As Nora walked through the hallways of Beacon Academy, she came across her friend Ruby. She had been looking for one of her friends to request a challenge, and Ruby would be the perfect person. The time was also perfect, as it was a vacation week and they had nothing to do.

"Hey, Ruby, I challenge you to a battle!" She declared up front.

"Huh?" Ruby asked, puzzled. "Just a battle?"

"No, not just a battle. A battle with high stakes! The loser of the match has to do whatever the winner wants for the week!"

"Oh! That sounds pretty interesting, Nora. To be honest, I've been avoiding doing my chores for a while now. Hope you like sweeping!" They both walked into the sparring arena and readied their weapons. Ruby's large metal scythe, Crescent Rose, extended, and she spun it around her body with flair. Nora pulled out her large pink hammer, Magnhild, and she slung it over her shoulder. Nora made the first move, trying to hit Ruby with her hammer. Ruby blocked it with her scythe and knocked Nora away. She stabbed the blade of her scythe into the ground and jumped off the ground and began twirling on the pole of her scythe kicking Nora in the face and sending her reeling back. Nora's hammer then converted itself into a large cannon and began firing pink bombs at Ruby, which exploded at her feet and knocked her down. Nora then changed it back to a hammer and smashed it on the ground near Ruby's head.

"Looks like I win, Ruby." And she picked up her hammer and slung it back over her shoulders.

"Yeah, you did good, Nora. So, what is my first chore?"

"Oh, I don't have any chores for you. Remember, the deal was that you have to do ANYTING I want. And I have just the thing for you! I bought a bunch of baby clothes, and a crib, and a bottle and other stuff, and I found an empty room in the Academy that they said I could use, and best of all, I got you a big poufy DIAPER!" And Ruby realized what Nora had planned for her. "You're gonna be so CUTE, Ruby! I'll get you in a few minutes once everything is set up!" And she gleefully strode away as Ruby just stood there, mouth agape.