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Prompt: Pebbles is board and is trying to pass the time. Than her father comes to tell her he has a surprise...

It had been a struggle for Pebbles to finally come over her nightmares and trauma she suffered in the hands of - and traitor ex con Brawl.

Since Brawl's deactivation Landmine had taken his place as a constructicon, since there was a free spot and they were all more than welcome to have him in. After what he did to help Pebbles he was welcomed, even though he thought he didn't deserve it since he was still part of Pebbles kidnapping.

Megatron understood but no punishment was made knowing he had already had been most his life. He allowed him to join the join without any second thoughts or regrets; he was a very intelligent and respectful mech with a warm spark towards Pebbles.

Pebbles was thrilled she was back home with her father and everyone else she has thought of as her family, including Blizzard and Ravage who were overly excited to have her back with them.

Nothing changed though between the autobot's and decepticon's. Megatron wasn't going to call a truce or come to an agreement with Optimus, he still wanted power, and control. All this information wasn't spoke about though around Pebbles since she was still a sparkling and she just wouldn't understand, she would just question with worry.

Everything was perfect and normal for her and that's the way everyone wanted it for her, including the autobot's.

Almost eleven months passed since the event's happened and the beautiful sweet young sparkling was showing great progress. Her nightmares had decreased, recharging much better and glowed more just like every sparkling should be.

Pebbles was in her ridiculously large stuffed plush filled room throwing some costume dresses around including feathered scarfs, fashion hats and other small props trying to find what she was looking for.

She was half inside one of her pink pattern chests with her small sky blue legs hanging out, waving up and down as she shifted around in the chest moving the tangled up costumes around.

"I know it's here" she called out from the half closed chest "I know it is. I only saw it the other da-AH HA, Found it!" a giggle was heard from her as she pushed herself back out from the chest and held a wicket black pointed witch hat.

Both Blizzard and Ravage weren't left with much of a choice when Pebbles decided to play dress up with them. Not wanting to hurt the young sparkling's feeling's they complied and waited at a short distance.

Blizzard wore a red coat with a fur collar wrapped around his neck and a metal helmet over his head that covered most of his optics making it difficult for him to see. Ravage had a jet black dress over her and waited for Pebbles to return with the hat she had been looking for. The two gave a nerves glance at one another not enjoying looking ridicules, but said or did nothing and sat there with a heavy sigh.

"Now you look like an evil witch!" Pebbles giggled placing the hat on top of Ravage's head and patting it down.

Pebbles worse her favourite pink dress with her golden crown as she got prepared before they started playing her game she has wanted to do all morning.

"Ok, now we can start playing" she stood in front of the two with a wide grin, not noticing the embarrassed looks or helms hung low from the two.

"Ravage, you're the wicked witch who tried to cast an evil spell on my kingdom. Blizzard, you'll be the brave knight who saves all of us. I'll be the beautiful princess" she gave a happy twirl in her dress with a broad smile "Understood?"

The two gave shy nods, knowing they had to play dress up.

Pebbles cleared her throat before she started acting "Oh what a beautiful day! The sun is out, the skies are blue, the birds sing and my people are all happy. Nothing can ruin this day!"

She walked in front of Ravage and let out a sharp gasp "Oh no! It's the evil witch!" she fell to her knees with her arms flaying out in a fake dismay "She has come to cast an evil spell destroy my kingdom. Who will ever save us!?"

The room fell silent for a sort moment before Pebbles onlined one of her optics looking at Blizzard and Ravage who stared back confused.

"I SAID, who will ever save us!?" she repeated looking directly at Blizzard but he just didn't move.

The two looked one another trying to understand what was supposed to happen next. Were they meant to do something?

"Blizzard" Pebbles whispered "This is the part when you step forward"

He did so with hesitance, unsure why but he found himself right in front of her who smiled brightly with happiness.

"Oh, my brave knight is here to save us!" she shouted out and leaped to her feet throwing her arms around his neck tightly and pointed right at Ravage "Destroy the evil witch and save my kingdom! Please, oh please my brave knight" she begged falling to her knees once again.

Blizzard gave a shrug and pushed his paw at Ravage making her fall to the ground on her side. She laid there thinking this is what she was supposed to do.

