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Prompt: G1 world. Pebbles asks Landmine about his family. How will this go down? (Sorry, bad prompt) Featuring OC's Pebbles, Landmine, and his family, Shadowdawn, Atmos, Dynamo and Seacret.

Rated K+ and I wouldn't think I need to post any warnings other than cuteness and the mention of a family loss.

Mistakes should not define you, no matter what they were. If you live long enough, you'll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you'll be a better person. It's how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit.

Was joining the decepticon cause in the first place a mistake? Was it his fault for his family's offlining?

Landmine hasn't been in his right of mind for a long while now, ever since what happened to his family. He's blamed Megatron and the cause for what happened to them and turned his back on both sides of war and joined to the unknown cause, thinking this was the best way to get his revenge.

Now, he wasn't sure of anything.

Megatron had given his a second chance, a chance to prove he was capable, loyal and devoted to the cause. He was given a position among the combaticon's since Brawl was no longer among them after his betrayal and stupidity thinking he could over throw Megatron. He accepted, not seeing any other option for himself.

It's been almost a year since that all happened, though it still feels just like yesterday and it hung at his CPU like a virus. He just wasn't sure how to feel or act anymore.

His sire had always told him something that always kept his motivated throughout his sparkling and teenage life.

Work hard for what you want because it won't come to you without a fight, you have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive.

After meeting his one love and starting a family he believed joining the decepticon cause than was the best option for his family to survive. Both his creator and sire were neutral's, sided with no one in the war until their city was attacked by the autobot's. He had overheard it was a miss communication or error, as the autobot's thought it was the decepticon's hidden base with poor evidence and stupid rumours.

That's why he never sided with the autobot's, because they never did anything good for him.

Landmine was in his own private work area in one of the spare rooms Megatron had allowed him to use. He liked his privacy and kept away from mostly everything, he just grew use to it.

He was a very intelligent, quick, focused and imaginative mech who was very passionate about his work. A Tactician he was, these guys choose both brains and brawn. The Tacticians' field ranges from battle planning to be a source for information, to actually fighting. Some expand past simple battle expertise and operate as general scholars.

Finishing off what he was doing he let out a heavy exhale stretching his arms out above his helm. He'd been at it for a while now and figured it was time for some energon.

Exiting the room he code locked it and strolled down the engine humming hall of the base. But that wasn't the only humming that he could hear. There was another different kind of humming, almost soft and sweet. It was way too familiar and didn't need to guess who it was before slowly turning a corner to lay optics on the souse.

Everybody wants to be a cat,
because a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at.
Everybody's pickin' up on that feline beat,
'cause everything else is obsolete.

Landmine couldn't suspense the smile that tugged up from the corners of his lips at the scene of the baby blue bubbly sparkling singing and dancing along the hallway.

A square with a horn
makes you wish you weren't born.
Every time he plays.

He leaned himself against the steel wall beside him with folded arms and continued watching on without realising he was broadly smiling now.

But with a square in the act,
you can set music back
to the caveman days.

Pebbles without realising continued on singing softly and moving her legs back and forth to the beat of her words. She had just finished watching The Aristocats for the first time and enjoyed every moment of it. Her sire, Skywarp, was away once again doing scouting missions and Soundwave needed his cassettes for a mission given to him by Megatron, that including Blizzard just for extra help.

She pouted about it but was told they would be back by later afternoon, giving her a lot of time to do whatever she wanted. After watching three different movies she was quite board now and thought maybe to wander around the base, that was until she started to sing and dance a little, not able to get the song out of her CPU now.

Everybody wants to be a cat,
because a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at.
When playin' jazz he always has a welcome mat,
'cause everybody digs a swingin' cat.

As she hit those last notes she twirled around with a giggle before making eye contact with Landmine.

"Oh…." She froze before crossing her legs shyly "How long were you watching?"

"Long enough," He chuckled lightly "What you doing by yourself, Pebbles?"

