Olivia walked into the bullpen and smiled at the bouquet of flowers that was sitting on her desk. She had always hated her birthday until five years ago when Alex had surprised her and they began dating. Since then she was like a child at Christmas time at this time of year. She carefully extracted the white envelope and pulled the card out.

My love, the last five years have been the best five years of my life. Just when I don't think it's possible to love you more, than what I already do, you do something and I fall in love with you all over again. I look forward to that experience for the rest of my life. I love you Olivia Benson and we are waiting for you outside right now.

Olivia looked up and looked toward the bull pen door.

"I don't have an envelope this year" Cragen stated from his door way "But as of right now you are on vacation till Monday at 8. They're waiting for you outside."

"Thank you" Olivia said as she darted out of the door and took the stairs as quickly as she could. She busted through the entrance door and stopped suddenly as she looked around. She was reaching for her phone when she heard what had become her second favorite voice.


Olivia spun on her heels and lit up with a smile that could light the darkest place on earth when she spotted her wife and daughter. Olivia had asked Alex to marry her on their one year anniversary and within six months they were standing outside Alex's cabin having a quiet private ceremony with only the squad present. As a wedding gift Alex had the cabin signed over to Olivia despite all her objections.

On their second anniversary Alex announced that she wanted to leave the DA's office and start a family. Olivia had fought her tooth and nail about her leaving not wanting to deal with a new ADA but finally gave in and by the time her next birthday rolled around Alex was pregnant.

Alex, who knew how much the cabin meant not only to Olivia but to them as well, called a contractor and had their one bedroom cabin converted into a family cabin with an added bedroom and an enclosed porch with heating and air so Jenny would have a place to play.

"Haffy birfday" Jenny, their two year old daughter cried as she wiggled trying to break free of Alex's arms pulling Olivia from her thoughts.

Olivia reached out and took the active girl from Alex's arms "Thank you baby." Olivia said as she hugged her before switching her to her left hip and turning her attention to Alex "Hey you."

"Hey yourself" Alex whispered as she willing stepped into Olivia's one arm embrace her eyes fluttering close as she inhaled her scent. Five years to the day and she could still turn her on with a simple touch.

"Go." Jenny said as she began to bounce in Olivia's arms

"Yes we're going to the cabin" Olivia answered reluctantly releasing Alex so she could tickle their daughter causing her to squeal with laughter.

Even though she was the spitting image of Alex she was so much like her that it often scared her. She had the same head strong attitude with the restlessness to go with it. The only time she ever seemed calm or at peace was when she was at the cabin, much like Olivia.

Alex felt her throat constrict as she watched Olivia with their daughter. This was one of those times that made her fall in love with the brunette deeper than she ever thought possible. She couldn't help but place a hand over her stomach and unconsciously rub it as she imagined Olivia with their next child.

Olivia caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and turned all her attention to Alex.

"I'm fine I promise." Alex answered smiling at the concerned look on her wife's face.

"Is he giving you a hard time?" Olivia mumbled as she reached out and placed her hand on Alex's stomach just to the side of hers and stared into her crystal blue eyes that showed nothing but love for her.

"No more than his Mama ever does" Alex whispered as she wrapped her arms around Olivia's neck and played with her hair

"Hey I don't not give you a hard time" Olivia feigned hurt.

"Only when I try to spoil you and surprise you, especially on your birthday" Alex stated as she took Jenny from Olivia and secured her back into her car seat.

Olivia laughed as she shook her head at Alex "How can I give you a hard time on that, our relationship was built on surprises."

"No, it's built on love it was discovered with surprises." Alex corrected as she placed a chaste kiss on her cheek.

Olivia waited till Alex secured the car door before pinning her to the car crashing their lips together in a soul searing kiss only breaking when her lungs screamed for oxygen.

Alex allowed her head to fall back against the car and fought the urge to wrap her legs around Olivia's waist and beg her to take her where they stood. Jesus, she was so turned on her whole body shook with need.

Olivia rested her head against Alex's as she slid her hand under her shirt and ran her thumb along the small bump that was beginning to show. "Alex you have surprised me since that first day five years ago and continue to surprise me every day. You surprised me by not only wanting me but willing to do what it took to keep this relationship. You surprise me by making sure this stays an equal partnership no matter what I say or try to do. You surprise me by blessing me with not one but soon two beautiful children. Most importantly, you surprise me with the amount of love you show me on a daily basis. For that my love I will not only forever love you but I will forever be in love with you."

Alex could only nod as she was overcome with emotions. She had no clue that running the risk of destroying her friendship with Olivia would lead her to the best relationship she had ever been in. Like the author Angie Stanton had once said "Sometimes surprises are the best."

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