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Diversity Of Love ~Chapter I~

"Okey class, we have here our new students transferred from London. They will be your new classmates . . . Please be nice to them . . . " Mr. ____ said. {I don't want to think for a good surnama, so, suggesttion are always welcome.} He removed his glasses and noticed that Miroku is raising his hands.

"Yes, Mr. Miroku. What's you're question?" Miroku immediately stood and said:

"Is my new classmates are girls? Or boys? Or a boy and a girl? I hope there's a girl . . . because I really want a new friend to talked to . . . " he said with a charming grin planted on his face. And the charming grin immediately vanished when a metal pencil case hit his head. Of course, Miroku knows the person who'd hit him.

"OWWW!!!" Late reaction.

"You deserve that, pervert." said the unknown person.

"Oh, my dear Sango. I didn't do or said anything that will harm our relationship." Miroku said innocently.

"What relationshi --!" Sango didn't finish her statement when the door opened rudely.

A girl with long black hair entered the room. She don't wear the natural uniform, instead, she wore a black skirt 4 inches high above her knee and black tube-top. She immediately stood in the side of the flat-form, saying:

"I am Kikyou Higurashi. Nice to meet you all, specially the guys . . ." she said as she smiled seductively. All of her classmates rolled their eyes except, of course, Miroku.

"Miss Kikyou, you may take your seat. You can take the empty seat behind Miss Sango." the teacher said as he pointed out where Sango is. Kikyou nodded and began to walked, with swinging hips. {is that a walk?} Kikyou was busy winking at all boys, and she didn't notice the squashed banana in the very side of her seat.

Kikyou passed Sango immediately. Kikyou looked back at Sango for a while, then rolled her eyes. Sango glared at her. And then . . .

*Slow Motion*

8:00:01 - Kikyou stepped into the squashed banana.

8:00:02 - She bagan to fall.

8:00:03 - She screamed.

8:00:05 - Kikyou's face was now planted on the floor.

*End of the slow motion*

Everyone laughed. Even Miroku, but he only coughed to hide his smile. Except for the 2 boys who was sitting-pretty and calmly in their seats.

Kikyou stood up angrily because no one help her, only laughed! Ok. this is not her day. Kikyou immediately take her seat and act like nothing had happend.

"That -hahaha!- was -haha!- so cute Kikyou!!!" someone said.

"Yeah!!!" another someone said.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

The laughter stopped and the door slowly opened. Everybody gasped when the girl entered the room.

________________ End!


She was totally a reflection of Kikyou-girl; but she was more beautiful and she dressed well. She wear a pink off-shoulder blouse, blue big-mouth jeans and blue rubber-shoes. She stood gracefull in the corner of the flat-form and said:

"I am Kagome Higurashi. I'm sorry, i'm late . . . And nice to meet you all." She said cheerfuly with matching smile. She bowed formally before looking at her teacher. The teacher understood and pointed an available seat.

"Ummm . . You can seat . . between Mr. Sesshoumaru and Mr. Inu Yasha . . . in front of Mr. Naraku." Kagome look at her teacher hand and follow where he's poining. She sweatdrop. The people who will surrond her was scaryyy..... very scarryyyy... Kagome nodded absently and walked to her new seat.


the 2nd bell rang. Everyone readied themselves for their practical tests on Music.


When the teacher walked in . . .


"Okey class, we will begin our practical tests. Keep yourself on-guard at all times . . " the female teacher paused and reached for her class-record. She opened her class record and sighed. Everybody gulped.

"Mr. Inu Yasha, you're the lucky one. Come here in front and sing the 'I am a pioneer' from the Tenchi Muyo! Series. Remember, we're choosing the best 2 students here and the lucky ones will join the singing compitition. One Boy and one girl. . . Mr. Inu Yasha? you can begin now. . ." the teacher press the 'play botton and the intro played.

Inu Yasha started to sing . . .

___________________________________ End of Chapter I!

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