Espeon of Shadows here. Time for something I have never ever attempted before (allegedly) a submit your own OC story! Also (allegedly) a first, a story with actual Pokemon in it, and a story that is (allegedly) intended for all audiences!

Pokemon Academy: Beginning of Beginnings

Prologue: Pokémon Academy Brochure: An Introduction

Greetings, Trainers, and welcome to the illustrious Pokemon Academy!

If you're here, reading this brochure, then that means you've chosen to take the next big step on your road to being a pokemon trainer, and seek a deeper understanding of your partners and the world we live in!

Now, are you a boy, or a girl?

Just kidding, whatever gender you may be couldn't matter the least!

At this school, you will spend 24 hours a day with pokemon of all shapes and sizes, both the pokemon you brought with you and those of your colleagues. All pokemon you are likely to encounter on our campus have either been raised in close proximity to humans all their lives, or have been raised by other skilled trainers such as yourself.

NOTE: Any pokemon that a trainer does not believe they have full control over must be registered with campus safety and should not be released outside of sanctioned events under any circumstances. This will remain the case until a trainer can prove control over their pokemon to a level satisfactory to the head of campus safety, their advisor, and the Headmaster. Failure to abide by these rules will result in the offending party receiving the minimum punishment of being restricted to their dorm for a week (with the exception of going to classes) and being fined for the amount of damages inflicted on the campus, faculty, and fellow students, up to the maximum penalty of expulsion and informing the authorities depending on the severity of the event that takes place. POKEMON ARE NOT TOYS. Bringing an angry and violent pokemon that has not been fully trained onto campus is no different from bringing a loaded gun. For trainers who possess such pokemon that wish to participate in tournaments requiring six pokemon, please inform your faculty advisor, who will either inform campus safety and any opponents, or will find a sixth pokemon to loan to you for the duration of the tournament, depending on how violent and uncontrollable the pokemon truly is.

NOTE: While it is permissible to capture wild pokemon found on campus, after doing so, please register any captured pokemon with campus wildlife faculty, and inform your advisor of any switches made to your registered party of pokemon. Pokémon not registered with campus officials may be confiscated for a period of up to a week in order to make sure that the pokemon do not pose a threat to other members of the student body.

Remember, that on this campus, all of your fellow students are powerful trainers with the same goals as you. They've all been accepted into this school through the recommendation of a teacher or by passing the rigorous administration test, so know that your fellow students will always be there to help you with your training, whether with a quick one on one battle or someone to practice moves with. Here at the Pokemon Academy we hope to build stronger bonds not only between students and pokemon, but between other students as well.

Here at the Pokemon Academy, students are expected to live on campus (special permission must be received from the head of campus housing and the students' advisor, as well as a writ from whoever the student will be staying with off campus/whoever owns the property the student will be staying in). It is a requirement that students live in the dorms for the first two years of campus life. After choosing a major, a student may petition for a single room to aid in their studies, but until that point students are expected to live with two roommates.

NOTE: While it is acceptable for students to have their pokemon outside of their pokeballs at any point on campus, when in the dorms (or any other building) please be aware of the size limitations of some pokemon. After the "Aggron Incident" last semester, school policy dictates that pokemon with a height greater than 5 feet must remain in their pokeballs whenever inside a building, and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are pokemon allowed to use attacks while inside a building. (The only exception being the training facilities and sanctioned fights inside of the school gym)

Amendment: Due to complaints in recent years about allergies to certain pokemon, students are now required upon submission of the filled out housing form to include a full roster of their pokemon, including which ones are likely to be outside of their pokeballs on a regular basis, as well as whatever pokemon they may or may not be allergic to. This will be taken into consideration during roommate assignments.

At the Pokemon Academy, there are several courses a student can take in their four years of attendance, as well as a multitude of different classes. It is not a requirement for students to declare which course they are planning to major in until their junior year, but please note that several of the courses have class requirements that must be met before that. For simplicity, the course that a student majors in can be determined by the color of armband they wear on their uniform.

