Title: Mountie at the Movies

Author: Soul Spinner

Fandom: Due South

Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski

Disclaimers: I don't own any of them, more's the pity.

Summary: Fraser and Ray go see Brendan Fraser in "Dudley Do-Right."


Mountie at the Movies

by Soul Spinner


"Ahem . . . So Fraser, wha' did ya think?"

"It was an atrocious film that made a mockery of Canada, Native American Indian customs and beliefs, and the proud traditions of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police."

"Ah, c'mon, Benton-buddy. Tell me how ya really feel."

Constable Benton Fraser, RCMP, stared at his companion in some consternation. Was Ray implying that he was lying? Then Fraser saw the smirk on the other man's face and he knew he was being teased. 'Well,' Fraser thought, 'two can play at that game.'

"Although . . . It had some redeeming qualities," he replied.

Ray Kowalski of the Chicago P.D., Fraser's friend, partner, and lover snorted. "Such as?"

"The man who played Dudley Do-Right was very handsome. I wouldn't mind riding him - I mean behind him. On a horse of course."

Fraser kept a completely bland expression on his face. It was hard to do with the look of complete astonishment on Ray's face. Then he saw understanding dawn in his lover's eyes. Ray picked his jaw up off the floor and started playing in earnest.

"A horse. Of course. I wouldn't mind being in the middle of two Fraser's." Ray licked his lips and closed his eyes. He swayed to a rhythm only he could hear, running his hands down the sinewy muscles of his chest.

Fraser's throat was suddenly dry. He knew he shouldn't have tried to tease the master tease. He had to swallow twice to get any words to come out. "Two Fraser's?"

"You didn't know?" Ray opened his eyes and danced closer to Benton, the streetlights outside the movie theater highlighting only half of his face, making him look just slightly sinister - and extremely sexy. "The actor who played Dudley is named Brendan Fraser. He's also from Canada. A distant cousin perhaps?"

"Oh, my. Not that I know of," Benton said, loosening his collar. The Chicago night was getting very hot . . . "Ah - does that mean that I will have to put up with all sorts of joshing from the guys at the precinct."

"Most likely. Especially from Dewey. The Duck Brothers are still on their comedy club kick."

"Oh, dear," Fraser sighed. His eyes lit up and he looked at Ray with predatory anticipation. "You'll console me, won't you?"

"Get in the car!"

Ray broke every traffic law there was to get them to his apartment. And Fraser didn't say a word.


The End