Chapter 1

Harry POV

Sitting in my room at the Dursley's I have been here for a week with no one owling me like they said they would the check on me. I have been beaten a lot since I came back here. I have yet to get anything to eat. I thing uncle Vernon means to kill me this summer. Aunt petunia and cousin Dudley have looks of horror on their faces when they see me they hide when uncle Vernon comes home from work. I think its not only me who is stuck here anymore I think my aunt and cousin have finally seen what they were doing.

I hear a pecking at my window. Its an owl I have never seen before so I am unsure who its from. I let it in. I take the letter off it and it goes back out the window. It looks to be from Gringotts bank.

I open the letter it is short but has a purpose.

Mr. Potter,

We have been trying to contact you since last summer. All mail has been returned to us unopened. We thought of mail tampering when all missives did not have your magical trace on it when returned but did have another's attached to it. We ask you to come see your vault manager as soon as possible. Important errors must be dealt with.

We await you at Gringotts bank.

Gringotts Manager,


I can't believe my eyes my mail was not coming to me according to this. I must talk to my aunt about leaving to go to the bank to check this out.

I leave my room and walk to the kitchen and find my aunt sitting at the table. She looks up at me and speaks to me. "Who was it from harry? One of your friends ,Albus?"

I frown and shake my head. "Gringotts bank apparently someone else is receiving my mail from them. They went me to come in and fix errors they have found. Can I go today while uncle is gone?"