Why did you have to bring me back to life?"

He said that to her once, when they were both standing in front of the grave. His grave, where he had been buried properly by a gravekeeper.

When he asked her that, she just smiled, as if saying "Why wouldn't I?", and he realized that moment that she knew that even though he put on a great facade in class 3-4's disappearing classroom, he wanted to live on, wanted to turn seventeen just like the rest of his class, maybe even help Scar and Julie with Celica. That he wanted to get to know her just a little better.

But here he was, looking at his name engraved in the tombstone before him and it occurred to him, that god was an idiot, just like the man-eating toy Hampnie Hambart had addressed him long ago. He didn't have the need for a god anymore, not when his god was standing beside him in the guise of the small gravekeeper. After all, it was because she had been praying to save him from perishing so strongly that even god, who had forsaken this world, couldn't ignore her wish and granted it. Her wish for his life.

Alice Color was dead, had been for fourteen years, but he was Alice and he was alive. Ai Astin may not have saved the world, not yet at least and he wasn't even sure if the world wanted to be saved, but she had saved his world.

Foolishness can't be cured even by death, huh?

So maybe it was foolish to think those things in a messed up world like theirs, but as he looked into Ai's smiling face, he couldn't care less. So let him be foolish, it wasn't as if anything would change because of that. He was alive and had his personal god by his side.

He could live with that.