Battle Course – Red Armbands

The course where the majority of students enroll, the Battle Course is for trainers who wish to be Pokemon Masters, Gym Leaders, or that guy on Route 19 who just stands in one place without blinking until someone walks into his line of sight so he can challenge them to a battle. This course will teach students the finer points in battling, as well as how to draw out the combat potential within their pokemon. Please remember that, as the Battle Course, battling other students is a de facto part of the curriculum, so trainers wishing to major in this area must be responsible for maintaining the health and training of their pokemon at all times.

NOTE: Students wishing to enroll in the Gym Leader course in their junior and senior years must take "Type Specialization" and "Type Advantage" at some point during their freshmen and sophomore years, or receive special approval from instructors in those courses.

Appeal Course – Blue Armbands

In this course, trainers will learn how to draw out the potential of their pokemon in ways other than battling, such as Pokemon Contests, Movie Shoots, and Fashion. Furthermore, students in this course will also learn the finer mechanics of pokemon beauty maintenance and grooming, opening up doors for future fields in pokemon salon work.

Research Course – Yellow Armbands

In the Research Course, students will learn more about pokemon themselves, as well as the inherent strengths and weaknesses between different species. Students within the Research Course often move on specialized colleges where they learn of the new sciences and technological discoveries going on every day. Students in the Research Course can look forward to fields in Pokemon Archaeology and Science, and possibly even becoming Pokemon Professors themselves.

NOTE: Graduation from the Research Course will require a minimum of 50 hours spent interning with a Pokemon Professor or one of the teachers on campus.

NOTE: Students wishing to enroll in the Pokemon Archaeology course in their junior and senior years must take either "Ancient Pokemon Civilizations" or "Pokemon Myths and Legends" during their freshmen and sophomore years or participate in a summer internship with Professor Reinhart to prove their knowledge in the area.

Caretaker Course – Green Armbands

Students enrolling in the Caretaker Course will find the experience of working with pokemon to be a rewarding one. The classes will teach students how to determine the level and quality of care a pokemon has received just from their appearance, as well as learning how to better take care of their pokemon. The Caretaker Course is for students who wish to be Pokemon Breeders, Pokemon Doctors, or train pokemon to participate in the Pokeathlon. Please remember that by enrolling in this course, it is required for a student to sign up for volunteer work in the Pokemon Daycare Facility on campus.

NOTE: Students wishing to enroll in the Caretaker Course must complete a minimum of 50 combined hours of volunteer work in the Pokemon Daycare Facility on campus during their freshmen and sophomore years.

NOTE: Students wishing to enroll in the Pokemon Doctor Course must take Professor Lunark's "Pokemon Herbs and Potions" class in their freshmen or sophomore years, and students wishing to be Pokemon Nurses are required to have a pokemon of the Chansey evolution line in their party, must dye their hair pink, and can expect some light plastic surgery in the foreseeable future.

Ranger Course – Orange Armbands

Students enrolling in the Ranger Course are special students wishing to become Pokemon Rangers. To enroll in this course, a student must receive letters of recommendation from three members of the faculty, including their advisor, and must be evaluated by the head of the Ranger Course personally. Students, upon enrollment in the Ranger Course, must agree to carry their pokemon outside of their pokeballs at all times. Upon graduation from the Pokemon Academy, any student in the Ranger Course will receive immediate enrollment in the Pokemon Ranger Academy, while getting to skip two years of the curriculum studied there, and enter as third year students.

NOTE: Due to recent damages, students in the Ranger Course may now only have 1 pokemon with them at all times. Other pokemon are to be left with the on-campus Pokemon Daycare Facility. Furthermore, all previously stated rules about pokemon size will still apply to students in the Ranger Course.

NOTE: Any student in the Ranger Course wishing to participate in a battle, school tournament, or is enrolled in a class requiring pokemon battles, must meet with a faculty member to receive six rental pokemon to use. STUDENTS ENROLLING IN THE RANGER COURSE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THEIR OWN POKEMON IN BATTLES.

NOTE: While not mandatory, students in the Ranger Course may volunteer as members of campus security for extra credit. Students who do so will receive modified Capture Stylers to help tame rampaging pokemon.

Congratulations on your admission! Your very own pokemon school adventure is now beginning!

Okay all, here's how this is going to work. I'd like you all to fill out this following sheet for OC submissions.