"Thank you! You saved my kingdom oh brave knight. I shall reward you with a kiss" she leaned forward on the tips of her feet kissing him on the cheek shyly "Now my kingdom is safe once again and peace is bought to the land!" she threw her arms up in the air at the end, facing both Blizzard and Ravage who stared blankly back at her.

Pebbles saw this and lowered her arms with a heavy sigh "Not as fun I thought it would be"

She began removing all her costumes and throwing them aside not caring about the game anymore. Blizzard and Ravage followed quickly and soon managed to pull off the props and clothes from them and watched as Pebbles went over to her berth and sat on it, hugging some of her toys close to her chest with a sigh.

"I'm sorry I waisted you time guys" she softly said to them.

She was taken by surprise when she heard soft purrs and felt helms rubbing against her from the both of them hoping to cheer her up. A sweet giggle erupted from her and hugged the two closely.

"Thanks guys" she beamed happily "You're both the best"

Not a moment later Skywarp had entered the room and Pebbles right away leaped off the berth and ran to her father.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy!" she repeated quickly and jumped into his open arms "I missed you, you were gone forever"

Skywarp chuckled lightly at her "I was only gone for an hour sweet spark"

"It was a very, very long hour" she nuzzled into the side of his neck purring softly.

He strolled in and placed her back on the berth besides Blizzard and Ravage and knelt down in front of her "Mind giving us a moment guys?"

Both Blizzard and Ravage left the room giving them some privacy.

"Sweetie" Skywarp smiled softly at her "I have a surprise for you"

Both of Pebbles optics light up like Christmas lights hearing this "Really? What is it?" she half squeaked with delight.

"Do you remember Ironhide and Chromia?"

"Ah hu" she bobbed her head quickly.

"Well, while I was on a scouting mission they got a hold of me and told me something that I think you might be interested in to know"

Pebbles started to bounce on the berth all wound up on excitement "Tell me, tell me, tell me!"

"You know Chromia and Ironhide were expecting a sparkling. Well, now Chromia has sparked a sparkling. I've spoken with Megatron and been spoken to by Optimus Prime and they have given approval for to visit. Would you like to visit?"

Pebbles was frozen from the news "A-another sparkling? I'm not the only one?"

"That's right" Skywarp hummed softly "Though the sparkling is a little young still but I'm sure something could be worked out for you to have play dates"

"Really? I would have a friend?"

"You would. So, you want to visit?"

Skywarp watched as the small sparkling bolted off the berth and to the door way jumping up and down on her legs "Can we go now!? Huh huh?"

He chuckled lightly and followed her out the room and down the hall of the base. Pebbles was bouncing off the walls and squealing with excitement. She's never seen another sparkling before and now she was going to. This day was starting to turn out great for her.

They reached the exit to the base and Pebbles was so eager to get going. Skywarp scooped her up in his arms and placed her on his back "Hang on sweetie"

Pebbles wrapped both her arms around his neck and let out a thrilled giggle when he took off out of the base and towards te autobot base where the newest member to the world was waiting.

Once they arrived Jazz was already waiting at the front entrance and Skywarp placed Pebbles on the sand covered ground. He smirked as she kicked up her legs and ran towards the music enthusiast mech and leaped into his arms.

"Look at you lil' lady" Jazz beamed twirling her around "More beautiful than the last I saw you"

"I missed you Jazz" she giggled softly and was placed back on the ground.

"Off you go then, they're all waiting for you"

Pebbles rushed into the base leaving Jazz and Skywarp alone together.

"Optimus said it was ok if you wanted to see the sparkling as well. She's a real beauty"

"So it's a femme? Skywarp couldn't help but smile.

"Indeed she is. Has the beauty of her creator but I've got a feeling she's gonna be a weapon enthusiast like her sire"

Skywarp chuckled before shaking his head "Thanks for the offer but I'm alright. I'll wait out here until Pebbles is ready to go"

"Very well then, I'll bring her back out when the playdate has come to an end"

Jazz went back into the base and Skywarp decided to sit in top if a large boulder and wait. He didn't mind, as long as Pebbles was happy so was he.

Inside the base Pebbles was running into almost every room along the hall to find where the new sparkling was. She passed many familiar faces that were all happy to see her as well and knew very well she was on a searching mission to location the new sparkling they all have been very excited about.

