As Yang was dragged over the blanketed floor to the rotten mountain that was Weiss's diaper, Nora began lightly tickling Yang's feet, causing her to laugh through her pacifier. Yang didn't want to know what Nora was planning for her, and this tickling derailed her train of thought as she began flailing her arms wildly. After a few minutes, they finally reached Weiss's massive poop-filled diaper. However, she dragged Yang passed Weiss's diaper and led her to the locked door leading her to Blake's room. Yang was confused, and Nora saw the puzzled expression on her face.

"Oh, I just don't want Blake to be alone in her room, Yang. So you'll be giving her a bit of company. I hope you don't mind a bit of stink." She unlocked the door and opened it wide, then took Yang and threw her into the room. Blake turned and looked at Yang, and gasped as a few metallic hands came out of the floor. They grabbed her and lifted her off of the ground, then forced her down butt-first onto Yang's stunned face. Yang tried to struggle, but more arms came up and wrapped around her body, trapping her under the already somewhat stinky diaper. There wasn't any poop so far, it was all sunk-in fart stink. However, as she adjusted to the scent, Blake's buttocks burst with a sudden torrent of poop, which quickly covered Yang's face in awful odor through the diaper. Blake was trying as hard as she could to get off of Yang, but the hands held her firm. All that was accomplished was shaking her hips, which only rubbed the awful smell into Yang's face. Blake continued loosing several torrents of poop, which began extending the diaper. It quickly reached Yang's stomach after just a few short minutes.

"HAHAHA! I have Blake a more concentrated dose of Choco-Lax, so she'll poop a lot more and a lot faster than Weiss will!" Blake was beginning to be lifted off of the ground by her poop, and the weight was pinning even the mechanical arms down, completely trapping Yang underneath. Nora just grinned an almost evil grin. "Don't worry, Yang. You'll probably stay conscious under there." And she walked away to leave Blake and Yang in their poopy prison together.