So I'm starting something new! None of this is going to be a continued story, but if anyone has any One-Shot ideas that they want brought to life, I was going to try to do them for the summer! I don't know how many I can do, but if you have ideas, review about the current ones, leave some comments, and suggest your ideas along with them! I'll read them all and write as many as I can, but it'll be on this "story" so follow to keep up with the different ideas people have if you're curious.

Each chapter will be a different story, so it should be interesting! It can be Jace/Clary, Simon/Isabelle, Alec/Magnus, Jordan/Maia/Bat, or any of the other ones that make sense. So let me know!

But this one is Jace/Clary, based at the beach, fighting and making up because I was just at the beach so why not? Here ya go!

Clary woke up alone. The fight she and Jace had the day before had left her to sleep by herself with the door locked in order to keep him out. If she didn't, bad things happened.

Because this wasn't a game. It was a war.

Their relationship was a whirlwind of emotions for the past few years. It was something she loved and hated at the same time. There was never a dull moment, but there were so many moments that were overwhelming that she wondered if she'd even survive.

As quietly as she could, because he had incredible hearing, she slipped out of the door and headed down the hallway of the house they rented on the beach. A vacation was much needed of course, but that also meant she had no Simon, Isabelle, or Magnus to run to for help. She was on her own in California as Jace and she fought it out.

By the time she made it to the living room, Jace had already been gone. There was no sign that he was even there except for the folded sheets on the couch. She frowned at the scene.

And jumped when she heard something in the kitchen. She silently slipped over to the door and poked her head in, watching. Jace was mixing something in a bowl with nothing on but sweatpants. That was part of his game. He used his body to mess with her mind. Well, that wasn't going to work this time. She was determined that if anyone was going to win, it would be her.

"Are you still mad about yesterday?" he asked without looking at her. "Or are you going to stop being so ridiculous and get over what happened?"

She glared at him. "I'm ridiculous? You're the one that was being ridiculous."

"So a girl at the club finds me attractive and I get hit on without flirting back," he added the last part while pointing the spoon at Clary knowingly, "And I'm the one that gets thrown on the couch. I mean, you overreacted."

"Overreacted? Jace, you nearly kissed her."

"But I didn't! And you were grinding up on some guy so what did you expect me to do?" he shrugged and dumped the contents of the bowl onto a saucer on the stove. Pancakes. "I was just playing your little game. I'm not sorry if you couldn't handle it when you started it."

"Screw you, Jace Lightwood."

"You have over and over again, lovely."

"Ugh! God, you're so infuriating!"

He leaned back on the counter as he set the bowl down and faced her. At this angle, his abs were more prominent and his smirk was as sharp as ever. "Babe, you have no idea how sexy you are when you're angry."

That caught her off guard and she lost what she was going to say for a moment. Luckily she found it quickly. "I'm going to the beach. Don't follow me."

He frowned. "What? No breakfast?"

"I'm sure one of the many boys out there has enough food and beer to keep me satisfied," she said with a wink before walking out. Jace's face was a priceless one that she never wanted to forget.

This was the fun in it. Even though she hated the actual conflict, the makeup is what she strived for. The worse the fight, the better they were afterwards. But she wasn't sure how far to take Jace. He'd taken her to the point where she almost broke up with him before, and yet she still loved him with every fiber of her being. But that limit was something she wasn't sure about with him.

Either way, she went upstairs and slipped on her best bathing suit, an all-white one that Jace claimed was 'see through' and grabbed a towel. With nothing else, she headed outside, ignoring the looks Jace gave her as she left.

The beach that morning at ten in the morning was beautiful. The sun was already in the sky. People were parasailing. Others were playing with a football or volleyball. Some girls were tanning. Some were surfing. There was a little bit of everything.

She found a spot in the middle of a crowd, dropping her towel and lying down, closing her eyes. She stretched out and got comfortable as the rays heated her skin. It was like heaven. Then she closed her eyes, and drifted off into a nice, calm rest.

"Jace!" a giggly woman's voice said as it woke Clary from her slight nap. "Jace, come on! Just one more time."

Clary sat up on her elbows at the sound of the voice. To her right, about forty yards away was her boyfriend. He was in his red swim trunks and had water dripping down his bare chest. His surf board was in his hand as his other hand ran through his hair, pushing it out of his eyes.

She had to stop herself from biting her lip as she stared at him. God, he was hot.

"Ladies," he said with a smirk over the loud waves. "I have to be even, okay? I already gave you a ride, Katherine," he claimed, pointing towards a tall blonde, "So you have to wait. Jessica, you're up."

A brunette broke out of the group and ran up to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. To anyone else, they would think that Jace was a big flirt. Which of course, he was. But as Clary watched Jace deal with the new leech on his chest, his eyes met hers over the distance between them.

And he winked.

The heat in her cheeks began again and then she fought it as she realized that they were still fighting! He still hadn't apologized, and it didn't look like this was much of an apology either.

"Typical," she said with an eye roll.

She turned away from him at that, and a minute later she realized that someone was blocking her sun. When she went to tell them to move, she paused at the familiar shape.