Jazz had managed to finally catch up with her and caught her in his servos. She let out a startled squeak but relaxed when noticing it was Jazz who was now carrying her.

"Hold up lil' lady otherwise you'll be running around in circles like you were in a maze"

"I'm just so excited!" she bounced in his arm making his chuckle lightly at her.

"You're not the only one Pebbles, everyone has been going crazy for the last twenty four hours.

It felt like forever to Pebbles but they finally arrived at the medic bay. Jazz carried her in the room and over to where Ironhide, Chromia and Ratchet were, doing final check-ups before the doc gave her the all clear.

"You guys have a visitor" Jazz beamed.

Ironhide smiled widely at the sight of Pebbles "Ah there you are. It's been a while hasn't it?"

"Very long" Pebbles did miss a lot of the autobot's very much "I miss you"

"Miss ya too, Pebbles. We all have"

Jazz set her down on the berth and the young sparkling stared at Chromia who looked very tired but happy to see her.

"Hey darling" she softly said clutching at the wrapped up bundle in her arms "Would you like to meet our sparkling?"

She nodded, almost afraid now but slowly crawled forward across the berth and right besides Chromia.

"We'll give you four some privacy" Ratchet declared and left the room with Jazz right behind him.

Ironhide had now sat beside his bond-mate and watched as Pebbles nervously stared at the covered bundle.

"Ya ok, Pebbles?"

"Hmhm" she murmured and sat up on her knees "I've just never seen one before. W-what if it doesn't like me?"

Before either of them could respond a soft gurgle was sounded from the covered bundle. It moved a little and then a tiny servo poked out of the covering's and reached out towards Pebbles.

Chromia smiled weakly almost ready for recharge "I think she wants to meet you"

Baby mine, don't you cry
Baby mine, dry your eyes.
Rest your head close to my heart,
never to part,
baby of mine.

Pebbles stared in awe at the small servos reached out to her and hesitantly reached her own towards it. Both their servos touched for only a few seconds and immediately the tiny servos clutched at the servo in a tight hold, not wanting to let go of the new object the new sparked sparking had found.

Chromia beamed and slowly unfolded the covering from her sparkling to reveal it "Pebbles, meet our daughter"

Little one when you play,
don't you mind what they say.
Let those eyes sparkle and shine,
never a tear,
baby of mine.

Pebbles optics grew wide at the sight before her. The small and fragile sparkling's being cradled in Chromia's arms was recharging with one servo clutching at the wrapped up blanket and Pebbles own servo.

Slowly she shifted herself closer to the bundle and now was face to face with her. She studied her bright red armour with dark blue shading's along her legs and arms taking in both her creators and sires appearance.

"She's beautiful" she whispered softly.

"Sit back down" Ironhide told her "Than you may hold her if you like"

"I-I don't want to hurt her"

She earned a chuckle "I promise you, you won't"

If they knew sweet little you
they'd end up loving you two.
All of those people who scold you
what they'd give just for the right to hold you.

Pebbles did was told and now sat cross legged on the berth awaiting for the sparkling to be placed in her lap. Chromia carefully did so, supporting the sparkling's helm and laid her in down on Pebbles.

The sparkling stirred a little with the loss of her mother's warmth and whimpered lightly.

Pebbles felt her spark sink "S-she doesn't want to be with me"

"It's ok, wait until both her optics online" Chromia made sure it was fine.

Slowly the sparkling did, both baby blue optics flickered online a few times to adjust them and stared up at the new figure she was being held by. It tilted its helm in interest, optics still looking crocked but slowly was focused once more.

Pebbles smiled down at the youngling and brushed the tips of her servos over the sparkling's helm lightly, tracing the lines along her form before holding her servo in her own once again.


From your head down to your toes,
you're not much, goodness knows.
But you're so precious to me,
sweet as can be,
baby of mine.

The sparkling's made a light noise of interest at her and babbled happily. Pebbles giggled sweetly and adjusted herself a little with a good hold on the sparkling.

"What's her name?"

Both Ironhide and Chromia looked at one another and faced her once more.

Chromia smiled as she answered "Starlight"

Pebbles stared at them with surprise "T-that's my mummy's name"

"We hope you don't mind, we wanted to carry on her name" Chromia explained softly.

