Siopao: (5/9/2015) I'm back with another GALS! story! This one is quite different, since it's kind of a SAILOR MOON x GALS crossover and a magical girls parody! I got this fun little idea from one of my reviewers who suggested it but he/she was unnamed in the review. Let me know who you are! :)

FYI: I used to watched BSSM when I was a kid & I've been keeping up with the new Sailor Moon Crystal BUT my knowledge on the fandom is still a bit limited, since there are so many things to know. If my rendition is kind of off, please don't freak out.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, nor do I own GALS!

Pretty Guardians of the Cosmos

Act I - Sailor Eris & Sailor Makemake

By: Screaming Siopao

The universe is filled with complementary entities— day and night, light and darkness, yin and yang, good and evil. Whatever you may call it, there is a balance that exists; one simply cannot be without the other. This unkempt balance is constantly shifting towards one side of the scale and is never truly stagnant. Both sides of the spectrum will always exist, always at a persistent battle to dominate the other. Can grace and peace prevail? Or will evil conquer, in the end? Who will fight for justice? Only those who are pure-hearted and courageous will be the ones destined to protect this world.

But can these chosen individuals fulfill their predetermined destiny successfully? Or will they let the cosmos down?


"Miyuu can't hang out today, sorry!" the pretty blonde gal apologetically stated through her pink cellphone. "Miyuu and Yamato-kun have a super lovey-dovey dinner tonight!"

"What!? Blech! That's uber lame!" the great Kotobuki Ran yelled at her best friend through her own cellphone. "Now who am I going to go hang in Shibuya with? There's an accessory sale today!"

"Ask Aya?" Miyuu suggested, holding the phone about a foot away from her ear, due to her friend's loud screaming on the other line. She was used to Ran's typical reactions.

"I already called her! She's on a date with that dumb Otohata!" the fiery copper-haired gal complained. "I even was desperate enough to ask Mami, but she's at the beach with Nii (Second Place)! Why is everyone on a date!?"

"Maybe you should ask Tatsukichi, then," the blonde gal thoughtfully suggested. "It's been a few days since you'd last seen him, right?"

"He got stuck working at his pop's ramen shop for the day," Ran huffed. "Miyuu, I've literally asked everyone in Tokyo to hang out. I guess it's just a solo type of day for me."

"Miyuu's sure you'll be fine, either way. Ah! Yamato-kun just came out of the police box, so he must finally be finished work. Miyuu will see you tomorrow, Ran!" And with that, the bubbly blonde gal had hung up the phone, leaving a lonesome Ran behind.

"Gah! Dumb friends! Why does everyone have to be busy with their boyfriends?" she grumbled. "And why does my boyfriend have the worst timing?" she sighed, kicking a can on the side of the road. In actuality, Ran had missed Tatsuki quite a bit. It seemed as if he was always stuck in Machida to work in his dad's ramen shop as of late. It was unusually busy at their family ramen shop, especially during these hot summer days.

Ran walked the streets of Shibuya alone, her white platform sandals kicking the small pebbles beneath her feet. People all around her were engaged in lively chatter, whether it be with their companions or over the phone. Shibuya was always lively, no matter the time of day, but Ran wasn't feeling so chipper. It was a bright and sunny day in August and school was out for summer break. She shoved her hands into her jean shorts' pockets and sighed to herself. She expected her summer break to be a bit more adventurous. After all, it was the summer break of their third years in high school. She wanted to spend all this time with her friends and her boyfriend, but they just seemed to be busy living their own lives.

"Ah! That's amazing, datchu!" Ran heard a young girl's distinguishable voice up ahead. Ran lifted her head at the familiar tone and saw her little sister, Sayo, staring at something on the sidewalk.

"Eh? Sayo?" Ran mouthed as she approached her blonde little sister, who was wearing one of her signature hats.

"Oh!" Sayo chirped as she looked back at her older sister. "Detective Kotobuki, datchu!"

"What are you looking at? Where are Masato and Naokichi?" Ran asked as she raised an eyebrow. She looked around to see if the two first-year boys were anywhere close.

"They're out on a mission, datchu!" the bubbly girl replied. Ran rolled her eyes. Of course, the trio would be playing detective games again. "And I'm looking at this unusual cat! Isn't it strange looking? But it's still cute, datchu!"

Ran looked down at the said cat which was perched silently in front of Sayo. It was completely orange with bright blue eyes and a yellow moon symbol in the middle of its forehead. Its eyes shone with a mysterious glow, sending a strange shiver up Ran's spine.

