Don't you recognize him?
I know I do.
Every time when I sleep at night,
Its him I'm always made to fight.
He's the guy nightmares are made of,
He's the guy that can never get enough of
torturing you in your dreams,
Rejoicing when he hears your screams..
He's won, and there's nothing you can do,
Because he's out to traumatize you.

So when you are lying in your bed, all tucked in tight,
And you turn on the light so your room is real bright,
Remember the man with the cat eyes and dark shades,
Try not to scream as your consciousness fades.
Even though he can't really hurt you,
He likes just to watch as he makes you squirm and move,
The satisfaction he gets as you beg on your knees,
And his inhuman eyes, that display his disease
Staring at you until the tears start to pour
And all he can do is hope for more.
When you wake up in a sweat from the things in your head,
You'll remember his menacing gaze and wish you were dead.

I hope nothing so horrible can really be true!
But he's only out to traumatize you.