Jimmy felt himself turning white as Prof. Hamilton walked towards him.

"Well, Jimmy? Are you ready for your appointment?" he said, his subtly creepy smile intensifying. "I noticed you missed your last one inexplicably, so…I just wanted to check on you."

Jimmy gulped. "Uh…y-yeah…sorry 'bout that…"

"I can drive you to the lab right now if you like," the Professor said.

Perry cleared his throat. "We were, erm…in the middle of a meeting, Professor. That being said, given the circumstances, I'd be happy for Jimmy to go with you, of course."

Jimmy wiped a bead of sweat off his forehead. "I…I'd be happy to go. I just need to, uh…gather my thoughts first."

Prof. Hamilton raised an eyebrow. "Gather…your thoughts?"

"Erm, y-yeah. Just…give me a minute." Jimmy headed straight for the bathroom.

Steve Lombard smirked. "That's not what I call 'gathering my thoughts'."

J…Jimmy? Lois said in surprise. Where are we going!?

She hoped Jimmy wasn't actually going to use the restroom. His morning was traumatizing enough for her…

I'm not actually going to the bathroom! Jimmy half-snapped. I just have to talk with you for a while, he said as he ensconced himself in a stall.

Oh. Um…right. Of course, Lois said.

Jimmy gave an angry sigh mentally. What am I gonna do, Lois? Professor Hamilton is right here…I can't just refuse to go with him…

Lois was thoughtful for a moment. Well…why do you want to refuse to go with him?

Jimmy was taken aback. Huh? Well…you know. I have a bad feeling about him. I mean, we discussed this before, and you agreed with me, right? dozLike…maybe he doesn't want people to know that the "thought transfer device" ...you know, did what it did, Jimmy said.

Well, yeah, but if that's the case, he probably wants to get Clark and I back in our bodies so no one ever knows we were transferred to yours, right? Lois said. So…he's probably the ticket to what we're trying to accomplish.

Jimmy was stunned for just a moment. Uh…I guess. I mean, yeah, I…I guess that's what he's trying to do, but… Jimmy sighed. But I don't trust him! Who knows what he could do to you guys – or me – in the process?! And what happens if he suspects that we might know what's going on? Then, we really don't know what he'll do with us.

I know, Jimmy. Lois sighed. I'm not trying to get you to change your mind, necessarily. I'm just trying to point out that…well. You know. I don't really know what Prof. Hamilton's deal is, or what he's trying to do. But regardless of any of that, I wouldn't be too surprised if he was the only way to…solve our problem.

Jimmy gulped. Y…yeah. I-I guess you're right.

Jimmy felt a bit disturbed. Something about it felt so out of character for Lois. She was always the one to not let anything get in her way, or accept compromises, or believe there were things she couldn't do. And here she was, pointing out that the only way they could possibly restore their own lives back to normal was to go to the person who had messed them up to begin with. That just wasn't Lois.

Lois sighed and said nothing for a moment, as though she were at a loss for what to say. Finally, she said, Well, Jimmy…what do you think we should do?

The question almost caused Jimmy to jolt. Y…you're asking me?

Well, how would I know what to do? Lois said. I don't even know as much about the situation as you.

For a moment, Jimmy was stunned into silence. I…I guess.

Thinking about it, it made sense. But to Jimmy, Lois was someone would always have some kind of solution, or at least, some way to struggle through the process of finding one. Someone he could always turn to.

Her and Clark.

Jimmy sighed and slumped over in the stall.

There was silence in his head for a moment.

So…what are we going to do? Lois' voice almost sounded like a whisper.

Jimmy didn't know if he could remember a time hearing Lois sound anything like she did now.

I…I… Jimmy started. He truly didn't know what to say. Where's Clark? his mind suddenly blurted.

I don't know, Jimmy. I don't know, Lois said.

Jimmy took a breath. Don't you think we should find him?

Um…sure… Lois said. But how does that apply to our current situation?

Oh…I don't know…maybe we should talk to him first before we do anything, Jimmy said.

Yeah, maybe, but we have no idea how to find him and we need to decide what to say to Prof. Hamilton pretty quickly, Lois said.

Oh…OK… Jimmy sighed deeply.

Jimmy… Lois said in a comforting tone, as though she was laying her hand on Jimmy's shoulder. We'll figure something out.

I'm fine, it's just…I…I guess I expected you and Clark to be able to…you know…help me.

Lois seemed a little taken aback.

I-I didn't mean it like that. It's just…I can usually depend on you guys to always be there for me. To have my back when I'm in a tight spot. And now I…guess I have to help you, somehow.

Lois was quiet.

I guess you do…to some extent. But…it's not about just one person helping the other. It's about…you know…working together. Neither person is going to have all the answers…heck, in this situation, I don't feel like anyone has any of the answers. She gave a partial laugh.

Partial because it was all too true.

I feel compelled to apologize for rarely updating this and being sloppy on the occasions that I do, but honestly, for better or for worse, I'm probably going to continue to do things this way. I have no intention of abandoning this story, however.