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Markiplier Animated: Stranded Deep

Ruby was currently in her team's dorm room, absently looking through videos on DustTube on Weiss's computer. Classes had been cancelled for today due to the teacher's getting food poisoning…no, it will not be explained as to how and why this happened. It will simply be accepted as is.

The rest of her team had gone off to do…stuff. Ruby had been too busy planning on what to do on the computer to actually hear what it was they went to do.

She continually looked up random stuff: vine videos, pranks, etc. Through the random searching, she found a video called Markiplier Animated: Stranded Deep. The name Markiplier was familiar to her. He was a guy who did Let's Play's. Checking the views, she that that the view count was over two and a half million!

Curiosity getting the better of her, she was about to click on it when her team returned from…whatever it was they were doing.

"HELLO~!" That was Yang.

"We're back." That was Blake.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY COMPUTER?!" That…was undoubtedly Weiss.

She looked back with a sheepish expression. "Heh heh, um…I was bored?"

Weiss had her arms crossed. "Well, next time ask for permission!"

"Oh calm down, Ice Queen," Yang said, smirking.


In an attempt to stop the situation from escalating any further, Blake asked, "So, what were you doing Ruby?"

Eyes now on Ruby, she answered, "O-Oh, I was, um, watching videos on DustTube-."

"Ruby, there are better things to do than watching DustTube videos," Weiss scolded.


"Studying, for instance."

Silence filled the room…until it was broken by Yang.


"Ah bup bup, intellectual is the better term."

"Been hanging out with Neptune, I see."

"S-Shut up," Weiss said, blushing.

"Anyway," Ruby said, retaking control of the conversation. "I was on DustTube when I found this video that seemed interesting. I was about to watch it when you guys came in."

Then Ruby got an idea. "Hey, wanna watch it with me?"

Weiss raised an eyebrow. "Why wou-?"

"Sure," Yang interrupted. "I've got nothing better to do."

"What?!" Weiss exclaimed.

Blake opened up a book. "I'll pass."

"Oh come on kitty cat," Yang said. "Nothing wrong with watching a video."

"Yeah," Ruby agreed. "Plus, it's only two minutes long."

Blake thought about it. If it was only two minutes long….

"I guess." She closed her book and stood near the computer.

Ruby and Yang fist pumped the air, then RBY looked expectantly at W.

Weiss didn't move for a full minute before sighing in defeat.

"Oh all right."

"YAY!" Ruby cheered.

Team RWBY gathered around the computer. Ruby turned up the speakers before clicking on the video. As it was loading, the team conversed.

"So who's Markiplier?" Weiss asked.

"He's a DustTuber," Ruby replied.

Weiss gave her a blank stare. Ruby sighed.

"It's these people who make videos for a living."

Weiss raised an eyebrow. "What kind of living is that?"

Blake answered. "A good living since some of these people get millions of views."

Weiss merely huffed and crossed her arms. "Whatever…what does this Markiplier even do in his videos?"

"He plays video games."

Weiss deadpanned. "Who would want to watch that when they could just play the game themselves?"

"Sometimes people want to watch other people play games to see their reactions," Ruby replied.

"So is he playing a video game?"

"No, this is just an animation of a Let's Play he did a while back, made by another DustTuber who's a fan."

Noticing the video was done loading, Ruby shouted, "Ok! Let's get this video started!" And with that, she clicked the play button.

A rag doll appeared on screen and waved.

"So this uses stop motion," Weiss stated.

"What?" Ruby asked.

"You know, where they make small adjustments in an object between camera shots and when the camera plays, it's like the object is moving."

Ruby just stared with a blank expression.

Weiss face-palmed. "It's like Wallace and Gromit."

Ruby immediately understood the reference and smiled. "Oh yeah!" Then she stopped. "Wait, but this is a doll, not clay."

Weiss face-palmed again. "Never mind. I'll explain later."

"Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier-."

