A/N: No matter how many times I sat down in an attempt to write on A life Changed this little shot kept creeping up on me. I finally decided to give in and sit down and write it. Now that the first chapter is out maybe my little muse will let me write A life Changed again.

Olivia sighed as she walked into the precinct and saw the flowers sitting on her desk. She couldn't believe that the guys had gone and gotten her flowers for her birthday after she had asked them not to do anything. It wasn't that she didn't like receiving flowers and granted she was amazed that the guys had remembered that she was a woman after all and bought her flowers it's just that she never cared to celebrate her birthday. It was the same to her as it was to her mother, a constant reminder of her mother's rape.

"One healthy birthday breakfast." Elliot said from behind Olivia "I know you said you didn't want us doing anything for your birthday but I figured stopping by that health nut café you have started eating at and buying you breakfast would be ok."

Olivia looked over her shoulder at Elliot and then back to the flowers "So what do you call these?" She asked pointing at them. Even though she didn't want anything she couldn't and wouldn't be too mad at them for it. After all they were her family and thankfully this time she didn't have to remind them that despite popular belief she didn't have a dick between her legs. She always left that at home for those special occasions.

"That looks like a very expensive bouquet." Elliot answered craning his neck to see around Olivia. He wasn't an expert on flowers by any means but he had bought Kathy enough over the years to know that the flowers on her desk easily cost a hundred dollars or more. "Someone really loves you. Who is she? And why haven't you told any of us you are dating?"

"Wow Benson did you get yourself a sugar momma?" Fin asked as he and Munch walked in and spotted the flowers on her desk "If you did does she have a sister that is single."

"Are you saying you guys didn't buy the flowers?" Olivia asked looking between her three co-workers.

"Hey you said didn't want anything done for your birthday." Fin answered looking at Elliot and Munch confirming that neither of them had sent the flowers "The closest we were coming to break that order was us buying your drinks tonight at 46th street Station House."

"I decided to buy you breakfast." Elliot chimed in holding up the bag.

"Munch?" Olivia asked who had been silent the whole time.

"I personally believe that florist was invented simply for women to have a reason to complain so that we would spend even more money on them than what we already do." Munch stated as he started in on one of his conspiracy theories "Florist actually began in 1884 when 21 men from Chicago…"

"Enough" All three detectives shouted at the same time stopping Munch from one of his long winded theories.

"An easy way to figure out would be to read the card" Elliot pointed out as he handed her the bag he was still holding.

Olivia took a deep breath and prayed that she was not once again the subject to some insane person that had decided to stalker. One of the last times she had been stalked a body of a victim had been placed just outside her door and a pencil stuck in the buzzer to get her to come down. Reaching forward with steadier hands than what she felt she quickly plucked the card from the flowers, noticing that it was from Alaric Flower Design, as she removed the card from inside the embossed envelope.

You have to be one of the hardest working women I have ever met and you never take any time for yourself, even when you are sick. Today is your birthday and you shall be pampered the way a queen like you deserves to be. Your Captain has your instructions and everything you will need for today.

Olivia reread the note two more times before becoming even more confused than when she first read it. Who in the world would go out of their way for her? She handed Elliot the note while she quickly called the florist to find out who delivered them. After spending twenty minutes on the phone and the florist swearing that they were paid for in cash by a man that refused to leave his name she slammed the receiver down. Whoever had sent her the flowers was working really hard not to be discovered.

Rereading the note once again she decided to go in see what it was that Captain Cragen had for her.

Cragen smiled at one of his best detectives when she walked in. He could see the questions swirling through her eyes and could only pray that he could do what was asked of him.

"Capt. Do you know who sent the flowers?" Olivia asked stepping just inside his door.

"A courier brought them in about twenty minutes before you arrived." Cragen answered leaning back in his chair "I assumed you would know who they were from."

"No I don't and the note says that you have my instructions and everything I will need for the day."

"I'm not sure if they are instructions but an envelope was brought to me when the flowers were delivered. I was asked to give it to you when you came in." Cragen answered handing her a sealed envelope.

