A/N: Hay everybody, been a long time since I've posted anything, and for good reason which is why I'm posting this here and now.

My computer got destroyed in an accident, and with it all of the saved notes and chapters I had for all of my fics. And without backup files...well...I'm pretty much shit out of luck for the time being.

I'm writing this to all of you from a friend's computer, and to inform you all that it will take me a long time before I'm able to start posting updates again.

I hate letting my readers down, but since I'm short on cash, and the time and effort it will take to get back the files I lost will he a hell of an undertaking, my hands are tied for the time being. So I will be absent for quite a while.

But I WILL return, better than ever, so I ask you all, my fellow authors, readers, gamers and badass fans, just bare with me through this rough patch until I make my comback in the near future.

Before I end this notice, I wish to inform you all that a young protege that I had taken on last year as made his debut here on the site. He goes by the name XAgent-Venom666X, and shows real promise. If you have the chance, I ask you check out his work and help him like you all helped me through my stories. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

So for now, to my readers, till we see each other again. This is Wraith002 signing off.