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"Like any man, when he's pushed to his limits, he's capable of anything. When someone strikes at the one's he loves, he will take any steps necessary. He's looking for answers, for the truth. He will stand by his convictions." Unknown

Third in Obsession series…

First came the proof of existence. Then came the road for forgiveness. Now comes a test of faith and...


Chapter 1: "The Test"

Many people say that peace is merely the time in between wars that is needed in order to prepare for the next conflict. In my experience, this is the complete and utter truth. After a year of constant conflict and fighting, the Phantom Family was given a time to recover and rest. For once, we were able to stop and enjoy life without the threat of the end of life as we knew it on the horizon.

Not to say that there weren't problems and setbacks, of course. Life always has some bumps in the road. In fact, I personally was having some issues with my closest friends. Overall, though, it was the simplest and best time of my life.

And it all ended in a blur of flames and blood.

Reality came crashing down around us. We were reminded just how difficult life could be. Our peaceful lives came to a crashing halt, and there was no going back. Not only that, it all started in such a terrible way. In an instant, a man's life was forever changed and ruined, a longtime friend was attacked and defeated, and a young girl was corrupted into insanity.

I remember that day well. Friday, September 13, 2013. That was the day it all began. It was the single unluckiest day of our lives, and things only got more difficult from there.

In a spiral of chaos and terror, our lives began to change forever. Our friendships would be tested. Our morals would be pushed. Who we were would be erased and all that would be left was small traces of what used to be.

Even the greatest of empires must someday fall. There are no exceptions throughout history. No one can stay on top forever. Even the Phantom Family would have to someday accept this truth.

In the background, our enemies began to plot. Consequences for past actions began to occur. Fate and free choice clashed in the ultimate of struggles. It was the beginning of the end. It was our ultimate trial. It was a test of just how far we were willing to go to stay true to our beliefs.

Sadly, none of us were ready for it. The League. The Council of ghosts. Young Justice. We were all caught off guard in the worst possible way. That only made the trials harder as the world came crashing down around us.

For the longest time, I tried to forget the events that led to the end of our world. It is so hard to do so, however, when even looking down reminds me of all that I lost. I fought so hard too, yet I failed to save what was most important in the end.

In the end, I couldn't stop him from…

How weak I have become? I can't even write about it properly anymore.

Everyone…Please forgive me. Forgive this fool who can only document the tortures we went through instead of doing something to make it right. I wish I could do more than read old books of our past deeds and try to bestow a bit of knowledge to the only bit of legacy we have left.

If only we found a way. I know that it was impossible considering the circumstances, but we did the impossible before. In the end, I suppose even miracles have a limited amount that be used on one group of people, and we used ours up a long time ago.

That was made abundantly clear when

The rest of the page was damaged. Nothing more could be read through the stains of blood.

-From the personal memoirs of Danielle Masters

(Friday-September 13, 2013)

"Have you gone senile, old fart?" A deep voice sounded out of a futuristic looking white thermos on a pedestal. The voice, while menacing, had a drawing influence that would cause pause to all who were not careful of the being of massive destruction held within the thermos. "The first time you've talked to me in years, and all you do is talk to me in riddles."

A floating old man with a purple cloak stood before the thermos. His skin was a frosty blue that would be seen on a man if he was frozen. Pure crimson pools of eyes stared down at the thermos. The man gripped his stopwatch staff close to his chest with the interworking of a grandfather clock in it.

Clockwork sighed. "You are a sad individual. You lack the perception to see the truth when I have just revealed it to you."

"I get it. Ghosts have sad lives, and then they die. That's how it's always been. The only question is why should I care?" The voice boomed from the thermos.

"Because you are a ghost too, Daniel." Clockwork gained a deep frown as his form shifted from an old man to a small child with buck teeth. "That means something."

"Does it? I came from two different half-ghosts, remember?" The voice chuckled.

"I remember everything. I know everything." Clockwork mentioned.

"Then you know that in the future that I come from, I killed you, right?" The sickening glee from the voice was quite audible.

"It didn't stick, though, did it? I am alive for the time being." Clockwork shook his head and aged in a full adult in the prime of his life.

"Until I escape and kill you, you mean?"

"Fool. I said it before, it won't be you that puts an end to my life." Clockwork sighed.

"You talk like you already have one foot in the grave…I don't like this. What's happening? Why are you even talking to me?" The voice demanded.

"The day has come." Clockwork explained. "We are out of time. The future is uncertain to all from this point on, especially me. That means…"

"What? What is it!?" The voice growled. "This is why I hate you, you know. Talking to you is so frustrating. You're far too sentimental, and you take too long. Not everyone has all the time in the world like you."

"No…No one has any more time…" Clockwork paused. His domain of clocks and mirrors began to tremble and creak. "Because the end has begun."

The shaking continued to the point that the various clocks and mirrors began to crack and fall. Dark energy began to surge all around Clockwork and the ghost contained in the Thermos. With a wave of his hand, the Master of Time created a shield around them. The green energy bubble stopped the dark energy from getting to them, but explosions began to push against the shield. Their protection would quickly fall against the force of the blows.

"Answer me, Clockwork!" The voice shouted. "What is happening?!"

"Remember, Daniel, your existence is in the balance as well." Clockwork grabbed the thermos and lifted it up.

"My existence?"

"I can only hope that I'm not creating an even bigger threat…" Clockwork mentioned. "If this fails…"


"Goodbye, Daniel. It is time." Clockwork raised his heads and looked at the explosions that were all around him. They had come for him. If he waited too long, then he would never have a chance. "And it begins…Beware the Phantom…"

With that, Clockwork removed the cap from the thermos and pressed the release button to free one of the most dangerous ghosts in existence.

The test of conviction had begun.

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