "Just how long have I been under your little spell?"

Wanda panics and looks at Steve for help, but he merely shrugs. She gulps. "A while. My brother thought it would be a good idea. Don't ask me why."

Suddenly the door flies open and in marches Pietro Maximoff himself with a cup full of Velveeta. "Oh yes, that was a good joke. Very funny."

Everyone stares at him in complete and utter shock. After ten drawn out seconds, Wanda shakes off her shock and, running up to Pietro, she throws her arms around him. Laughing, he picks her up and swings her around. "I thought you were dead." Wanda says, tears running down her face.

Pietro smiles and wipes her tears away. "Of course I am not dead. I am like…how you say, a kitten?"

Everyone looks confused. And then, startling everyone, Nick Fury steps out from behind another door wearing a colorful knit sweater. "He means a cat you idiots. You know, furry, nine lives."

No one makes a move to do anything, they just continue staring in shock; first at Pietro, alive and well, then at Nick Fury, in a very bright, very unique sweater.

Looking at Pietro, Tony breaks the silence. "Did I say you could eat my Velveeta?"

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