"I'm home! I become a nursery nurse and it was one of perpose of life nowadays. I have interesting child care experience and..."
I went into the child's room and talk to Misuzu almost every morning and evening, it is precious time of the supreme bliss for me. I open a door of chest-like memorial table, and see her face through the plexiglas case included on it and she appears merely sleeping. The tabletop has some portrait photos of her, put some sunflowers on a vase and dinosaur stuffing. It is wide as my outstretched arms.

I was devastated by her passing and I asked to Dr. Kirishima about keeping her at home instead of bury on cemetery while crying. I drove to do it in an agony of grief. Dr. Kirishima said quietly that she feel truly sorry. And she paused and then went on talking again, it's okay to her bring and keeping at home apply and permitted for it as pathological specimen for researching incurable disease.
Misuzu was carried Dr. Kirishima's clinic from coroner's office on a general hospital. I heard she compound the fluid ingredients used for formalin, ethanol, salicylic acid, zinc sulfate and zinc chloride. Then Dr. Kirishima embalm her carefully. This red coloured fluid gives ruddy complexion to her.

The funeral of Misuzu was held at her room and she was laid at the bed. I had many guests, most of them are classmate and their parents of her school. I took about her memory and had many big tear rolled down my cheeks during the whole day. I cannot forget about Mrs. Tohno and I break down crying in tears, and... and... (sob) oh, no... I had many tears. She gave me deeply condolences.

After the funeral, she still laid at her room about a month until finish and delivered of memorial table including plexiglas case where will rest her that ordered. I hugged her while I had spear time until the table to be received. Around a month later, she rest in the case that filled with nitrogen finally. I put her sketchbooks and notebooks, also some BD-R discs filled her photo and video on empty lower tier. I see or read them sometimes.

I was inspired by this idea from a old castle at small town called Fumone, near Rome, Italy. I went for there reporting for write some travel article when I was a editor at a magazine. I am impressed with several family treasures of there. I saw a writing bureau-like furniture it holds a mummified noble boy in the glass case. The guide said this shrine made by about 200 years ago, his mother is very grieved and cried so loudly every time. The shrine was very reasonably designed, easily to see the boy's body from his mother and he and some his items arranging like some toys on upper tier and other keepsakes such as clothes, shoes etc on lower one.

Of course, you and I was family members even now. We will be together from now on too, Misuzu.