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That's why I was so pissed when I read Carrie for the first time. Then seeing the new movie that came out in 2013 brought back that anger at how bullying can drag someone down so much that they snap. Like many who have seen and read the tale, I wanted Carrie to have something better. And thus, this idea was born.

It will be a Carrie/OC romance, and it's timeframe will include Carrie (2013 Movie), Iron Man 2, Avengers, Iron Man 3, and Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. I might even throw in a bit from other Marvel movies inbetween to mix things up a bit. There will be romance, action, drama, some good laughs, and maybe even a cameo appearance from a certain comic book idol (It's Marvel, gotta do it.)

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Malibu, California:

In a technologically advanced garage, the sounds of tools operating and metal being banged around could be heard ringing through the open space along with the sound of rock music coming from the sound system that surrouded the room.

A 1973 Ford Mustang was set up in the center of the garage, raised up high enough so that the one laying beneath it could continue their work. Only a pair of jean covered legs and bare feet could be seen poking out from beneath the car's frame as a grease covered hand reached out and grabbed a wrench from the nearby toolbox and continued working.

On the other side of the shop, a tall woman with light-red hair wearing a white business suit could be seen coming down a flight of stairs. Approaching the reinforced glass door before her and punching an access code into the holographic panel that appeared beside it before stepping through the now unlocked doorway.

Her green eyes scanned the room once and locked on to the legs peeking out beneath the Mustang Making her way over with her footsteps masked by the music until she was standing beside them with a hand on her hip and a tablet in the other as she waited a few moments.

When the individual didn't respond to her presence she looked at the ceiling. "Mute." she spoke causing the music to come to an abrupt stop.

The sound of work came to an end seconds after the music did. "Hay! Jarvis, why did you kill my tunes?" said an irritated voice from beneath the car.

"I'm sorry, Nathan, but it appears Ms. Potts would like to speak with you." spoke a male, robotic voice with a british accent from the sound system.

A young man, 18 years of age standing at 6'1'' with a head of shaggy black hair and piercing blue eyes rolled out from beneath the car. An oil stained white t-shirt covering his upper half as he looked up at the woman looking down at him. "Oh, hay Pep. Sorry I didn't hear the door." he apologised as he stood up.

Pepper Potts couldn't help but smile at him, "It's fine. I didn't want to drop in unannounced, but I've been trying to reach your father for the last two hours, he's got a business meeting at three today."

A robot which was nothing more than an automated claw arm on a moving platform wheeled over and handed him a rag that he accepted in order to clean off his hands. "Thanks Yu." Nathan said while gaving her an odd look, "SHIELD contacted him this morning and told him there was an issue that needed to be taken care of. You know, the typical spy business BS. He didn't tell you?"

The woman sighed and rubbed her forehead, "No, he didn't. Honestly, you'd think with coming out to the entire world that he was 'Iron Man' a few months ago he'd have matured at least a little."

"Come on, Pep. Dad's changed a lot." said the teen. "He's not drinking as much, doesn't party like crazy and is more focused on the better direction of the company all while maintaining world peace with his suits. He still may not be perfect, but at least he tries now."

Pepper smiled at him again. Nathan Avery Stark was every bit the engineering and technological genius his father is, with strong morals and ethics regarding hard work that she was thankful he didn't get from the man.

Back when she first started working for Tony he had been approached by a woman who wasted no time in tearing his head off, all the while a four year old little boy hung back out of sight. The assistant had made sure that he was okay and even got him something to eat while the other two adults had their shouting match.

Desiding to keep such small ears away from the many swears flying from the irate woman's mouth.

Going back to the office an hour later, the woman was gone, and Tony was at his desk looking at a stack of forms that had been given to him. When he saw them enter he stood up and approached them, kneeling to the boys height to speak with him.

"What's your name?" he had asked.

"N-Nathan..." the boy replied shyly as he clung to Pepper's leg.

Tony smiled at him, even though his eyes were a bit unfocused and confused. "My name's Tony. And...I guess...I'm you're dad..."

The news had been a shock to everyone. Though not surprising considering Tony's laundry list of drunken one night stands. But still a big surprise that the one and only Tony Stark had fathered a child.

Apparently, the woman didn't want the reminder of the man around and abandoned right then and there. And among the files given to Tony was also a paternity test and birth certificate which had been authenticated. And even though it was sudden, Tony didn't have any other choice given the situation.

And in typical fashion for something out of his field, he threw himself into it a bit blindly.