Important rules to note:

I will initially be accepting a maximum of twenty OCs. I might get more, I'll probably get less, but twenty is going to be my starting limit. However, that doesn't mean I won't accept more later, it depends on how large of a scope I want my story to encompass. All the OCs are accepted through PM only, not by review. PM only.

I will only be accepting one OC per trainer INITIALLY. If someone wishes to submit more than one OC at a time, I will go with the first/top profile. This is mainly to ensure that anyone who wants to submit an OC will get the chance to do so, to prevent my twenty character starting limit from being filled by 10-12 people each submitting two OCs. IF by the time I feel like I want to stop accepting OCs and move ahead with the story my twenty character limit has not been met, I may go back around and choose the second character profile from each submission and go off that until I reach my cap, but THIS IS NOT LIKELY. Submit an extra if you like, but I'll probably only really pay attention to the first one.

Also, because of how I use my fanfiction account, I will likely read reviews before PMs. That means that if person #20 PMs me and person #21 posts in a review, I will probably see and accept person #21 first. If this happens, don't blame me, it's just reflex to read reviews first and I want to be fair.

Also, since this is a high school, romance and the like are going to be a fact of life. If you don't want your character to be a part of that, please say so. Otherwise, I may pair them off with someone at my discretion.

Similarly, trainers may catch wild pokemon, necessitating switches, and their pokemon may evolve. If there are any pokemon in your character's party you DO NOT WISH TO CHANGE OR REMOVE, please specify as such.

Now, onto the character profile.


Age: 15-18, preferably. No older than 18, as that's a graduating student, younger than 15 needs justification for why they are in high school.



Sexual Orientation: (optional)


Home Region: Where are you from?

Physical Features: Height, Build, Hair Color, Eye Color? Significant features like prominent brow, big hands? Any scars? Be detailed and specific!

Clothes: As a private school, students wear uniforms. However, when they aren't in class, what would they normally be wearing?

Contest Outfit: (optional, Appeal Course only)

Significant Relationships: Do you have a father, or is he ambiguously gone? Siblings? A boyfriend/girlfriend who isn't a student? A mentor? (Note: no one can be the child of a character from the show or the games, that's too much timeline synching for me, I'm trying to make this take place in an ambiguous continuity outside of canon.)

Skills/Talents: What are you good at, both inside and outside of the battlefield? What are your skills as a trainer?

Hobbies/Interests: What would you be doing when you aren't studying/attending class?

Preferred Course: Battle Course? Appeal Course?

Future Aspirations: What do you want to do after you graduate? Pokemon Master? Coordinator? Catch 'em all?

Learning Skills: Are you someone who gets better at training with practice, or are you more strategy and planning oriented? Are you a visual or auditory learner? What are your best and worst subjects?

Personality: What are your likes and dislikes? What kind of person are you? Do you have any fears? Are you always making people laugh? Are you a loner? A stand-up guy? Can you make friends with new people easily, or are you shy? Be detailed and specific!


Here are the rules for submitting pokemon. Characters are allowed 10 "points" that they can assign to their party. Stage 1 pokemon are 1 point, stage 2, 2 points, stage 3, 3 points. This is done for balance reasons, and to make it more fun. So for example, a party could have 1 stage 3, 2 stage 2s, and 3 stage 1s. Any variation, as long as it doesn't exceed 10 (you do not need to have a maximum of six pokemon in a party, however)

NO LEGENDARIES. CANNOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH. (While Legendary can sometimes be subjective, the basic rules for it are anything classified as a Legendary, and anything that is banned from any Battle Facility [Phione] as well. Takuto, I'm looking at you, here.)

Only 1 Starter Pokémon (By which I mean any of the grass/fire/water starters. Not Pikachu.) Similar to the anime, Starter Pokémon can be wild pokemon. Trainers may end up capturing another at some point or another, but I will be more likely to have a trainer without one capture one.

No two pokemon from the same evolutionary line (this is negotiable. Pokémon with diverging lines like Clamperl or Wurmple are acceptable on the same team, as are pokemon with different forms, AS LONG AS THAT FORM CANNOT BE CHANGED. If you have a burning desire for a team of six Unown, you are free to do so as long as they are all different letters, except...)