Jace squatted in front of her and reached forward to move her hair from her eyes. She slapped his hand away though. He sighed. "Are you ever going to get over this?"

"Are you going to stop messing with the groupies over there?" she asked, pointing towards the group that was looking at his surf board that he left. "They're expecting you to do a lot more than teach them surf lessons."

He dropped his head. "Clary, come on. This fighting thing is us and all but I'm getting sick of it this time. The only other girl I want on my board is you." He chuckled at his choice of words. "That could be taken any way you want to take it."

"Ugh, just leave."

He didn't and plopped down beside her, leaning on one hand to turn towards her. "Babe–"

"I'm mad at you. Don't call me that."

"Come on, our fights never last this long," he pointed out.

And he was right. They normally didn't. A couple hours and they were almost always back in each other's arms under the bed sheets. But this time, Clary wanted to make a change.

"Maybe I'm trying to make a point."

"Is that point to see who can last the longest?" he asked with annoyance. "Because you're winning."

That little confession made her turn and gaze at him. She could see how this was driving him crazy. It burned in his golden irises.

She wanted to say something smartassy but before she had the chance, he had leaned forward and caught her lips harshly with his. Clary gasped as the forced pushed her back into her towel. His tongue slipped in her mouth as he took everything that he wanted.

At first, Clary couldn't help but respond. It was an instinct. If Jace's mouth was on hers, things just happened without having to think. Her hands would automatically go to his hair. One of his hands always gripped her hip, pulling her towards him. Their chests were always touching and their bodies would line up. But as Jace bit her lip and pulled teasingly, it hit her.

And she shoved him off of her, right onto his butt into the sand.

His mouth dropped open. "Clary, seriously?"

"One," she said holding up her finger. "We're in public. PDA is one thing but we're not making out on the beach where creepy people will get off on that."

"Then let's go inside," he begged, leaning back in for another kiss.

She pushed against his bare chest, holding him back as his heartbeat thud against her fingertips.

"Two," she continued. "You don't get to just kiss me and pretend everything is okay. This is not over, and making out won't end it."


"Three, you freak out this time because I'm the one that's mad at you. I normally let it go, but not anymore. So you can deal with it." When she finished, she shoved him a little harder and stood wiping the sand off of her. "I think Jessica is waiting on you."

He frowned and looked back, the brunette waving her hand and beckoning him towards her. He turned back to Clary. "Are you serious?"

"Leave, Jace. I'm busy."

"You're tanning."

"Jace, go."

He didn't at first, but with a frustrated groan, he stood and walked off. Clary peeked her eye open a bit to get a look at him as he stormed off, and she was proud of herself for landing someone so… gorgeous, but she immediately closed her eyes again when he looked back. He wasn't about to catch her checking him out. She knew that if he did, it was game over.

Jace glanced back over again, watching as another guy walked up to Clary as she tanned on the sand. It drove him nuts that she kept letting them sit with her, fix her hair. He wanted to punch the last guy when he started rubbing tanning oil on Clary's back. That was pushing the line.

But she wanted him to be like this, and he knew it and hated it. Normally, he hid it pretty well. But no fight ever lasted this long and she never did things like this. Any guy ever came up to her, her first words were 'I have a boyfriend'. Now, it was like Jace didn't exist. It was torture.

"Jace, pay attention."

He turned to find… Brittany? Maybe Emily? He wasn't sure. Either way, she was leaning against him with his board, and it was too close for comfort.

"What?" he asked.

She pouted. "You said that you'd take me for a ride. I want to go now."


He was cut off when Clary started to laugh. It was a laugh he'd heard a thousand times, a laugh that he caused, and he gritted his teeth, trying to avoid it.

"Okay," he continued. "I can–"

When he heard it again, he turned. And what he saw pissed him off.

This new guy, a tall guy with dark hair and tanned skin, was on top of her. But it wasn't like he was forcing her and she was smiling with him as he held her down lightly, tickling at her sides. She squealed and laughed, and at that, Jace had enough.

"What the fuck?" he asked out loud to no one in particular.

"Jace?" the next girl came up and put a hand on his chest. "Are you okay?"

"Hold on," he siad, his eyes on Clary the entire time. The guy had her hands pinned in one of his, and his body size was able to keep her down and controlled. It was the exact posistoin that he always held her down in, the one that he knew she secretly loved, and he was about to lose his mind watching someone else hodl her like that.

He was about five feet away when he yelled "Hey, Jackass!" at the dark headed guy and just as he looked up, Jace tackled him with full force, knocking the guy into the sand.

"Jace!" Clary shouted. "What the hell are you doing?"

There were punches. There was pushing. There was pulling and grabbing and cheap shots to the groin and knees to the stomach and elbows to the face as Jace and this mystery man fought it out.

"What the hell, man?" the guy exclaimed when eh was able to push Jace off and roll away, standing to his feet.

Jace jumped up quickly, sand covering his body and chest. "That's my girlfriend you're messing with, you dick."

"Sebastian wasn't doing anything," Clary said as she ran up, standing between the two. Her hands came up, pushing at Jace's chest. She knew that if she so much as touched Sebastian to hold him back, Jace would lose it. "We were just having fun. You don't have to be so defensive."

