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I love you like grave danger

Like moon shining disguise

When I wake up with your makeup

And spread blush cross the sky

Like a meteor crush

I'm gonna tell the world

Been a million years full of tears

But I found my girl

"A Million Years" – Alexander

April 11, 2008

I'm not pregnant.

It's sort of a relief. Once the lust cleared out, Edward and I realized that now may not be the best time to have a baby. I wanted to be a little more established in my career before I take time from it.

But there's a little excitement, too. One day, I'll be hoping to have the chance to take the test, and looking ahead to a future with Edward is pretty damn thrilling.

"I invited Alice and Jasper, too. It's going to be a packed house."

"You did? When? I had no idea."

"I wanted to surprise you. I know it's been a while since you all got together."

Tonight, Edward and a few friends from work are playing a show at the Queen Vic. It feels a little like we're going back in time. Only this time, we'll finally be there together.

"Please don't sing to me," I jokingly plead.

"I don't even sing, but now I wish I did." Edward grabs his guitar and puts it in the trunk by his amp.

"It's one of those things people think will be romantic, but it's just really awkward as fuck." I give him a little hip check as he lowers the hatch, just to connect with him.

"Are you speaking from experience?"

"Unfortunately. Remember Paul, the lead singer of Beta Fish? By the way, really dumb name for a band. What was wrong with us in the 90s?" I leave the back of the car and walk around to my side.

"No changing the subject." He looks at me with mock seriousness, "I want to hear all about other dudes being romantic with you."

"Well, then you're going to be disappointed."

"It's not going to be weird for you going back to the Queen Vic?" Now his seriousness is genuine.

"Nah. I'm looking forward to being there with you and, you know, actually talking to each other and stuff." I reference the last time we were there together and he just sat beside me while I cried over stupid Jake.

"Oh. There will be stuff." He wiggles his eyebrows at me. "I want to experience bringing a groupie up to the band room just once."

I laugh and slap his arm. "I'm up for that."

His set has been amazing. I haven't heard them practice much, so I'm pleasantly surprised they sound so great for their first time, but I guess we're all grown up now. No more banging around, trying to figure shit out in front of an audience. There's a little more self-awareness now, some time to sort it all out. It's really good.

I've been dancing with Alice and Rose, and I'm ready for a beer. I decide to go grab one when the lead singer, Alec, announces they're about to perform their last song. "But first," he says, turning to look at Edward, "I believe Edward has something he'd like to say."

My belly flip-flops just a bit. He didn't say anything about having something to say.

He takes his guitar off and hands it to Alec as they trade spaces.

"Bella, can you come up here?"

Oh, my God… The fool is going to sing to me. Perhaps a little reluctantly, I make my way to the side of the stage, passing Edward's parents on the way. Elizabeth steps in front of me and gives me a quick hug. Man, I love all of them so much.

I make my way up the side steps to Edward. I can't believe he's doing this. Not only have I sort of shit on his big romantic gesture, he's making me stand in front of all these people while he serenades me. I wonder if he added that part after I made the "no singing" request.

He takes my hand when I get to him. He looks nervous. I bet he's starting to realize I was right.

"When I was seventeen, I fell in love with the most bewitching girl."

The crowd, mostly friends and family, awes at his declaration.

"And I was too young and dumb to do anything about it. At the time, it was heartbreaking."

The crowd awes once again.

"Many years passed by, and I thought of her often. Then fate, I call her Mom, stepped in and put me in contact with her. From very early on, I knew I was going to fall in love all over again, and this time, I knew I had to wait, which was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I knew it would be worth it. But I'm done waiting now."

Edward drops to one knee, my hand still in his, and he's got an open box in his other hand.




"Bella Swan, I love you, for now and always. Will you marry me?"


I nod and maybe jump a bit, making it a little hard for Edward to put the ring on, but he manages. I'm vaguely aware of cheering, but all I see is Edward. He kisses me, holding me to him, obviously not worried about public displays of affection now.

When he pulls away, he puts his forehead against mine.

"Guess when I bought that ring?"

"Last week?"

"After our first date. I just knew. And like I said, I grew tired of waiting. We belong to each other, Bella. Forever."