Only 1 Single Stage/Non-evolving Pokemon (Since they're generally stronger than basic pokemon, this keeps from overpowering the character with 2 stage 3s and 4 single stages)

Shinies. A trainer can have ONE Shiny Pokemon, and it will cost them an additional 2 points from their 10 to balance out their team. Therefore a Shiny stage 1 will cost 3 points, a Shiny stage 2 will cost 4 points, and a Shiny stage 3 will cost 5 points.

Mega Evolution: No one can have Mega Evolution. While it is acceptable to have pokemon capable of Mega Evolution, no one in this story will be capable of Mega Evolution in the beginning. DO NOT REQUEST FOR YOUR CHARACTER OR A POKEMON THEY HAVE TO GET MEGA EVOLUTION. If/When I decide to implement it, then I will choose whichever characters I wish to have Mega Evolution at my discretion, for the sake of story, and I will use any pokemon in the party for Mega Evolution that I wish. Although it is unlikely I would give the same Mega Evolution to two characters, that is not a guarantee and I may in fact give multiple characters the same Mega Evolution as I wish.

You may have no more than 1 of any of the following pokemon in your party, regardless of stage:

Pseudo-Legendaries (Regardless of the stages they are at, you cannot have a party of Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, Garchomp, Hydreigon and/or Goodra. Also, if you have a stage 3 pseudo-legendary, I would prefer it to be moody/disobedient [think Ash's Charizard, or overleveled traded pokemon in the games] at the beginning, or else battles become a little one-sided. If not, then I will most likely underuse your character until other characters catch up)

Pikachu Line


Ralts Line

Riolu Line

Zorua Line

(I can count the number of submit-your-own-OC stories that didn't have a character with one of those pokemon in it on one hand. If you want one, you can't have any of the others or any pseudo-legendaries)

Also, Levels and Competitive Pokémon. As you can tell from my past stories, I don't really care as much about "competitive viability" or "stat distribution" for my character's pokemon, nor do I make my character's pokemon evolve "the instant it reaches level 'x'." You may remember that two of Aoshi's pokemon were the rather terrible Vileplume and a Clefairy that didn't evolve for 70+ chapters, and yet both were very strong (although he also had the one mon army of Cara and the badass Eve, as well as pseudo-legendary Lauren and Ryoko in later chapters). Aurore's party is probably the worst of them all at a competitive level, and yet he's regarded as one of the best trainers of all time. The reason why is because if this story actually reflected in game attributes, then every party would be way too similar and the battles will be more boring. Similarly to the anime, pokemon evolve much more randomly, and level, while having some to do with it, isn't an automatic trigger. Experience is also important, as in this story, battle experience =/= level (although it's a big factor) hence why certain character's pokemon can win against stronger ones, even without type advantage. While level is important, I don't want it to be overwhelming, just as how a stage 1 could theoretically beat a stage 2 or stage 3 in battle. Plus, I will be focusing more on physical attributes than direct stat distributions. (Regardless of what the anime says, Raichu IS faster than Pikachu despite being twice the size. Explain that.) In order to give people a chance for their characters to use pokemon they LIKE, as opposed to pokemon that are stronger.





Special Moves: TM/HM? Breeding? Tutors? If not, I'll just go with their learned moveset. Also like the anime, NOT LIMITED TO FOUR MOVES.

Personality: What kind of quirks does it have? How does it fight? Does it get along with other pokemon? Super attached to their trainer? Moody/violent?

Friends: What kind of person would be a good friend for your character? Do they get along with just about anyone? What kind of person could they live in a room with?

Relationships: (optional) What kind of person is your character attracted to? Who would they see themselves getting along well with, and how would they treat someone they were attracted to? Is there anyone that your character COULDN'T be in a relationship with, no matter what? Although I don't want their tastes designed with a specific character in mind, feel free to request your character being paired with someone, but the choice is at my discretion.

Other: Anything else not covered above that you think would be significant for your character, or I should know about.

I'll start with two of my characters for example:

Name: Blake Harker

Age: 15

Birthday: November 11

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Year: Freshman

Home Region: Kalos

Physical Features: Moderate height, 5'7", and an athletic build. Messy brown hair, brown eyes. Looks a little younger than he is, but can look surprisingly mature at times. Often smiling.

