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Movement 1.4

The next morning had me waking up slowly to the smell of pancakes.

Such a wonderful smell. I slowly made my way into the bathroom to freshen up.

While spraying cold water at my face I mentally went over the events that transpired last night.

It all seemed so... hazy. As if it hadn't even been me that fought Lung. I had felt like a professional, expertly using my power and martial arts in harmony.

Now that I think about it... The whole last months seemed to pass incredibly quickly, as if it all had been some kind of prelude to last nights fight.

I looked at my body in the mirror; toned, defined muscle made up my form.

I even developed rather fast... some kind of secondary power?

That was something to think about.

When I entered the kitchen breakfast was ready; my dad had made pancakes with syrup.

He looked up, "Already awake, Taylor? It's barely 10 am. When did you get back?"

I answered with a smile, "Around three-thirty, I've had enough sleep, don't worry."

I paused for a moment, then decided to talk to him about my meeting with the director.

"Dad, we need to talk.", that was something no father liked to hear from his daughter, "It's about the Wards, you said you were okay with my decision to join them, right?", he nodded, "Then we'll have to go to the PRT headquarters today, the director needs you present for my 'initiation', would that be okay?"

My dad looked at me; he seemed a little uncertain.

"Sure, Taylor. If that is what you want... But, are you sure you want that?"

I nodded; I had already made up my mind.

"Fine. We'll go after breakfast. For now though? Sit down and enjoy your meal.

[At the PRT ENE headquarters]

"Now, if you would please follow me, the director is expecting you.", with that the guard showed us the way and we followed him.

When we entered the office we found the director and Armsmaster sitting on one end of the same table we sat on yesterday. Almost as if they haven't moved at all.

Piggot decided t greet us.

"Good day.", she nodded at us, then turned to dad, "You're her father, I assume? Please, have a seat."

We seated ourselves.

"Now, as we will have you both sign a non-disclosure agreement, furthermore we will need you to give us your identity. Everything clear?"

I turned back to Piggot and Armsmaster and removed my domino mask.

"Hello", I smiled, "my name is Taylor Hebert. And this is my father Danny."

"Now then, how about you go and meet your future teammates? I'm sure they are excited; Miss Militia is waiting outside to escort you to them.", the Director told me. And I, once again, confirmed by nodding.

I waved at that and left the room so they could finish the legal stuff.

Miss Militia was waiting outside; I smiled at her.

"Now, seems like everything went well. Good to hear. Follow me, I'll take you to the Ward's quarters."

We made our way down several hallways until we arrived at an elevator. Miss Militia used her registration card to open the doors, the elevator rumbled a little and went upWards (get it?).

A bing noise sounded and a small light lit up; the doors opened.

We stepped out into the Ward's lounge which featured four teenagers around a table, seated in a couch and chairs. They turned to face us.

"Wards, meet your new teammate.", Miss Militia smiled.

"Uh... Hi, I'm Taylor. I'm your teammate now, I guess."

Suddenly I found myself hugged.

"Finally another girl on the team. I've been waiting for so long.", the blonde took off her mask, "I'm Missy, or Vista in costume, nice to meet you.", she seemed rather energetic; "You know, it's so nice to finally have another girl on the team, and before you start: Shadow Stalker doesn't count!"

"Yeah, nice to meet you. All of you.", with that I sat myself down with them.

"So, Taylor, I heard what happened to Lung last night and I think I have t congratulate you.", Aegis said, "Although I believe we need to have a talk about excessive force, you did a good job. We've been gunning for the ABB for quite some time now. So...", he moved a hand to remove his mask, "It's nice to meet you again, 'senpai"

My mind went blank for a short moment.

"C-Carlos? What are you doing here... wait, you were a Ward all along? But... If you already have superpowers, why would you visit Sensei's Dojo?"

"Well, I could ask you the same question. It was decided that it might be beneficial if the Wards learned Martial-Arts, to defend themselves out of costume, et cetera; which is why I joined up."

Clockblocker used the opportunity to remove his own mask, he introduced himself as Dennis; Gallant introduced himself as Dean.

"KW and Shadow Stalker are out on patrol so you'll get to know them later. But for now, please, tell us about the lung fight. We haven't heard any details."

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