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Percy POV:

I was in my treehouse, crying. I stared at the river below, streaming wildly; the waves crashing against each other. I wasn't crying like how Tyson was. He was crying major, and is throwing a tantrum. I cried quietly, like how I normally do. Unlike Tyson, I'm different. Why?

Because I'm a monster.

I'm a demon no one would ever accept. But of course no one would know I am a water demon. I've kept my cover for 28 years. What could possibly go wrong? As I stare out in the window, I hear Rachel's calm voice say, "Percy…you alright?"

I quickly wipe my tears, and Rachel pops out. "Percy…why are you crying?"

"I'm not-,"

She kissed me, letting my tears fall down as fast as the water's waves. "Don't lie. You're okay. You can tell me everything."

"My mom died," I whispered, and Rachel kissed me. I kissed her back, letting my emotions flood past her. I can feel myself calm down quickly, and when Rachel pulled away, she smiled. "You're always with me. Remember that. I'm never letting you go."

"I know," I said, and we both laughed.

"I'm so sorry about your mother," Rachel said, kissing away my tears.

"I'm just…my mom was very special to me. My dad left me when I was young, and just because my mom got sick-,"

"Everything will work out," Rachel said, and kissed the tip of my nose. It felt good to be felt as a human. It felt good to be accepted as one. And thoughts drifted across me. What if…what if I tell her my secret? Will she accept me? She would right? She'd love me forever…right?

But I am not taking the risk. I'll just let time figure things out.

"I know things will work out," I whispered. "But I'm afraid."

"Of what?" Rachel asked, cupping my face with her hands.

"I'm afraid of what's going to happen next. Living without my mom takes a huge part of my life. I can barely live. I'll just be the boy who…I don't know…I just really miss her already."

"Hey," Rachel said confidently. "You have me around."

"Of course I have you around…always," I said, and it made her giggle once I tickled her. We went on, and immediately my sadness died down…

Annabeth POV:

I can see Rachel kiss Percy. I am on top of the trees, hidden securely. I wish I could be in Rachel's place. I wish I can love Percy exactly how she is. How lucky she is to meet a boy so intriguing as him. Of course he won't like a girl like me, who only cares about sword fighting and controlling my father's troop. I'm supposed to concentrate about my country; not about love. But why does my heart beat every single time he is near? Why am I caring if his health condition is okay? And why do I get jealous when Rachel and Percy are always close together?

I don't know…I work hard. I am a full-trained warrior, and I do my duties for the country. But…but love breaks me down. I stare at Percy; his sea-green eyes and his jet black hair…they're beautiful. I can't help but stare at those eyes; every time Percy stares at me, I feel like flying. But again, he likes girls like Rachel; beautiful, elegant, rich. Why would he fall in love with a girl like me? After all, Rachel is attractive. She wears dresses so beautiful, every boy can't help but fall in love. She has beautiful red hair that boys swoon for. And she has emerald green eyes, which are just such a beauty. Who can't help but fall in love with such girl like that?

But for me…I don't think any guy likes me. Okay, there's Luke, but he's a good friend. We've been friends ever since we had a sword fight. It was so fun; we'd train each other, and we'd always be so happy. I don't know; why can't I fall in love with Luke? But something about Percy draws me closer and closer to him. It's like our bond. And right now, if I keep seeing them smooch in the treehouse, I feel like I am going to cry.

Why am I being a security camera over him? I should just leave him be, not torment him.

I plummet down the tree, and start walking my way until I heard crackles of leaves. I grasp my sword, and keep walking. But when I hear another crack of leaves, I jump, kick the guy to the ground, and take off the black cloth on his face.

"Luke? Seriously?" I smile, causing him to laugh. I have to admit Luke's smile makes me happy.

"Hey Annie. Seems you had worked on your defenses…"

"I'm better than you," I teased, and I helped him up. "Anyways…what are you doing here?"

"General Fredrick told me to lead you back to camp," Luke said.

"Seriously Dad? For what occasion-,"

"He said that he has a new bow and arrow for you…"

"THANKS DAD!" I said, and start running.

"Wait up-,"

"NEVER!" I said, and I race across the forest. Of course he catches up, and trips me. I fall down, and take a branch. I throw it, causing him to fall, and I run. I dodge sticks and twigs that are aiming for me, and finally I reach to camp. I see my father with wide eyes, staring at Luke and I. When I stared at him, we were so sweaty; it looked as if we went to war.


"Sorry…just was a little distracted," I said, and Dad patted my shoulder. "Got a present-,"

"Bow and arrow!" I squealed, taking the bow and arrow away from Dad's grasp. "Thanks Dad! I promise I will work on archery!"

"You're good, but you just need a few tweeks-,"

"Which I will fix!" I said, and started to run back on the forest. And when I lay breathless on the forest floor, I rise up, and start aiming at my little board that I drew when I was young.

"Bulls eye! WAHOO!" I squeal, and start practicing. And suddenly, I was thinking of Percy.

"How's he doing?" I murmured, and took my bows and arrows. I climbed the same tree I climbed when Rachel and Percy was smooching. I see Percy and Rachel still kissing; their lips puffy. My heart sunk. Why do I care for him anyways? Why do I love him so much?

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