Clothes: When not in uniform, generally comfortable clothes like loose pants/shorts in varying colors from white to gray and black, and gray or black t-shirts. Wears a pair of headphones around his neck that he uses to listen to music.

Significant Relationships: Parents, neither are trainers, both live in Kalos. Has an older brother named Kanone who he sees as a rival.

Skills/Talents: Very good at telling how strong an enemy pokemon is, and knows which pokemon to send out against it, even if it doesn't have a type advantage. Fairly good at strategy, but relies on instinct and trust more. He's also rather athletic, mainly skilled in running.

Hobbies/Interests: Training his pokemon, reading, and playing video games, as well as hanging out with friends.

Preferred Course: Battle Course

Future Aspirations: Wants to become a good pokemon trainer. Not necessarily a Pokemon Master, but at least better than his brother.

Learning Skills: Better at hands-on learning and instruction than bookwork, and is much better at training by practicing with his pokemon. Not very good at classes that require a lot of formulas, but good at classes involving hands-on work and memorization.

Personality: Blake is a relatively nice guy, and will crack jokes in class, but isn't generally one to initiate contact with others. However, he gets along with almost anyone, and can make friends easily, as long as he isn't the one initiating the friendship. He's the kind of person who people like to have around and is always noticeable in a group, but is rarely the one who suggests "let's do this", being more likely to get swept into things by others.


Pokemon/Nickname: Snivy – Tara

Level: 28

Gender: Female

Ability: Overgrow

Special Moves: Glare, Pursuit, Iron Tail (In progress), Synthesis, Taunt, Attract

Personality: Moody, does not get along well with others, but can be very sweet sometimes. A tsundere through and through.

Pokemon/Nickname: Boldore – Rogen

Level: 30

Gender: Male

Ability: Sturdy

Special Moves: Heavy Slam, Magnitude, Rock Tomb

Personality: As a Roggenrola, it tackled people it was close to as a sign of friendship. It has continued that tradition, though now with a much bigger body. Full of energy, if it tackles you it either wants to be friends or it wants to battle.

Pokemon/Nickname: Corphish – Cory

Level: 25

Gender: Male

Ability: Adaptability

Special Moves: Aqua Jet, Metal Claw, Waterfall

Personality: Competitive and enjoys fighting, Corphish challenges any pokemon it comes across to a battle. Easily angered and hates to lose, Corphish trains the hardest out of any of Blake's pokemon.

Pokemon/Nickname: Scizor – Weiss

Level: 38

Gender: Male

Ability: Technician

Special Moves: Double Team, Steel Wing, Flash Cannon

Personality: Laid back and relaxed, Scizor is the toughest pokemon on Blake's team, but doesn't like fighting that much; though if used, is a lethal foe. Acts as a mentor to Blake's other pokemon, and keeps them in line if they act out. Very smart and quick on its feet, much like Blake himself.

Pokemon/Nickname: Solosis – Uni

Level: 22

Gender: Female

Ability: Magic Guard

Special Moves: Calm Mind

Personality: Friendly and affectionate, but a little shy. Doesn't like fighting or getting hurt very much, and is generally kind of afraid of other pokemon, especially dark and ghost types.

Pokemon/Nickname: Salamence – Sarah

Level: 58

Gender: Female

Ability: Intimidate

Special Moves: Dragon Rage, Dragon Rush, Dragon Dance

Personality: Completely disobedient in almost every way. In spite of being Blake's strongest pokemon, it's never used due to being unable to control. While holding some feeling of affection for Blake, it doesn't respect his skill as a trainer, and will refuse to follow his orders. Only fights seriously against other dragon type pokemon.

Friends: Blake gets along well with just about anyone, except people that are just jerks. The kind of people he would get along best with are people who are always doing something and always active, and don't mind inviting Blake to join in.

Relationships: Similar to friends, Blake is attracted to girls who are independent and always doing their own thing. Specifically, girls that are always in the process of doing something, and wind up dragging him along for the ride.


Name: Dakota Evans

Age: 16

Birthday: April 6

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Year: Sophomore

Home Region: Kalos

Physical Features: Short, 5'3", and slim. Messy bright red hair, brown eyes, and always smiling. Always brushing bangs out of her eyes. Sometimes wears glasses when trying to look smart, but it is unknown if she needs them or not.