"Dude, I didn't know she had a boyfriend," Sebastian said, holding his shoulder that Jace had twisted earlier. "Seriously, she didn't tell me."

"Sounds like her," he growled, glaring at Clary.

She rolled her eyes. "Oh, calm down. We just wrestled a little bit. It's not a big deal."

"Not a big deal?!"

"Fuck this, I'm out of here," Sebastian said before raising his hands and walking away.

Jace and Clary were now alone on a crowded beach, a few people still interested in what was happening.

But Clary was annoyed with it. "Seriously? You just start a fight because you don't get your way? Jace, you're twenty-two years old, not a child."

"Says the one who has the maturity level of a puppy right now," Jace shot back. "I mean, really? You let him hold you and touch you like that, and you seriously think that I would just let it happen?"

"We were just playing around." She shoved him in anger, pushing him back in the sand. "I mean, how is it any different than when you've got those girls hanging all over you on the waves."

"Because I'm staring at you the entire time!" Jace shot back.

Clary's eyes widened at that, like it shocked her to believe that he actually paid attention to her when those girls were around. Her eyes were wide and her mouth slightly open, but Jace wasn't done.

"Every time I'm up there on a wave, I catch myself looking at you. I see you here, no matter how many of them are with me. And then, with you, some other guy comes around and suddenly, I'm invisible. I mean, Clary, that sucks. It fucking hurts and you seem to not have any problem with just replacing me. Am I really that unimportant to you?"

"What?" she practically yelled. "No!"

"That's how it fucking seems!"

"I–" she realized that nothing she could say could validate anything. She was still going to try. "Jace, you make it seem like when they're with you, I'm invisible. I just…"

He stepped forward and grabbed her, pulling her towards him without another word. She let him despite the sand that covered the two of them now, pressing their hot skin against each other. Her cheek was against his chest, and she could feel his heart beating at a hundred beats per minute. This was new. Normally when they made it, it was rough and harsh. This was… not.

He kissed the top of her head, rubbing her bare back slowly. "Can we just forget that all this happened? Last night, right now. The fight. The surf lessons. Sebastian. Can we just drop it?"

Clary nodded, kissing his chest lightly. "Actually, can we go back into the condo?"

He pulled back and looked at her, a smile forming on his face. "Come on." He reached down, grabbed the back of her legs and swung her over his shoulder.

Clary squealed and playfully hit his back. "Jace! Let me down."

"Not yet."

It wasn't until he had practically ran and kicked his way into the condo, passed the living room and bedroom and hit the bathroom before he dropped Clary in the shower.

He immediately turned it on, but it was cold water and Clary jumped back into his embrace. "Jace, the water is freezing!"

"I know," he chuckled, pushing her back towards it.

Luckily, it didn't take long until the water was warmed up and spraying on their bodies. The sand dripped off until they were nothing but smooth, tanned skin and bathing suits. Clary and Jace smiled at each other in the comfort, and Jace slowly pulled the two together until their lips touched.

It had been about 14 hours since they kissed, and this was glorious. Jace hadn't realized how quickly he could miss her, but this was proof. She was everything he wanted, and he wanted to prove that to her this time. He'd proven it before, but this fight was different.

He moved until she was pushed up against the wall of the shower, her hands in his hair and his on the skin of her sides and stomach. Clary bit his lip and he opened her mouth with his tongue, forcing a battle between the two. Neither one ever really dominated the other in that aspect, but there were a few rare times that Jace or Clary would put a little extra in there. Jace did this time, and it had Clary gripping his hair even tighter. He hoped that was just to stay on her feet.

He dropped his mouth to her neck, kissing at the salt and water that dripped off of her skin. Her hands roamed his body and moved down his shoulders, the moans and noises she made coming out even louder than the shower water hitting the tiles.

"Jace, the bed," Clary moaned.

He nodded and grabbed the back of her thighs. She jumped, getting the message and wrapped her legs around his waist. He kicked the door of the shower open, sliding it clumsily and leaving the water running as he basically ran to the bed.

Being none too gently because he knew she loved it, Jace tossed Clary a good five feet towards the bed. She chuckled and beckoned him towards her after she landed, reaching for him. He followed suit, sliding on top of her, their wet skin rubbing against each other.

"Are you still mad?" Jace asked, kissing at the sweet spot on her neck.

Clary gasped as she tried to hold onto her voice. "Furious."

He smiled into her skin and reached behind her, untying the top of her of her bikini and sliding it off. She smiled up at him as he pushed himself to his hands, staring down at her. "You don't look mad."

"Just come here," she growled and yanked him back to her.

This is what always happened. They fought. They made up. They made love. They were happy. And then they fought again. It was something that they both enjoyed, because they need something out of the ordinary. They need the uncertainty, but they need the certainty that they'll always been one another's at the same time. NO one understood it but them. No one understood the other like they did.

People thought they were crazy. In reality, they were just crazy in love.

So again, most of these ideas are going to be by you guys. Let me know what you thought of this one, your idea, what you want the rating to be, esc. It's up to you, and I will write as many as I can to the best of my ability.

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