"Eh? What's with that scar on its head?" Ran asked, pointing to the crescent shape.

"Must be a birthmark or something," Sayo replied.

Suddenly, the small cat stood up on its four legs and abruptly began to run away from the two girls.

"Eh? Wait, neko-san!" Sayo shouted at the dashing feline. She began to run after it after a few moments.

"Sayo, don't you think you should just let it go? It's probably just a stray!" Ran shouted at her sister, also following her. "Damn, how the hell did I get stuck babysitting Sayo and this dumb cat? I wanted to go shopping!" Ran thought to herself. She sighed at her poor luck.

"But there's a busy intersection up ahead, datchu!" Sayo yelled, worry in her tone. Ran's eyes widened as she saw that the cat was about to head onto busy traffic.

"Leave it to me!" Ran suddenly went into her protective super gal mode. "Maru-Q Moon to the rescue!" she jokingly shouted, as she pretended to act like the protective sailor guardian from previous situations. She ran at full speed towards the cat on the crosswalk and swiftly scooped it up right before it was about to be struck by a speeding truck. Ran gracefully set the cat back down on the ground in a secluded alleyway away from all the traffic, where it would be safe.

"Detective Kotobuki! You saved it, datchu!" Sayo exclaimed as she approached her sister and the cat at the alleyway.

"Mou, for such a small cat, you sure cause an awful lot of trouble, ne?" Ran spoke toward the cat, affectionately patting it on the head.

"Gomen, it won't happen again, Ran-chan," the cat suddenly spoke. Ran's brown eyes widened at what she had just witnessed. She stared down at the small cat in disbelief, fearing that she had gone crazy or that the heat might have been getting to her head.

"Sayo... did you just hear that?" Ran asked her little sister.

"Ah. It spoke again, datchu," Sayo silently said.

"Eh!? Again!?" Ran yelled at her sister. "You should have said that from the start!"

"Ehh! But I didn't know if I heard it right or not, datchu!" Sayo cried as she ran from her sister's loud screaming.

"You both heard correctly," the cat, who had a young, boyish voice, spoke. This caught the attention of both of the girls and they immediately stopped arguing and stared at the little orange furball.

"W- W- What are you?" Ran asked, a bit rattled.

"I'm a cat, of course!" it replied. "My name is Apollo, twin brother of Diana. I was sent to look for the Kotobuki sisters, Ran and Sayo! And I've finally found both of you! How convenient that you two were already together. It definitely saved me some time."

"That's us, datchu!" Sayo said, eyes wide. "Why were you looking for us, Apollo?"

"Yeah what's the deal? And why'd you suddenly run onto traffic like that?" Ran asked, ticked off.

"To see if you had the courage it takes!" Apollo simply replied.

"Courage for what?" the copper-haired gal asked, still in disbelief with the whole situation.

"The courage to help protect the Earth," the small orange cat replied, seriousness in his tone.

"Protect... the Earth?" Sayo repeated. "It's a mission, datchu! Leave it to the Kotobuki detectives!"

"Oh, please," Ran huffed, turning around to leave the alleyway. She had quite enough, at this point. "Sayo, if this is some sorry excuse of a joke that you, Masato, and Naokichi are trying to play on me, you guys can just give it up already."

"Kotobuki Ran, this is not a joke!" Apollo sternly stated as he stepped in the gal's path. "I can prove it! Look!"

"And how will you prove it, exactly?" Ran retorted, crossing her arms. She felt ridiculous for conversing with a cat. She was just glad that no one around her was watching. Otherwise they would probably think she was absolutely crazy.

"Just say, 'Eris Cosmic Power, Make Up!'" Apollo advised sternly.

"What? Are you serious? That's uber lame, I'm not saying that!"

"You'll get a cute accessory, if you do!"

"Eh!?" Ran's eyes lit up. She was suddenly very interested, no surprise in that. "What kind of accessory? Is it free!?"

"Absolutely! Just say what I told you to say. And say it loud!" Apollo advised.

"Alright," Ran whispered, a hint of doubt in her tone. "Well, here goes nothing." She firmed her stance and shouted with vigor, "Eris Cosmic Power, Make Up!"