He didn't really know much about being a father. A billionare genius was one thing, but parenting came a lot harder considering his own upbringing. But managed the best he could despite the situation. Though his lifestyle remained the same which resulted in Pepper looking after the young Stark from time to time.

Then, almost a year ago, Tony had been captured by the Ten Rings terrorist group in Afghanistan after a weapon demonstration for the US military.

Nathan had just graduated top of his class at MIT when they got the news, the boy that had been angry that his father missed his graduation when he promised to be there became terrified at what had happened to him.

Both he and Pepper wanted nothing more for Tony to be found and brought back in one piece. Even though he was far from perfect, they both cared about him and wanted him home.

Six months later, Tony Stark had returned. Alive, but with a miniature Arc reactor in his chest to keep several pieces of shrapnel from his heart. And seeing him come down the ramp of the plane was more than enough for Nathan to nearly tackle him as he hugged his father. The man embracing him back with one arm with the other in a sling as tears came to his eyes, radiating happiness at seeing his son again.

However, the biggest surprise was when Tony shut down the weapons development branch of Stark Industries. The man doing a complete turn around with the company as he worked to fix the mistakes he made in the past.

And even though it was such a shocking turn, Nathan and Pepper both were behind him and were glad that he realized that his company could do so much more than just blowing things up. Despite the fact that others didn't think the same...

The months that followed were a rollercoaster at best. With Tony making a suit of armor to destroy the weapons made by the company that wound up in the hands of terrorists, and the exposure of the traitor, his business partner and friend Obediah Stane, who had been double dealing under the table. All of it leading up to a showdown that left Stane dead and Tony nearly following behind him.

Then when the elder Stark came out to the world that he was Iron Man, things only got more interesting from there. But at the same time, Nathan had been proud of his dad and what he had done.

Sighing, Pepper brought up her tablet and got to work on rescheduling the meeting as best she could. "Any idea when he'll be back?" she asked as they left the workshop and made their way upstairs.

Nathan shrugged, "Dunno, two days I think. Why? What's he missing?"

"He was supposed to make a couple of appearences. Stark Industries is giving donations to the science departments of a few high schools on the East-Coast that are having budget issues. The overall plan was to appeal to the next generation to persue science." replied the assistant. "The meeting he was supposed to go to was to finish planning everything."

The younger Stark tilted his head and crossed his arms. He knew his old man was always into these charity things. He had no problem handing out money to people who needed it most. Tony Stark wasn't a greedy man, and would do anything to give back to the community, and he loved the attention he got from his fans as well.

"How bout I do it?" said the teen making Pepper look up at him as they reached the top of the steps. "I've done these kinds of events before. And I have a feeling just having a Stark arrive at these schools to shake a few hands would still be good for the company."

Pepper thought about it a moment, the idea sounded good, but she wasn't entirely sure. Even though it was true Nathan had gone to several events with Tony and her, and he was recognized by the public as the heir to Stark Industries, she wasn't keen on him doing this on his own.

Ever since that day he came into Tony's life, she looked at the boy as her own son. Caring for him and being there for him when he needed her or when his father wasn't around. Even now that we was considered an adult and could take care of himself, her maternal instincts refused to end.

Seeing the conflict in her eyes, Nathan touched her arm bringing her back to the present. "Pep, I'll be fine. I'm visiting schools with kids my own age. Even though I graduated high school at 13, it won't be that difficult to fit in for a day or two."

"I agree, Miss. Potts." said Jarvis as they entered the kitchen of the mansion home that belonged to the Starks. "The young Mr. Stark is more than qualified to handle such events thanks to what you and his father have been teaching him about the company."

Pepper sighed, "Are you completely sure?"

Nathan rolled his eyes as he dug a bottle of water out of the fridge. "Yeah. Like I said a moment ago, everything will go fine as long as a Stark makes an appearence. Shake a few hands, pose for the media, and give the school their funding. Maybe even stick around a while to talk with any fans."

Being the son of Iron Man and Tony Stark had its perks. Just like his dad, everyone wanted a piece of Nathan. Interviews, autographs, and date requests that would make any teenage boy want to thank every religious icon in existance

All of which became even greater when he had designed and built his own suit and started helping his father out on various assignments.

Of course, this had nearly given Pepper a heart attack in more than on instance.

But despite all the good things, there were also the bad. The teen had been exposed to the same dangers as his father. People wanting to kidnap him to get money in some way, stalkers, and old business associates who wanted to use him as leverage. All of this being the primary reason why Tony helped his son build a suit of his own in the first place.

Although, the young Stark was more than capable of defending himself thanks to the training he had gotten from his dad's friend bodyguard Happy.

