.:Feather Fall:.

Chapter 5.

This is a continent filled with religions.

On this continent, "god" is not a flimsy, dubious entity or a name that one uses only when yelling for help. Gods are real, and a number of them exist.

Some gods are extremely weak. Of course, when we say "weak", we mean by the standards of the gods. Other gods are exceedingly strong. As the strength of a god is largely derived from the piety of the god's believers, the number of believers is often the crucial factor determining how strong or how weak a god is.

As such, the gods often resemble gangsters fighting over territory as they desperately attempt to extend the influence of their own religions.

However, if in order to extend their religions' influence, the gods were to carelessly use their powers on the continent and end up conflicting with other gods, it wouldn't be too long before the entire continent disappeared from existence entirely.

In order to avoid such a situation, the mightiest gods among them all established "the Contract of the Gods". All of the gods were thus forbidden from directly using their divine powers on the continent itself. Their only option was to invest their powers in some of their followers, who would then wield that power in their stead.

In this way, the multitude of religions began to flourish.

One of the best-known faiths of all is that of the God of Light's, under the jurisdiction of the Church of the God of Light. Although the Church of the God of Light is no longer as renowned and influential as it used to be due to the growing influence of the God of War and the Shadow God, it is still as they say: a dead camel is still bigger than a horse. As such, even though it is no longer as widespread as before, and though the number of believers diminishes with each passing year, ten out of ten people will still name the religion of Light when asked for the most ancient and traditional faith of all.

Everyone knows that the best-known aspect of the religion of Light is the Twelve Holy Knights, with the positions passed down through the generations.

The most famous of them all, which everyone knows – whether you are a follower of the God of Light or a three-year-old child – is the one they call the man closest to perfection itself, the Sun Knight.

The Sun Knight is the leader of the Twelve Holy Knights, the spokesperson for the God of Light, and he always wears a gentle smile as incandescent as the sun. He has a compassionate heart, believes that all humans are inherently kind, and he will never give up on any human soul.

The other eleven of the Twelve Holy Knights included:

The Judgement Knight, said to be the mortal enemy of the Sun Knight and firmly believes that only with the harsh punishment of the God of Light will sinners repent. He has a reputation as dirtied as mud and is rumored to cut in line for sweets. He is so terrifying that his name is used to frighten three year olds to bed.

The Earth Knight who is the Sun Knight's best friend. He is always loyal and honest and will never take advantage of anyone. Always willing to lend a helping hand, who would ever feel that such a character was despicable!

The Leaf Knight, an all round nice guy with a kind demeanor and a gentle personality. It is said that the first Leaf Knight was an elf and as such, all Leaf Knights are known to be great with animals and terrific archers.

The Metal Knight with a poison-laced tongue and acid filled words. Just talking to him for ten minutes will shorten your life by one year! He always has a poisonous remark for anyone so talk to him at your own risk!

The Ice Knight, a man of few words and even fewer expressions. His face is always as cold as ice and he has never been seen to smile even once. He hates to talk and will also abruptly leave a conversation -spoken in stares and one word replies- and is not the best person to talk to.

The Blaze Knight, with his brash personality and his motto of 'act first, think later', he is truly deserving of his title. He is a close follower of the Sun Knight and has an unpleasant habit of kicking down doors.

The Storm Knight. A truly lascivious person, he is a massive flirt and winks at any girl, even is she is no prettier than a dragon. A footloose charmer, you can be sure that when there is a revolt or revolution going on in the kingdom, he will definitely be there to support.

The Moon Knight. A very kingly person, he is always haughty and thinks of the world as beneath him. He will always have his head tilted up to look down on you so don't be too offended if he doesn't give you the time of day.

The Stone Knight, a knight who wields a great broadsword and is as sturdy and stubborn as a rock. Legend has it that nobody has ever been able to compete with the Stone Knight in pure tenacity of willpower.

The Cloud Knight. He is, just like his namesake, as unhurried and relaxed like the clouds. He can be found sitting under a banyan tree or on a windowsill reading a book and will appear from anywhere when you call for him. A truly intriguing figure!

The Hell Knight. He is the spy of the Church Of The God Of Light. Not many know of him due to his mysterious personality and background as well as the knight himself hardly, if ever showing up in public. His existence is kept a secret and many speculate that the Hell Knight is just an alter ego of the Sun Knight created to conceal his less than legal activities.

So why, if all these rumours were to be believed, did the Sun Knight have an ugly look on his face, the Judgement Knight seeming to send looks of pity towards said Sun Knight, the Earth Knight's smile seeming so very fake at the moment, the Leaf Knight apparently exuding a formidable dark aura, the Metal Knight speechless, the Ice Knight having a look of shock on his face, the Blaze Knight having none of his usual exuberant aura, the Storm Knight about to pass out while muttering about paperwork, the Moon Knight smiling weakly in encouragement to heavens know who, the Stone Knight seemingly having lost all of his will, the Cloud Knight seeming harried and the Hell Knight merely staring passively?

It must be known that dragons are known as one of the most dangerous creatures ever to exist and even for the Twelve Holy Knights, it will take all of their combined efforts to defeat one. However, ignoring the difficulty of killing the dragon, just finding it would be nigh impossible as dragons were rare creatures that were hardly seen. Added to that, dragons of any kind rarely ever breed and they lay a clutch of eggs -numbering one to three- every few decades or so. At any given time, there may only be one or two eggs in the entire continent as the requirements for hatching dragon eggs are remarkably specific and most eggs usually die before they hatch. As such, mother dragons are usually very aggressive and protective of their brood, to the extent they will not eat or drink until their brood either dies or hatches. To put things in a simpler way, they had a higher chance of successfully killing a lich than actually acquiring a dragon egg.

We're so screwed.

In a remarkable feat of unity, all Twelve Holy Knights thought out loud at the same time. The Pope patiently gazed at them, waiting for them to accept reality before continuing.

"You will set off in two days, this spell needs to be performed within six months of the person growing wings in order to successfully resolve the issue. The reason for the strict requirements is that you are literally going against the wishes of the God Of Light so be thankful that no sacrifices or any of the sort is required."

The Pope snapped at them once he noticed the doubtful and suspicious glances directed at him and ushered them out of his room, slamming the door in their faces after barking a sharp. "Go and start preparing!"

There was a moment of pause as a comical scene occurred wherein the Twelve Holy Knights stared blankly at the door to the Pope's room with nary a movement. Sun, surprisingly, was the first to recover, plastering an incomparably bright yet somehow frightening smile over his face while yelling out in a bright and cheerful (and fake) tone,


If a person not familiar with the Sun Knight were to look at him right now, they would feel as if they were staring at the winter sun, cheerfully bright yet bone-chillingly cold.


The next two days shot past in a blur and before anyone was fully mentally prepared (or even remotely prepared for that matter) it was already the time to set off on the mission. As the Twelve Holy Knights mounted their horses, led by the Sun Knight and the Judgement KNight, they look like the fairytale 'knights in shining armour'. Their armour was brand new and polished, much better quality than their previous ones and positively glowing in the midmorning sun. It had taken a lot of effort to persuade the Pope to purchase a full custom made set of armour for the Twelve Holy Knights but a casual threat here and there had him caving in.

And so it was that under the curious and awestruck eyes of the civilians that the Twelve Holy Knights set off on their journey. Their mission:

To Steal A Dragon Egg.

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