Olivia opened the envelope and her jaw dropped to the floor. Inside the envelope was a pass to Oasis Spa for their picture perfect package and another note.

I have purchased the picture perfect package for you because you are just that, picture perfect. If you would like to add or change anything let them know they have orders to give you whatever you want. As now, when you are finished they will have another envelope with another gift.

Olivia looked up at Cragen with a confused look on her face. Oasis day spa was one of the most expensive places in New York. There had been several times that Alex had begged her to let her make them both an appointment for massage but she had reminded her that Oasis was to rich for her blood.

Alex, oh god she had never once considered her. Olivia nodded at Cragen as she grabbed her phone and dialed a number she knew by heart.

"Cabot." Alex, the ADA for the Special Victims Unit at the 1-6, almost barked into the phone. It was only 8:05 and it was already turning into a day from hell.

"Did you think I wouldn't figure it out with the Oasis Package?" Olivia asked shaking her head. She couldn't believe that she hadn't even considered Alex in this whole scheme.

"Have you finally decided to go?" Alex asked only half listening when she motioned her assistant in the room and glanced over the brief she handed her "I can make an appointment for this weekend if you want. But I will tell you right now I will schedule you for the Swedish Massage for at least an hour. It will hurt like hell in the beginning but by the end your whole body will feel like putty."

"No Alex." Olivia sighed "I haven't decided to go I'm talking about the flowers and the picture perfect package to Oasis you sent me. Nice touch by the way on the flowers that totally threw me off."

"What flowers?" Alex asked sitting up straighter in her chair "You haven't told me you were seeing anyone? Who is she? What does she do? And more importantly why did you keep this a secret from me?"

"Alex I'm not seeing anyone." Olivia almost growled out. Why the hell did everyone automatically assume you had to be seeing someone to receive flowers? "I came in to work today with a nice bouquet of flowers on my desk. The note said to see Cragen for the rest and he had an envelope with the picture perfect package purchased at Oasis. As wrong as this sounds, you are the only person I know that would drop this type of money on me."

Alex laughed as she handed the paper back to her assistant "Olivia if you give someone the chance anyone would gladly drop money on you without thinking twice. I assure you I did not do this. Our plans for your birthday is this weekend, remember. You wanted to go up to my family's cabin and I'm taking you up there with enough junk food to fuel a college dorm. Besides if I bought you a package to Oasis it would be the Total Body Wellness package not the Picture Perfect Package. It gives you a ninety minute Swedish Massage not a thirty minute Swedish Massage. What I will do is call them and make sure Amy, my masseuse, takes care of you and bump you up to a longer massage. Just call it an extra present."

"No Alex that's ok." Olivia sighed.

"Olivia let me ask you this, what would be so bad about taking a day for yourself at the Spa. Let me call Amy and tell her that someone has bought you a package but I want her to take care of you. Enjoy your time there. Attempt to relax even though we all know that will never happen."

"Alex" Olivia almost groaned.

"Take it Olivia I have seen you work over seventy-two hours straight with no more than a thirty minute nap. I have known you to chase a perp for over two miles and you were suffering from the flu with a hundred and two fever. So if someone wants to give you a day to lay around and be pampered take it. Lord knows I would without questioning it."

Olivia laughed "Of course you would you are a little princess remember. Go ahead and call Amy and let her know I'm coming."

"Yes." Alex said into the phone fist pumping in the air. She had always hoped that the first time Olivia went to Oasis she would be with her but sometimes the cards just didn't fall right.

"Alex if she can't take care of me today anyone can do it ok. Don't pull any strings just for me."

"Never and I will talk to you later." Alex said as she quickly disconnected the phone and called Amy on her personal cell phone.

"It looks like I'm going to need the day off Captain" Olivia said walking back into his office "If that's possible?"

"That was already taken care of earlier as well." Cragen answered with a smile "No calling her to find out if you're needed either."

"Yes sir." Olivia answered as she grabbed her breakfast and headed toward the door. With any luck while at Oasis she could figure out who is going out of their way for her.