"I don't mind. It suits her" she looked back down at the sparkling and smiled "My names Pebbles, I'm a sparkling too. You have my mummy's name Starlight and I know she would have liked that"

Starlight reached up towards Pebbles face plating and gently patted against her. She then softly kicked her little legs and waved her arms up followed by happy squeal.

Both Ironhide and Chromia smiled at the scene "I think she likes you Pebbles"

If they knew sweet little you
they'd end up loving you two.
All of those people who scold you
what they'd give just for the right to hold you.

"Will I be allowed to visit?" Pebbles asked looking up at the adults.

"You are welcome here anytime. I'm sure your father will allow it too" Ironhide said.

"She's going to need a brother or sister soon as well. More sparkling's the better" she giggled.

Chromia hummed at the thought "In time, but we've pretty happy with our lovely daughter for now. But there will be more"

"I think you should have a million more" Pebbles loved the thought of that many sparkling's running around.

Both the adult's chuckled at her comment "I don't think that will be possible, but it sounds amazing" Chromia said.

"Aye. Let's see if this little tucker will wear us out, then we'll think about having more"

Pebbles beamed and once more looked down at the sparkling who had now fallen back into recharge "She's going to be a beautiful femme when she grows up"

Both agreed "She sure will be"

From your head down to your toes,
you're not much, goodness knows.
But you're so precious to me,
sweet as can be,
baby of mine.
Baby of mine.

Outside the base Skywarp continued waiting for his daughter to return from the visit. A sparkling was exciting news and wanted Pebbles to be happy. Megatron wasn't that thrilled with the thought of Pebbles coming on repeated visits but he also understood Pebbles needed to be around other sparkling's as well.

It wasn't going to be easy either. Pebbles will want to visit often and with both sides fighting a war he only hope it wouldn't worsen thing's, though maybe it could make it better.

Whatever the outcome, this was all for her.

"Afternoon, Skywarp"

Looking up from the ground he saw Optimus Prime now standing in front of him "Evening Optimus"

"I want to thank you for bringing Pebbles over to see the sparkling"

"She's pretty excited, I'm sure she'll want to return again"

"I sure she will too" Optimus smiled behind his mask "Sparkling's need to socialize to one another and this will be perfect for them. Before we know it three of them will be running around"

Skywarp narrowed his optics lightly "Three?"

"Elita and I are expecting a sparkling our self's"

"W-wow" Skywarp was taken back from the news but felt thrilled as well "I guess congrats"

"Thank you. Ratchet has already confirmed it's a femme"

Skywarp smiled at this "Femmes seem to be coming back again now hey?"

"That is true and it's a wonderful feeling. Our race still has a chance to rebuild again"

"We sure do"

Skywarp looked up towards the autobot base entrance and spotted Pebbles being walked out by Jazz again. The sparkling giggled and ran towards her father and leaping into his lap.

"Whoa there" he chuckled at the excited sparkling "Did you have a good time?"

"Ah hu" she bobbed her head beaming "You should see her daddy, she's so beautiful"

"Maybe another time sweet spark" Skywarp might next time "We should be heading back though, before it gets dark"

"Awww" Pebbles wanted to stay much longer but didn't fight with him about it and complied.

"Good to see ya again lil' lady" Jazz clicked his glossia at her "You'll 'ave to visit real soon"

"I will"

Skywarp leaned down and picked Pebbles back up in his arms "Ready to go?"

"I guess. We'll need to back real soon"

"Don't worry; we'll have something sorted out so you can visit"

Both Optimus and Jazz said their goodbyes and watched as the seeker took off and headed back to the decepticon base. Pebbles once more was on her father's back with arms wrapped around his neck as he travelled back.


"Yes princess?"

"Can I have a little brother or sister?"

Skywarp sighed "I'm sorry baby, but I don't think that's going to happen"

"How come?"

"Because we'll need a mother for that"

"Well, can I have another mummy then? That way I can have siblings!"

Skywarp knew fully well Pebbles wanted a big family. A loving mother with heaps of sibling's for her, it was something he wished he could do but being realistic he didn't think it would ever happen.

"Maybe" he hated lying "But for now we have each other, how does that sound?"

Pebbles nuzzled her helm into the back on his own sending soft clicks to him "I love you daddy"

"I love you too princess"

Song: Baby Mine by Alison Krauss

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