"Everyone's busy," She sighed with a load of disappointment "I'm trying to make time fly, as I've heard someone say before, but I don't really understand it. All I know is it makes time go faster, I think." She screwed up her face in thought making Landmine chuckle once more.

Pebbles was someone he always enjoyed seeing. The sweet and innocent sparkling had so much joy and happiness in her personality, her CPU was so imaginative and she reminded of himself when he was a sparkling.

He then thought of a quick idea, "Listen, I'm just on my way to get some energon, would you like some?"

Pebbles beamed and bobbed her helm up and down before following right behind the mech.

Just keep swimming,
just keep swimming,
just keep swimming, swimming, swimming,
what do we do we swim, swim, swim.

Landmine listened to the sparkling sing along to whatever songs came to her CPU. He didn't understand them honestly but felt his spark tingle strangely hearing them from her sweet voice.

"Landmine, how come you're here?" She questioned.

"Megatron has requested some plans done up, so I've been doing that this morning." He explained.

Pebbles hummed lightly "What sort of plans?"

"Battle plans." He said without thinking.

"Battle plans?" She furrowed her optics, "You mean plans for fighting?"

He looked down at her as he continued walking. "Yeah, that's right."

"Against the autobot's?" Her question with filled with what sounded too much like disappointment.

Landmine should have known not to say such things to a sparkling, but it was too late for that now. "Correct,"

Pebbles frowned ever so little, almost trying not to show it, "How come you're fighting? Why can't we all be friends and get along? I think Megatron and Optimus Prime would be best friends."

He cackled maybe a little too much at her words, "Pebbles, I'm afraid it's not that simple. Autobot's and decepticon's have been at war for such a long time now. I honestly don't see it changing anytime soon."

"Why? I-I know I use to be afraid of autobot's but I'm not anymore. I really like the autobot's here, they're nice and….and they saved me."

Landmine was fully aware of what Brawl had done right before abandoning the cause. It saddened him to think of how she was feeling after that experience and what it must have been like to be away from her sire.

Pebbles continued on, "Why do they have to keep fighting?"

"Honestly Pebbles, I cannot answer that," he gave a weak smile, "It's just the way it is and will continue on until a cause stands down."

"What if no one stands down?"

"Then it'll continue on."

Pebbles sighed heavily, "It's going to be a very, very, very long fight."

The two had gotten their energon and Landmine returned to his working area in his private quarters with Pebbles right on his tail. He felt a little sorry to leave the sparkling on her own and decided to allow her to tag along with him until her sire returned.

Pebbles sat up on top of his work table with an energon cube in her servos and both her legs swinging back and forth over the edge.

It wasn't long when she brought up more questions, "Landmine?"


"I was wondering," She paused to take a sip from her cube, "Can you tell me about your family?"

The unexpected question threw him off guard. He dropped the data pads he held and stared almost in shock at the sparkling.

Pebbles immediately regretted asking, "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"No, no. It's ok," He gave a shaky sigh, "It's just…been a while,"

She nodded and sat there waiting expecting him to continue on. Landmine wasn't sure what to do at that moment. He hasn't spoken of his family in so long and now this young sparkling had asked the question.

Maybe it will be good to get it off his chest and who better than Pebbles.

Clearing his vocals he sat at the table with his energon, "What do you want to know?"

Pebbles smiled as she asked, "Who were they?"

A simple yet difficult question for him, something he has never spoken to anyone about. Now a sparkling was asking him.

"Well," He relaxed in his seat and continued on, "My bond mate, Shadowdawn, was someone very special to me," Mentioning her name brought a small smile to his face, "She was a medic, repairing those who needed it and fitted right in the decepticon cause. They all admired her bravery and courage; she was devoted to her work."

"She sounded very nice." Pebbles beamed, "What else?"

"Her paint job, a beautiful maroon and pastel yellow covered her frame. She blended in both darkness and day light, perfect in every way she was," A memory of his beautiful one made his spark swell with warmth, "Shadowdawn was very accepting, composed and followed me wherever I went."

