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Chapter 1: Sorting Out A War!

Tobirama was sick of the magic council. They made him the peacekeeper of the Wizard Saints which made him their own personal tool. Although, he was a believer in rules and laws keeping the world stable. This time they asked him to try and stop the battle between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord.

"So, do you accept the job? These two are one of the most important guilds." Yajima a short man who surprisingly is part if the council questioned.

"I'll do it." Tobirama answered.

He had shaggy, white hair with dark red eyes of a truthful but also strict person. Three red markings on his cheeks and one on his chin. He wore a collar of white fur and blue plated armour covered his simple black clothing.

He nodded respectably before leaving the meeting room.

"Those idiots! Wanting me to sort a small girl fight between guilds. What do they take me for? A fool!" He did, however, have nothing else to do.

The Senju decided to go and talk to Fairy Tail about stopping this 'war'. Luckily for him, there was no need to travel long distances as he placed a Flying Thunder God Seal in every major city including Magnolia, the city where the Fairy Tail guild is.

Magnolia Market

A sudden flash and the Wizard Saint was deep inside Magnolia and about a mile from the guild. His sudden appearance alarming some and received a few looks but no trouble.

He looked under him to see his Seal, it had a circle with three lines crossing through. Everything turned to panic a few seconds later as a loud explosion turned the entire city into chaos.

"Damn it!" He turned to the sound but it wasn't quite visible. Throwing a kunai into the air, he waited an few moments for it to reach a perfect height then he concentrated some chakra causing him to travel instantly through a dimensional void to the Kunai, after all he placed a Seal upon it.

He was able to see what all the commotion was about. A giant walking guild. Tobirama was a quick thinker so he knew what to do straight away as he wanted to abide by a Council Law: only attack if one other attacks. This was quickly shunned of when he saw a scarlet haired Fairy Tail member lying on the ground with scraps and burns covering her body. The walking guild quickly lined up another shot from their Magical Convergent Cannon-Jupiter. An un protected shot would destroy most of the city.

Not if Tobirama could get there first.

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