"I dare you to go kick a unicorn!"

Star shouted at Marco as she chewed on an eraser. Marco took off his pants to reveal ...um..pants! Pants with rockets! And a cool pattern design!

"Got it! Anything for you, my love dove clove glove rove." Marco shouted before chanting WakaWakaWakaWakaWaka...

The rockets turned into raccoons with cosmic eyes and wings and..and lasers and fireworks!

The raccoons sped off in high speed. But not to high because Marco is car sick or something and it will make him vomit and it will dirty the raccoon and the raccoon won't see because their eyes are covered in vomit.

Anyways, the raccoon sped off on the pavement before turning back into rockets.

The rocket flew Marco all the way to Saturn.

On Saturn, there are...um...pegasusasseses which are possessed pagasuses that are eating..uhh..gummy bears. Yup, gummy bears!

Marco took all the gummy bears, with the help of the raccoons, and tasted one. They taste like oil painted paintings that are painted in oil paint since they are oil painted.

The pegasusasseses were mad. Really mad. Like, so mad!

They came flying towards Marco but suddenly turned into oil paintings since they were eating gummy bears that tasted like oil painting.

"Muahahahahahahahahaha!" Shouted Marco and the raccoons.

They ran to Mars and encountered Lady Gaga who was going Gaga because of her new shoes since they were made from diamonds and gold and silver and chocolate.

Lady Gaga was furious because Marco ruined her Gaga time and used her super shoe dancing power thingy to stomp on Marco.

Marco ran away and chanted WakaWakaWaka and flew to the moon.

There, they encountered dancing unicorns.

The unicorns smiled and offered a tutu.

"Wanna dance?" They asked.

Marco smirked. "I'm not here to dance, imma here to kick for my love dove clove glove rove!"

"What?!" The unicorns shouted in unison as Marco kicked a unicorn.

Marco really wanted to curse but his mom wouldn't let him so he shouted. "What the place-where-evil-people-all-go-when-they-are-dead!"

The raccoons turned into rockets again and flew Marco back to his house.

"Star, I did it! I kicked a unicorn's butt!"

Star beamed. "Marco, you deserve a kiss!"

Star kissed Marco full on the lipsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

Marco was surprised but soon returned the kiss.

Then, all they did was kiss and eat rainbows with Mickey mouse.

Da End