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Thoughts Chapter 1 – Memories return, as do a old friends.

Dark blue-green slid together with countless reds, oranges, and yellows as the dawn sky met the sea in the horizon. Watching from a small beach, a young man stood alone, taking in the inspiring sight with deep cerulean eyes as the morning wind whipped his dark blue hair and knee length shorts around lightly.

He smiled lightly to himself as he stood there; taking in the suns dawn onto the day while the gentle noise of the waves lapping against the shore put a dull beat unto the picture.

His smile faded however as something struck his memory, something that made absolutely no sense to him yet, at the same time, was awkwardly familiar. He shook his head trying to rid himself of it but it didn't work.

*I'll find ya mate…*

            Shaking his head once again the young man took a weapon with double blades connected by a wooden pole off his back and began to swing and thrust with it in mesmerizing speed and ability only one long practiced could use.


            He stopped and turned his head to look at a path with a red-haired girl was running towards him.

"Serge! So that's where you've been hiding!" She placed her hand on her hips and gave him a disapproving look "I've been looking for you everywhere! I never would have thought you of all people would be out of bed at dawn!"

Serge could only blink at the sudden outburst before replying "Hi Leena."

"Hi Leena? Hi Leena?! That's all I get!" She seemed to be fuming. All he did was smile lightly to her. "You have some nerve! Making a girl like me wander all around looking for you at this hour!"

"Leena you didn't have to look for me…" Before he could say anymore she cut him off causing him to flinch.

"ARE you saying you DON'T want me around?!"

"That's not what I said, I…"


Serge jumped and tightened his grip on the swallow as he looked around. For a moment he thought he had been hearing things but the look on Leena's face told him she heard it as well.

Chrono Trigger… Arbiter… The time is near…the time is now…

            Serge only continued to look around. A snap of wood within the tree line caused him to spin around, holding his Swallow up with slight menace. "Who's there!?" Leena suddenly let out a sudden gasp and screamed.


            Spinning himself around Serge met face-to-face with a dark figure. As he jumped back he scanned over it/him/her over. It looked to be a 'he' with his broad shoulders and battle-hardened features. He wore a black shirt and dark green pants held up by a belt of metal with more than a dozen pouches on it, small and large. A dark blue jacket sat over his shoulders, fingerless leather gloves on his hands and steel-tipped leather boots on his feet. A silver chain with a multicolored flame like memorabilia hanging from it was around his neck and two swords lay criss-cross across his back. He may have been a handsome man but the serious look in his gleaming lime green eyes and the jagged scar running through his left eye removed that and gave a dangerous air about him. While noting these things, what caught Serge's attention the most was the fact this stranger had wild, disheveled Greenish-Blue hair only slightly lighter and different tinted than his own held out of his face by a dark green bandana tied around his forehead.

"Lower your weapon. I'm not here to hurt you."

            Serge did no such thing. If anything he held to his Sea Swallow tighter and dug his feet farther into the sand ready to block an attack or charge at anytime. The green haired man stared at him blankly for a moment, deciding on what to do.

"You don't remember do you? I guess not after what Schala did."

Serge gave him a look of confusion "What? What are you talking about?"

Slowly the figure began to walk towards him "Think Serge…those dreams you have at night, the hidden things in your memory that pick at your mind. They must of come from somewhere right?"

Dropping his stance slightly Serge glared at the man "How do you know about that."

"I know about many things but now it's time for you…" He stopped a moment to look to Leena then back to Serge. "Both of you, to remember again." Seeing the stranger lift his hand Serge ran forward but was not fast enough as an invisible force slammed itself into him, throwing him backwards to skid a few feet through the sand before coming to a complete halt.

Leena was in much the same situation as him and Serge would have noticed had he not been clawing madly at his head as unbelievable pain shot through it as hundreds of forgotten memories began to flood his mind.

*Lynx began to walk towards him, spouting off what Serge thought to be nonsense then sudden he jumped forward "…The CHRONO TRIGGER!!!" Shaking his head Serge jumped from the edge…*

*Serge blinked confusedly…why was he there…by Kidd when he was also on the ground watching his body. A thought sunk into his mind as he noticed his hands were covered in dark fur. He ran his tongue over his teeth only to find they were sharp and pointed with two large canines. Looking back up he watched as Serge, no, Lynx drove Kidd's own dagger into her stomach. Angered and Horrified Serge let out a loud roar while glaring at Lynx with fury.*

"I'll find ya mate…I Promise…"*

            It all slammed into him like a ton of bricks. How could he have forgotten it all?! The Adventures?! His Enemies?! His Friends?! Kidd…

            The stranger watched as both began to stir from there brief 'experience'. He waited patiently as both realized what had happened and stood looking at him. "Feeling better?"

"How? Who are you?" Leena asked after a long period of silence. She did not receive an answer and being Leena this annoyed her greatly. "Hey!"

Serge however was paying no attention to Leena's ranting, he was much more interested at what he was hearing within the Depths of his mind.



Master do you remember now?


Two little figures appeared in front of him on the sand, both hauntingly translucent and looking up at him. "Master!" They exclaimed in unison, overjoyed at the sight of Serge. "We're Sorry we left you master!" "Schala forced us master!"

"Whoa, Whoa slow down! I'm glad to see you two too."

"EEEEEEEEEEE! What are those things!"

Serge laughed at Leena's screech and Masa and Mune's reaction to look at her as though she were nuts. "They're Masa and Mune Leena? Remember?"

"Yes! I just…thought…wasn't Masamune your swallow?!"

"Mastermune and yes they were."

"Were?!" They squeaked, "But master we still are!"

Serge blinked "…of course?" Seemingly happy with this answer they scuttled over to the green haired stranger who had been watching this whole thing.

"Locke" "Locke"

"Thank You!"

He shrugged lightly and nodded "Sure. No problem."

"Ha!" Leena gauffed in triumph "So that's your name!"

"How do you know Masa and Mune?" Serge inquired as he walked warily forward a few steps.

"Locke saved us master!" Masa exclaimed while giving an exaggerated jump for joy.

"Save us from great evil master!" Mune said as he made hand gestures to project his words

"And brought us back to you!" They both said as they spun around and pointed to Serge. Suddenly Locke, Masa and Mune tensed as quiet footsteps were heard coming from just beyond the path.

"Someone's coming!" With a mad scramble across the sand, Masa and Mune dove towards Serge's Sea Swallow, each landing in a blade causing a large amount of light to burst forth from the weapon as it was transformed into the mighty Mastermune.

            The mighty weapon hovered off the ground and shot forth into Serge's now outstretched hand. He could feel the power circulate throughout his entire body as the Mastermune re-awoke his strength and abilities he'd forgotten from his journey a year before. Smiling lightly to himself he twisted the blade several times in his hand before placing the weapon onto his back where, for the time being, it belonged.

            Just then a man appeared at the end of the path and began running towards them, waving an arm frantically. "Serge, your mother is looking for you!" Stopping a moment he looked over to where Locke stood with a confused expression. "Who's he?"

            "Joe. This is Locke." Serge said still a bit unsure of the green haired man.

            Locke lifted an arm and waved before looking at Serge "What? So you trust me now?"

            "No…Not completely but if Masa and Mune can trust you…I suppose I can too…for now."

Locke smirked "Smart kid."

Serge just turned and started off towards Arni, with Leena and Joe close beside him chattering away a million miles an hour as Locke just trailed quietly behind.


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