In an instant, a fine golden chain with a rugged red crystal attached to it appeared in Ran's hand. It shone with a brilliance that was unlike anything on Earth. With a big flash of light and wave of energy, her magical girl transformation sequence commenced. In the end, she wore a sailor suit, which was mainly red with a navy blue bow at her chest and lower back. On her forehead was a golden tiara with a smooth red gem in the center. Her shoes were red platform boots that went up to her thighs, with its laces criss-crossing all the way to the top. On her neck was the original pendant that was bestowed unto her when she first said her transformation phase.

"Eh!?" Ran shouted as she looked down at her appearance. "What's with this getup!? It's like my Maru-Q Moon costume, but way legit! And I feel strong!"

"Yes, you are now Sailor Eris," Apollo said. "the sailor of combat and power! You were chosen to help protect not only this planet, but the entire universe!"

"W- Wow! That's amazing, datchu!" Sayo gawked in awe at her older sister. "My sister is a sailor guardian!"

"Ah, ah," Apollo said, looking at the smaller blonde girl. "You were chosen as well, Sayo-chan."

"What? Really?" she asked, eyes widening with excitement.

"Of course," the young cat replied. "You were the one who found me, after all. Just say: 'Makemake Cosmic Power, Make Up!' Just like how Ran-chan did it."

"Okay, datchu!" Sayo exclaimed while enthusiastically pumping a fist in the air. She was obviously more into this whole situation than Ran was. "Makemake Cosmic Power, Make Up! Datchu!"

The same crystalline-pendant structure appeared in Sayo's hand, but this gem was pink stead of red. Also being engulfed in light and energy, Sayo's magical girl transformation sequence initiated. In the end, her sailor suit was mainly light pink with a peach-colored bow on her chest and back. The golden tiara on her forehead was adorned with a smooth pink gemstone. Her shoes were pink heeled boots that reached slightly above her ankle. Around her neck was also the pink crystal pendant.

"This..." Sayo mouthed, "is so cool!"

"You are Sailor Makemake," Apollo said to the young girl. "the sailor of peace and creation! You will also help your sister in protecting the cosmos."

"Why now?" Ran asked. "Out of all the time we could have been called, why today?"

"It's because the universe is at an imbalance," Apollo sadly stated. "Evil and darkness are spreading rampantly and there is a dark force out there that we need to stop. We need to restore peace to the cosmos before it's too late."

"What is this dark force? Are they people?" Ran asked. "Why haven't we seen them?"

"I will inform you of the further details once we find the other sailor guardians."

"There are more, datchu!?"

"Yes, there are. They are close, I can sense that they are also within this city. You two will help me in finding them."

"But why us, anyway?" Ran asked. She was very curious about all that was happening.

"It's because you were chosen, ever since you were born. It was your destiny to protect and serve," Apollo explained.

"Gah, you're sounding a lot like my cop parents..." Ran cringed.

"I will take up this duty gladly, Officer Apollo!" Sayo saluted. She always put her heart and soul into everything that she did.

"I'm glad to hear, Sailor Makemake. And you, Sailor Eris?" Apollo asked Ran. She bit her bottom lip, still unsure of all these events that were taking place, but also finally realizing that this was all really happening for real. She released a heavy sigh.

"It seems like you're really counting on me, huh?" she rhetorically asked. "Well, if I was meant to do this, then I'll give it my best shot, Apollo! You can count on me!"

"That's what I like to hear!" Apollo cheered. "We will restore peace in the universe and lock up all evil!"

Pretty Guardians of the Cosmos

Act I - Sailor Eris & Sailor Makemake - Fin

Siopao: Ahh, that was so much fun to write! I tried finding names of sailor guardians that weren't already taken (there are so many sailor senshi that I didn't even know about, so I actually had to search for names that were already taken on the Sailor Moon wiki page).

Eris is a dwarf planet & it is second from being the farthest in our solar system. Eris, the goddess the planet is named after, is actually quite a mischievous goddess who is mainly portrayed to be a bit of a trouble-maker by stirring up envy. I thought it fit Ran pretty well, hehe.

Makemake (makee-makee) is also a dwarf planet (much smaller than Eris) & is right before Eris in the solar system. Makemake is the god of creation & fertility.

Also, I made Apollo the cat the twin brother of Diana, who is the little gray cat from the Sailor Moon series!

I can't wait to write more! I said that this was supposed to be a parody but it might end up getting pretty serious, haha! Please review!

*** By the way, I created the GALS! characters as their sailor senshi forms using a Sailor Moon dollmaker. Check out the link in my bio to see how our lovely gals look in their sailor outfits!