AN: Sadly abandoning this fic. Myrtle is definitely one of my favorite characters in Harry Potter and I wanted to do the character justice. I have so many pages of research and planning for this story but I've lacked the energy or capacity to do the amazing chapters I want. Below are some drafts and potential timeline of what could've been future chapters.

First Year:

Myrtle is bullied on the train ride by Hornby and sits in a compartment alone for the rest of the trip.

Sorting & Feast

Myrtle was a hat stall. Of all the humiliating things, a hat stall. Myrtle had decided Ravenclaw would be best. Hornby had become a Gryffindor so that was out of the question. Slytherin was full of people who hated muggleborns so that was a no as well. Hufflepuff seemed nice, but Myrtle felt like the emphasis on hard work rather than knowledge itself was problematic. That left Ravenclaw. The hat wanted Hufflepuff. Myrtle wanted Ravenclaw.

"While you have the intelligence and quest for knowledge of a claw, puff would offer you comfort my dear"

"But Hornby said, of course, I'd be a duffer. Why can't I for once be shown as smart?"

"Puff isn't the reject house it's a house of comradery and perseverance"

"I'm tired of bloody persevering I want to succeed! I want to be someone beyond a survivor of bullying"

"Now my dear control your language..."

"Don't you dare police my tone! I'm tired of being picked on. I want to show that I can, in fact do things."

"It's a pity you're muggleborn, Slytherin could use your ambition"

"I know it's a pity I'm lots of things but please put me in Ravenclaw"

"I don't truly approve but...



Myrtle fights with the door because the girls dormitory doesn't allow boys.

Myrtle doesn't make friends

At school, nobody ever cared for Myrtle. Myrtle had hoped to find friends but no true friendship ever occurred. Ravenclaw, the house of the brilliant, had many young talents and people of all backgrounds. Unfortunately, they all united in the exclusion of Myrtle. Somehow the young muggleborn never managed to fit in. The purebloods expected muggleborns to struggle of course, but not as so far that Myrtle did. The continued failures of Myrtle was an art form.

When Hornby took to picking on Myrtle no-one stood up in Myrtle's defense. They saw the weakest amongst their nest and took advantage of the symbolic whipping boy. When exams were too much, when Howlers were sent, when relationships fell apart, Moaning Myrtle was there to relieve their worries.

In class, Myrtle was certainly competent. There as potential behind those thick rimmed glasses and pimply face. If Myrtle had been anyone but Myrtle perhaps the professors would have reached out. Sadly, the one Professor who had noticed the complexities of Myrtle had other things on his mind. Dumbledore was preoccupied with the young Riddle instead.

Second Year:
Myrtle tries to befriend first-year students.

Puberty is miserable.

Family struggles.

Third Year

Myrtle has difficulty with Care of Magical Creatures.

Myrtle spends a lot of time in the bathroom.

Fourth Year

Myrtle likes Riddle.

Myrtle spends more time in the bathroom.

Big Yellow Eyes.

Post-Mortem but Pre-Maurader's

Myrtle haunts Hornby.

Myrtle listens to class lectures.

Myrtle visits the library but is made fun of and returns to the bathroom.

Marauder's Era

Myrtle doesn't like pranks, it's too much like bullying.

Myrtle has a crush on James.

Myrtle is jealous of how loved Lily is.

Harry's Years

Chamber of Secrets.

TriWizard peeping Myrtle.

Sympathy for Draco.

Battle of Hogwarts.

James, Albus, and Lily Years

There is a transgender student at Hogwarts.

Myrtle learns more about the outside world.

Myrtle has some introspection.

Myrtle realizes he's not a girl.

Myrtle doesn't moan, weep, or cry as much anymore.

OC (maybe) Years Post-Lily

Myrtle as a more confident character.

Myrtle as a protector of students.

Myrtle moves on?