Title: Diversity of Love

Author: Anne-twilight

Summary: The twin transferred their school. In their new school, they meet the almost-look-alike brothers. Kikyo falls-in-love with the two. Kagome? She's sitting-pretty in her chair.

Genre: PG-13


Chapter 10: Love blooms

"Hey, Sango-chan!!!"

"Hn..?" With a small frown, Sango turns her head when she heard someone called her name. When her eyes set on Kagome, her frown vanished and gave her friend a smile. She suddenly stop to arrange the books in her hands, Kagome took this chance and runs her way to Sango's side.

"Did you finished that Science assignment?"

"That? It's so hard! I'm going to copy Miroku's. He's a big pervert, yes, but he also had a big intelligent brain. Did you know that he was out salutatorian when were in elementary?" Sango nodded exasperatedly when Kagome gave her a 'No-Jokes' look.

"Well, for his kind attitude, it is very hard to accept." Kagome said as she adjusts her watch. It is a good thing to have a larger bag, unlike Sango who had a very small shoulder bag, Kagome wasn't having incredible problems carrying more books with her hands.


"Let's get going. Flag ceremony is going to start within few minutes." The two exchanged knowing looks, and without any much formality, the two runs their way to the quadrangle.



Sesshoumaru's head turned sideways after hearing the loud bell. Even though this school is old, it seems that their technologies are much more advance than any other school. It is a good thing, because if that bell didn't reach his ears he will surely be dramatically late.

I practically lost the track of time...

He mentally slaps himself for being preoccupied with his thoughts... That Kagome. Sesshoumaru had been thinking since yesterday that this Kagome chanted some virus into him.

After their little confrontation, he can't think as he normally do. He didn't even know why he was here in the gardens... In the same bench where he had...

He shook his head and grumbled.

How pathetic...


The day swept smoothly. Sango successfully copied Miroku's assignment, but of course he had a big favor in return. Miroku had Sango's word and happily gave his science notebook.

After copying, Miroku asked Sango.

Then with slow motion, Sango almost drop dead in their classroom.

Miroku asked her on a... date. And of course, with the help of Sango's good friend, the rumors spread like an epidemic virus. She grinned ear to ear as she watched Sango blushed furiously.

Kagome then noticed that there is something that she didn't know about her best. She smiled knowingly at Sango. So, Sango falls for a pervert, eh? she thought at that moment.

Kagome's smile was not going unnoticed by her certain friend and blushed more. And as the day goes on, Kagome keeps on teasing Sango. Sango will get angry while blushing. And the pattern goes.

Now, she and Sango were walking their way home side-by-side while having they're small chitchatting.

"So..., You're going to say yes...?" Kagome started again as she try her best not to grin.

Sango's response was a glare, "When are you going to stop, hn?!"

The truth is... I don't know...

"I don't know what you're talking about..." Kagome returned her glare jokingly. Sango snorted, focused her eyes on the orange-like sky as she wrap her arms around her head. Kagome immediately shuts her mouth after seeing Sango's actions.

Kagome's eyes soften as she said, "Sango, A friendly advice. Do whatever your heart says. If you didn't, the time will come that the one you love will not even recognize you. And if that time comes, you can't do anything against it. Win or lose, you should let go. Just remember, when you felt that the world turn it's back from you, I always here." After saying her little speech, Kagome looks at Sango in the corner of her eyes.

Sango still had her arms around her head but she knew Sango had been listening to her, even though she didn't show much.

"Thanks, Kagome-chan." Sango said with a soft smile in her lips. Even though the smile didn't reach her ears, it was one of Sango's true smile.

Kagome smiled back. "Glad to hear that." At this time, Kagome don't have the time for her precious revenge. She'll do it tomorrow. Sango is much more important than Sesshoumaru.

With that, Kagome started a conversation with a smile.


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