Pebbles optics sparkled as she listened, "You really loved her."

He truly did, "Indeed. She was my rock."

"Your rock?" Her optics flickered in confusion, "Why was she a rock?"

Landmine chuckled, "It's a compliment. It means she was someone that would confide in, be open up to and relied on. She supported me when I fell."

"Ohhhh," She answered still in thought, "Still, I think it's silly to call someone a rock."

"You'll understand when you're older, Pebbles." He couldn't help but chuckle lightly once more.

"What about your sparkling's? What were their names?"

He drank the last bit of his energon and placed the empty cube aside with an exhale, "My little stars…."

He fell silent for a brief moment to gather his thoughts and memories. Pebbles waited patiently for him to continue as she sipped at her energon.

"My eldest was Atmos. He was a young teenager who was so energetic, always finding different thing's to get into or keeping himself busy with anything. Full of loyalty, bravery and was always so calm no matter the situation."

"I bet everyone liked him," Pebbles softly said.

"That you're right, he was much liked. He wanted to be a guardian, a watchbot of the bases, keeping an optic out for anything and protect those behind the gates. He mostly had his mother's colouring. A deep rose red with that brilliant cool grey added just really stood out on him. He wouldn't been an excellent addition to the cause."

He continued on, "Dynamo was my second eldest. Didn't have a huge age difference from Atmos but the two were very close and did everything together. Sure they had their fights like every sparkling does but they forget about it within the hour."

Pebbles smiled, "I would love to have a brother or sister."

"I bet you do," He knew how much she wanted that, everyone did here, "If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true"

"I believe everyday," She admitted, "I won't stop it too"

"Good." He didn't want her to give her hopes up, "Now, where was I?"

"You were talking about Dynamo,"

"That's right. Well, he wanted to be an engineer. Anything from creating small gadgets to repairing or machinery is something he enjoyed very much. Still young but devoted to stick with what he loved. He was different from his brother, very realistic, independent and honest. I saw myself a lot due to his paint job, a stunning deep moss green and pastel yellow just stood out on him."

"I think I would have liked them," She kindly said.

"You would have, they would have liked you as well."

"There was another, wasn't there?"

He nodded, "My youngest was Seacret. She was around your age at the time but acted so adult like. Ordering her brothers around and telling them right from wrong, it's what she did. So very modest and observant but yet still very sweet and bubbly, the dark turquoise and cadet grey paint job she had was very captivating. Sadly I never got to know what she wanted to be, she was still very young and just enjoyed life as a sparkling, like you."

She beamed brightly before she shyly asked, "Would it help if I told you what I want to be?"

He didn't expect such a question but couldn't resist the smile, "I-I would like that, Pebbles."

"Just so you know you can't tell anyone, not even my daddy knows."

"Oh, so it's top secret?"

"Ahu," She bobbed her head "Promise not to tell?"

"Cross my spark," He stuck his servos out to her and showed his pinkie digit, "Pinkie promise?"

Both Pebbles and Landmine made the pinkie promise together leaving the sparkling very satisfied.

"Tell me, what would you like to be?"

Pebbles shyly looked around the room feeling like she was about to tell one of her biggest secrets ever. Looking around her once more, making sure no one was listening in, she leaned forward a little to reveal it.

"I haven't made my mind up yet, but my choices are a medic, scientist or a cyber-ninja."

Landmine beamed at her choices "Really now, why these ones?"

"Well, as you said a medic's job is to repair the injured which is something I think I would like to do. However, a scientist gets to discover so much and work on new things. From what Soundwave has explained to me, I think it's called chem….chemersty?"

"Chemistry," He corrected her, "But close."

"Right, and there was other things like bilogy, veruses and other science-y things"

"Biology and viruses would be the right way to pronounce them, but it's good to see an effort. I'm curious to know why you've chosen a cyber-ninja as an option."

