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when I hold a gun and pull the trigger,
shoot, kill…

bring them to an end,
(actually) bring them to a new circle

It's all because this is the (only) rightest thing I can do.
It should be done
to fulfill their karma,
then to fulfill mine,
and then we all go again to an endless circle.

I can exactly stand it…

I can stand it….

Stand it… stand it….


(He looked at a person beside him. The second person who would have chance to understand this untitled poet.)


I'm hit by karma, literally.

I'm hit when I'm in my strongest condition:
when all of weapons are not locked, when my target is only shooting and killing
when I stand and hide myself with all of my favorite weapons,
it always follows me.

I'm hit when I'm in my strongest condition:
when I can fly away, be remote from what I used to do
when I sleep peacefully in a quiet room and let myself recognize who I am,
it always follows me.

and it never stops or forgets.


(No, no, it's just "would have chance to understand." The sight betrays him. Let alone understanding, the chance itself will never be taken.)


I can (never) stand it.





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