"And besides," the teen continued, "I need to get out of the house for a while. Going across the country to different places would be a relief instead of being stuck here in Malibu. I care about you and dad, but I really haven't done much since graduation other than working on the Mustang and my suit. I need this, Pep."

Knowing that she was fighting a losing battle, and being reminded that he was indeed Tony's son when his mind was set to something, Pepper typed a few things into her tablet. "I rescheduled the meeting for 4, that should give you enough time to get ready."

Nathan nodded, "Thanks, Pep. I'll grab something to eat and get cleaned up. Jarvis, send a message to dad and let him know what's up."

"Message sent. Given that you'll be out of the house upon his return, I'll have him contact you as soon as he arrives." replied the AI as the teen went about his tasks as he prepared to head to the meeting . He may not have been Tony Stark, but he did have that "Stark Charisma" the older man was known for when he needed it.

Pepper watched the young like the mother hen that she was, pride shining in her eyes at how willing Nathan was in taking the reigns when something important came up. He was the same way when Tony went missing all that time ago, doing what he could with her to make sure Stark Industries didn't have too much trouble while he was gone.

However, she still worried. Even though there really wasn't much to be concerned about, the woman couldn't help but feel something was going to change. Like an instinct, and that it involveded Nathan in some way.

Shaking it off and putting it to the back of her mind, the assistant went about her normal preparations as she waited for the teen to finish up so that they could head to the meeting together.


Elsewhere at the same time

"God is going to send you someone that will rescue you. Then one day you will rescue them in return and together your story will rescue others. He has always been a God of rescues and a maker of warrior's for his grace. You only need to believe that you are part of something greater than you know."

A pair of sad, green eyes read the words before her with a sense of longing. 17 year old Carrie White sat huddled on the floor of her 'prayer closet', using the flickering light from the hanging bulb above so that she could see the pages of the book before her.

Outside, she could hear her mother in the kitchen cooking dinner. Oblivious to what her only child was doing as she went about her business. Carrie was thankful of that.

Margaret White was not a very liked individual in the town of Chamberlain, Maine. Many called her a crazy, overzealous religion nut who would scream to others that they were sinners and would burn in hell. Because of this, her daughter had been subjected to the same kind of ridicule by the other town residents.

The young girl had been bullied at school of as long as she could remember. Never once having a friend as she was ruthlessly and mercilessly tormented by her peers. Even now in high school things seem to have reached a peak, recent events being a perfect example.

Carrie had gotten her first period after gym class that day. And having not gotten the proper information from her mother about the milestone in a woman's life she was terrified at the fact she was bleeding.

The other girls...they taunted her, humiliated her, making her feel like the lowest piece of scum on the planet simply because she was confused. Video taping her torment on their phones and posting it online for the world to see. And when she got home it only gotten worse. Her mother banishing her to the closet, exclaiming that only a sinning harlot would bleed in such a way and demanded that she begged God for forgiveness.

She'd been like that for as long as the girl could remember. Constantly telling her God will punish her and send her to hell because of one thing or another. And if she failed to comply she was either beaten or thrown into her 'Prayer Closet' for an untold amount of time.

Despite her innocent, shy and timid exterior, Carrie hated the people that made her life the way it was. The kids at school for bullying her. The teachers who simply ignored her suffering. And her mother who dragged her down even lower.

She felt powerless to do anything. And if it wasn't for Ms. Desjardin, the school's PE teacher, she'd have absolutely no one to turn to when she needed them. The older woman having helped her in the locker room after what the other girls had done and was there to comfort her in her time of need.

Clenching her eyes shut tight, strawberry-blonde hair covering her face as she bowed her head forward and resting her forehead on the book she had hidden here weeks ago. Tears dropping to the open page as she did the one thing her mother expected.

She prayed.

But not for the same reason. She knew that God wouldn't punish her for any of the things her mother told her that she had done. God was forgiving and peaceful, not terrifying and vengeful. She'd known this for a while now, desptite her mother's constant raving.

Instead, she prayed for a savior. A guardian angel that would come and take her away from all of this. Someone that would protect her from the hate and anguish, and give her the love and affection she had seen the other girls getting when she walked through the halls at school.

She also prayed to be strong and free to live her life the way she wanted, to shape her own destiny away from the crippling loneliness and self hatred.

As she sat in the cramped space she continued to pray. Completely unaware that deep within her, something had awoken. Something that would make Carrie White very special in many ways once she discovered it. And would in turn open many doors for her that she never knew was there.

And that the guardian angel in which she was praying for, would be there much sooner than she realized...

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