"Because I think their cool," Her answer was priceless but she continued on, "Their so mysterious, quick and are so good at hand combat, yet so fantasied in nature and the world around them."

"You like nature?"

"Definitely," She bounced with excitement in her spot, "I love everything on the human planet. Daddy takes me out when he can and we go exploring everything. Like a while ago he took me to The Colosseum in the city of Rome. It's made entirely of concrete and stone and is almost two thousand years old."

"You remember all that?"

"Soundwave has taught me a lot and I try to mesmerize it all. Than after that we went to Australia and stood on top of Ayers rock but it has another funny name, I think it's Uluru? Anyway, its giant sandstone and we went again at night to go stargazing. It was so beautiful."

Landmine listened on in amazement as the sparkling spoke of where she had been and visited. The Grand Canyon, Niagara falls, Pyramid of Giza and Mechu Picchu were the places she has said she's seen and many more Skywarp has planned taking her too. He was more amazed at how much she spoke of this and remembered everything so well, even at her age.

"Pebbles," He started with when she finished, "Do you like exploring and discovering new things?"

"Very much," He could see the joy in her optics as she said this, "It's always amazing to discover what's out there, you never know what to expect. Daddy always surprised me when he takes me somewhere; it's always somewhere new and exciting."

Landmine hummed in thought and smiled, "Have you ever thought about being a traveller?"

"Traveller?" She crooked her helm, "What does a traveller do?"

"Well many things. But they not only travel but explore and discover the unknown, to seek knowledge. To go into unknown territory in the universe and even other's other there. Studying what you find and seeking to explain its significance. It can be quite rewarding."

"An explorer?" She thought over this new discovery, "So, they travel everywhere? See the unknown and make discoveries?"

"That's right. They also collect from these discovers, including bringing back evidence to labs for future study. They've done a lot in our years and so much is still to be discovered."

Pebbles had never thought of this. It never came to mind that being something such as this was something she'll want to do in her life. She enjoyed going to different places and who knows; maybe one day she'll make a discovery.

"I….I really like that idea," Her optics lit up with happiness, "You really think I should be an explorer?"

"That choice is up to you," He told her, "Be whatever you want to be, no matter what. Do what you want in life and never let others judge or tell you otherwise."

Her optics sparkled at his words and within seconds she leaped at him both her arms wrapping around his neck tightly and giving him a warm hug.

Landmine was taken back by the action but it wasn't long before he gave into the warmth of her embrace. Feeling the kindness and joy in a sparkling's hug was something he missed dearly. It reminded him of his family, who of course he missed every day.

Pebbles soon moved away and sat in his lap with a beaming smile "Thank you, Landmine."

"What for?"

"For keeping me company and talking."

"I should be the one thanking you, Pebbles," He returned the smile, "You really made my day. It felt nice to speak of my family again. Thank you for listening."


"Sorry?" His optics narrowed holding a smile.

"Ohana means family," Pebbles remembered one of her favourite sayings, "It means no one gets forgotten."

'Ohana.' He thought to himself with a chuckle and liked the word already.

Pebbles, being the sparkling she was thought of an idea, "I feel like doing some painting, can I do one of your family for you?"

"You may do anything you like," Honestly he was joyed for her to do one.

"Cool." She slid off from his lap and started to slowly skips out the room.

Landmine quickly thought it over before asking, "Pebbles?"

"Yeah?" She stopped and turned around to face him.

"Do you mind if I join you?" His inner fatherly figure was emerging and all he wanted to do was drop his work and spend more time with the sparkling.

Pebbles looked more than happy before running over and grabbing his servos with his own and dragging him out the room.

Landmine couldn't remember the last time he felt like this. But it was a good feeling, something he didn't ever want to go away.

He may not have his family anymore and nothing will ever replace them. Pebbles was the perfect sparkling just to keep him smiling and forget his troubles.

Nothing seemed so bad anymore.

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Song's used are Everybody Wants to be a cat from The Aristocats and Just keep swimming from Finding Nemo.