My name… is Brianna Dietlinde-Wilcke Fray… and I had a long life of living to tell. I was born during the second neuroi war… against humanity. After I was born and my umbilical cord was cut, I immediately had an ability activated… which triggers my age to change at my will. My parents then found out my IQ either remains constant… or it's raised to a certain extent. For that… they're both grateful.

I lived with my parents for five years still aware that I have the ability to change my age. I sometimes let nature take over to let me age, but I chose to try living on my own. This made Minna… my mother feel alone… but what she didn't know is that I always loved her, and my father as well. They both knew that I needed to have my life because I can access adulthood already. But with it also came my wisdom as to how life went. With my mixture of knowledge and wisdom carefully formed as I go… My first favorite thing to do was gather information. With truth comes the true form of history… and with humanity's very own history? The neuroi almost destroyed us… and that's the very first thing I needed to get through first. I left them… but I had no regrets, and neither do they.

After having done some work for the Blue Neuroi seeing my great talent and work to gather intelligence, they decide to leave. I've been helping them for so long but they decided to think that their presence hinder humanity's progress to grow either with light, or dark. It's humanity's cause… and they're not part of it. I took time to work with them, and it was time I moved on. I thought matters with the neuroi were over… but it's not.

The year 1958 became a very memorable year for every human who lived. After the purge, in which its main operator named Heinz Hartman, AKA Lord Rosaimus, all the earth-born neuroi ceased to exist after he injected what seemed to be the essence of the neuroi DNA into the earth's magic draw points, enabling the species to spawn at those areas. It's what we thought. The year 1958 was 12 years after the earth-born neuroi have been stopped by members of the 555th JFW Triple Nickels, 501st JFW Strike Witches, and the former 64th Deep Science Division Fighter Wing Derby Witches. Hartmann was resposible together with an associate named Helena. Both their cores were clearly shattered in the operation. But after the earth-born neuroi were dormant, they built their own sense of magic from the ground. The injected essence of the neuroi in Earth started to grow in power until enough was made to spawn small groups of low-level type neuroi into the world. When that was discovered… we also found out they're wild. They just roam the world without any regret like they're innocent. Humanity first saw this as a good sign of co-existence, but it was later found out it's a completely different case.

A decade of research passed and the scientific community discovered something that will truly change the face of humanity. The neuroi that roam around the world are known to be just wild and have no masters… but given that… they don't have intelligence as well. It very much means… as we fear, that they're unpredictable. And once this was out, years later… people started to hate the neuroi as if they're like infestations. This got some of the wild neuroi to act against humanity… thus launching defensive strategies in all forms of army around the world. The fighting didn't stop… and the order for the full elimination of the neuroi was issued. Soon, all wild neuroi were 'cleaned' from the planet.

That, however… did not last either. Thanks to the work of the Purge… more and more neuroi spawn each time… and because of that, witches still are there to protect… but there aren't as many as there were before. Humanity co-existed with witches and a lot of them hid just to belong on the current time periods that came. And so… only witches in service that are 18 years old and above are accepted to be in the military for defensive and offensive purposes against the neuroi. The world was equalizing in forces once again.

But then other nations didn't want to feel secured with their own allies, after finding some countries a bother with religion or beliefs… or cultures… or even traditions made by every individual. And so… the world molded that some countries like Orussia, Xing, and New Korea have decided to part ways from the United Nations, declared in the same world to unite others in their quest for peace. Others have a way of prospering… but equality is what we look for now. Finally, the modern day of man came… and witches are now part of the equation, which still didn't change.

I for the meantime, decided to live as an individual of true value. 30 years after I was born… I decided to work for the intel-gathering community. Of course, a big leap would be applying for the Central Intelligence Agency. I made my life in Liberion while I studied there. After a long period… my skills were of advanced analysis in situations and fighting at the same time. Likewise… my skills would be of a normal field agent and an analyst, which counts to being part of the world's most powerful intelligence community. But when I applied, they told me I'm not needed in their offices. I know I can go and climb a hundred mountains out of what I do… but instead of seeing that they don't need people of my expertise, it's the complete opposite. I'm too valuable. And to prove that, they offered me a spot in the National Security Agency, handling threats against the U.S. Government while in Liberion or outside, but not that far. I've done my best, and eventually I got in the CIA as well. From there… I became not only an icon… but an all-around agent.

I'll tell of my stories of how I got accepted in the CIA later on… but I should tell how they handled things when they found out my ability to change age and status at one package. Everytime I switch to a younger age, I'm more eager, speedy and somehow energetic. If I switch to be older, I'm much wiser and knowledge oriented as well. If I'm in between the two… I'm more physical at the same time, analytic, giving balance between the two previously mentioned ages. This made me not just an agent, a witch… but also a possible spy or assassin. Because of this… my records were erased. Nobody knows who I am… except myself… and them. I start from scratch… and I'm a secret to Liberion. It's fine with me, as long as I still have a life to go for, which I still need.

I thought it had to end there… the issues of the neuroi… the world crumbling upon its own chaos of attempting war of one nation against another… it was only a matter of time until we all explode in being against each other that we didn't see our next extinction: The Red Neuroi were about to return once again…


Please read Strike Witches: The World's Finest to understand what the Red Neuroi are! ;) Chapter 1 won't be available until more chapters are published from it... so be patient, and stay tuned! :)