.:Feather Fall:.

Chapter 2.

The chaos had finally settled and all of the Twelve Holy Knights -minus Cloud who was in the room somewhere... probably- had perched themselves on various furniture, like the sleek mahogany coffee table or the intricately carved marble stand that had cost the Pope slightly over fifty gold ducats... Regardless of their odd posture while sitting in fully armed glory on tiny delicate pieces of decoration, all of them had on a serious face. Or, as serious as they got, given that Sun was currently recovering from serious blood loss and looked rather humorous with feathered wings bristling in irritation. Adair, who had burst in somewhere between Sun waking up and the current situation was shellshocked at seeing his captain attempting to clean the blood off his back with large wings growing from his back and promptly collapsed on the ground, eyes wide and unseeing.

"Sun, what did you do?"

The Pope asked flatly, not appreciating having been woken up in the middle of the night to find that the Sun Knight had sprouted wings. Wings that oddly seemed to be oozing a large amount of holy element. He directed a sharp glare at Sun as Sun smiled brightly, the gears in his head practically whirring overtime to piece together a condensed version of his unbelievable tale. He opened his mouth before closing it again, a glance at Lesus who caught on, striding over to the double doors to the Pope's room and slammed them shut on the curious knights peering in, effectively cutting off any hopes of eavesdropping. Dropping his fancy speech, Grisia began recounting his 'tale'.

"You know how my clothes have those little wings on the back that weigh a ton and always get in the way? While I was taking my coat off to take a bath, those things got caught on my hair and it got tangled up, in a fit of fury, I started cursing the person who designed these wings and the God Of Light. In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have done that."

The deadpan stares from the rest of the knights -even Cloud had reappeared, though he wondered how he could tell Cloud's expression from under those bangs- gave him all the answer he needed. Chuckling nervously, partially in fear of one Lesus Judgement who was giving him an expressionless yet terrifying look, he continued recanting his story.

"Immediately after I had done that, I felt this really creepy chill down my spine. At first I thought it was the God Of Light who had heard me but that wasn't possible, he hadn't even appeared for centuries, why would he take heed of what one of the many Sun Knights said. So after I got all my hair off the damned wings and took a shower, my back and shoulders began to hurt. I didn't really take notice of it, since I always have stiff shoulders from standing and walking with my back perfectly straight. It wasn't until around just before dawn that I woke up because it felt like my skin was being split apart and that my shirt felt too tight to me. I noticed that my bedsheets were completely stained with blood so I stripped them off my bed and dropped them onto the floor-"

"So that's where the blood stain came from!" Blaze exclaimed loudly.

Grisia fixed him with a glare before continuing.

"-and dug for a knife. By then, the floor had already been soaked with blood so I dragged the bedsheets into my bathroom before trying to cut my shirt off and that's where Lesus found me. Although my poor shirt has been torn to shreds! I could have sewn it back together. Now I'm going to need to spend five copper ducats to buy a new one. Boo hoo!"

His 'enraptured' audience simultaneously rolled their eyes and turned away from the whining Sun Knight to stare at the silent Judgement Knight. He stared back for a few seconds before giving out a loud sigh -"Sighing will shorten your life by three seconds!"- and continued on from where Sun's story ended.

"Sun fainted afterwards from the loss of blood and so I had to carry him to the Pope's room to get him healed."

"Ohh, so you didn't try to murder Sun!"

Blaze shouted with relief and grinned brightly. The Pope cleared his throat and all the pairs of eyes came to rest on him.

"Unfortunately, as it is the work of the God Of Light, I don't think that it's possible to reverse your... predicament... but nonetheless, I will try searching. Grisia, you will have to pay for the replacement of the floorboards in your room and think of a way to resolve this problem and the problem with informing His Majesty and the civillians."

He promptly stomped -quietly but still stomped- out of his room towards the library, leaving no time for Grisia to voice any protest. Grisia paled slightly and his wings started twitching. The Sun Knight's love of money truly was great. Without another word, Sun also stood up and left the room, the faint rustling of feathers and occasional thump telling a tale of how off-balanced he currently was. The rest of the Twelve Holy Knights pondered in silence -not really- before coming to a general consensus.

Just let Sun handle the issue!

After marvelling at what a good plan it was, they left to do what holy knights did, Lesus choosing to use his useful-at-times reputation and his I-will-string-you-up-and-castrate-you-if-you-even-breathe-in-my-direction Death Glare (a necessary skill for all Judgement Knights) to quickly clear a path through the flood of holy knights and clerics who were curiously peering into the Pope's bedroom. Blaze immediately grasped -a very unconscious and very unaware- Storm by his arms and dragged him out of the door, unknowingly slamming his head on several large and extremely painful pillars as he bowled over multiple onlookers in his full-on charge towards Storm's room. The multitude of bumps rising up on Storm's head served as a testament to the pain and suffering he had undergone.

The Kingdom of Forgotten Sound never knew what was coming.

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