Clothes: Wears clothes that are generally comfortable to move around in, like shorts, skirts, and t-shirts, as they help her move quicker when hiding. Always has her camera with her.

Significant Relationships: Mother and father are both journalists, and her older sister is a news anchor.

Skills/Talents: Can tell when people are lying, and can sniff out a good story in an instant. She's capable of taking five pictures in a second with her camera. Can tell the age, gender, and level of a pokemon just from a photograph. Very good at making up stories and embellishing, as well as coming up with convincing lies for why she's somewhere she shouldn't be on the fly.

Hobbies/Interests: Writing, investigating, finding conspiracies where none exist, and taking pictures of trainers and their pokemon.

Preferred Course: Appeal Course/Research Course

Future Aspirations: Wants to become a world famous reporter on pokemon, from battle commentary to uncovering new discoveries.

Learning Skills: HATES book work. In her eyes, anything that can be learned in a book can be experienced firsthand. Her skills at observation allow her to learn solely through demonstration, and she can do almost anything after seeing it performed a few times.

Personality: While a nice person, Dakota is a little nosy, (a lot nosy) and can be seen as annoying by some. When she's found something she thinks would make a good story, she investigates, and if she finds someone that interests her journalistic curiosity, she has absolutely no problems intruding onto their lives and invading their privacy for the sake of a good scoop. Has no qualms about publishing information about other people, and sometimes (always) exaggerates things. Because of this, she has a hard time making friends, although this doesn't seem to bother her that much.


Pokemon/Nickname: Chatot – Chatter

Level: 25

Gender: Male

Ability: Keen Eye

Special Moves: Supersonic, Boomburst

Personality: Very mischievous, like its owner, Chatot often parrots things back to Dakota for her stories, like a microphone. Often insults other people, but it is unknown how much of what it parrots back is really coming from Chatot.

Pokemon/Nickname: Braixen – Faux

Level: 24

Gender: Female

Ability: Magician

Special Moves: Thief, Hypnosis

Personality: Very silent and moody, Braixen doesn't get along with any pokemon other than Dakota's. However, it does end up getting drawn in to things other pokemon are doing, only to deny having done so.

Pokemon/Nickname: Manectric – Bolt

Level: 32

Gender: Male

Ability: Lightning Rod

Special Moves: Volt Switch

Personality: Kind and loyal, if only to Dakota, Manectric is her main battling pokemon, and it is very competitive. Dakota's main form of transport, it is very protective of her, electrocuting anyone who comes near.

Pokemon/Nickname: Swellow – Tsubame

Level: 27

Gender: Female

Ability: Guts

Special Moves: Roost, Pursuit, Fly

Personality: Very competitive and aggressive, Swellow enjoys battling. Dakota's main source of pictures, it has an always active video camera around its neck to spy on others. Swellow is also very motherly to Dakota's other pokemon, and protective.

Pokemon/Nickname: Gourgeist – Pumpernickel

Level: 26

Gender: Male

Ability: Pickup

Special Moves: Thief, Trick

Personality: Gourgeist is very mischievous, often playing pranks on other pokemon. It enjoys scaring other pokemon, and will hide in dark corners to pop out and frighten other people.

Pokemon/Nickname: Chinchou – Sparky

Level: 14

Gender: Male

Ability: Volt Absorb

Special Moves: Water Pulse

Personality: Weaker than Dakota's other pokemon, Chinchou doesn't like fighting, and is very shy. It doesn't get along well with others, and is prone to crying. When it does, Dakota is the only one who can calm it down.

Friends: Dakota doesn't get along with many people, but the kind of people that she would be friends with are the kind of people that don't mind a friend who's a little weird and kind of out of their mind. The kind of person who wouldn't say anything if they found her hiding out in a bush outside of someone's room with a camera.

Relationships: While romance isn't really on Dakota's mind, the kind of people that she would be attracted to are the kind of people that would make for a good story; someone super strong or with a rare pokemon. However, this attraction is only that deep, and she generally doesn't get along well enough with people for a deeper relationship.

Other: Wants to be the first one to get a photo of the pokemon Mew.

Sorry if the profiles are long, I really want this story to be complex.

Make sure you get those submissions in!