"Hello Markiplier," Ruby said, waving her hand.

"Ruby, you know he can't here you, right?" Blake asked.

"I know that. But wouldn't you want to wave at a doll that's waving at you?"

Yang interjected. "If this were a horror movie situation, you would not wave at it, but run in the opposite direction."

"Well this isn't a horror movie situation and as team leader I order the rest of you to wave at him and say hello!"

The other three could only sigh and wave at the computer.

"Hello Markiplier," they said in unison. They then continued the video.

"-and welcome to Stranded Deep. A game where you play underwater-." Markiplier held up a note that said 'It's underwater! Trust me!'

"I would not trust whoever wrote that," Weiss said. Blake and Yang nodded in agreement.

"What's wrong with trusting a note?" Ruby asked.

WBY simply stared blankly at her. Rather than explain it to her, they just kept silent and continued the video.

"-and that is exactly all that I know about it!"

"Who plays a game without looking up information about it?" Weiss asked, face-palming.

Yang answered. "Well, what would be the fun in that? Just go with the flow. That's how I see it anyway."

The screen shifts to Markiplier being on a plane with a laptop in front of him that had the Game Grumps on it.

"Hey, it's the Game Grumps!" Yang exclaimed.

"Let me guess," Weiss said. "More DustTubers?"

Yang nodded. Weiss grumbled to herself.

"Oh, I'm on a plane. This isn't underwater at all!"

RWBY responded, "Well duh!"

There was a breach in the plane, sucking out the laptop and startling Markiplier.

"Whoa…well holy hell!"

"That was to be expected," Weiss commented.

The others nodded in agreement. If a game was called "Stranded Deep", then there obviously had to be a crash of some sort.

"I hope he's okay," Ruby said.

"It's just an animation, Ruby," Yang said in assurance.

"I know, but still."

The screen blacked out for a moment before the scene changed to what was assumed to be a small island. Markiplier appeared soon after.

"See!" Yang said cheerfully. "Nothing to worry about!"

Ruby breathed a sigh in relief. Weiss rolled her eyes while Blake just kept watching.

The screen pans out to reveal a small island with a few trees, rocks, and a very familiar ball.

"Hey, isn't that Wilson from Cast Away?" Blake asked.

"WILSON!" Ruby and Yang shouted dramatically in unison. Weiss face-palmed. At this rate, she'd end up with a bruised forehead.

Markiplier looks around. "Brrrrwwww, alright then. I guess I need to survive."

"Thank you, Captain Obvious," Weiss said sarcastically.

"Weiss, be nice," Ruby chided and turned back to the screen. "Don't worry Mark. I have complete faith in you!"

The scene changes. "I'm gonna die!"

Weiss smirks and looks at Ruby. "You were saying?"

"S-Shut up"

The scene changes again. "I need to panic, first. I gotta get all my panicking out of my system."

"You shouldn't be panicking!" Ruby exclaimed. "You need to focus on surviving!"

"Actually," Blake interjected. "If he 'gets it out of his system' as he puts it, then he can have more focus on surviving. In a way, it's a good idea."

RWY thought about it for a moment before nodding in agreement.

"I guess," Ruby said."

The screen pans out to the entire island as Mark shouts. "I'm gonna die! Ohh! Oh, my family! Agh, everyone I know thinks I'm dead! Agh, I'm gonna be stuck here forever! Where's Wilson-?"

"He's right there!" Team RWBY shouted, pointing at said ball who was resting at the base of the tree.

"Aggghhhh!" The screen goes back to Mark. "Okay. Now that I got that out of my system, I should be fine to-." Mark goes back to screaming. "Aaaaggghhhh! Oh God! Everything is horrible! I'm gonna di-!"

"You've done enough panicking already!" Yang exclaimed. "Calm down!"


Yang blinked. "Well…that was a thing."

"I think I'm good. I think I've got it all out."

"You sure about that, buddy?" Yang asked.

"Now I can calmly and rationally try to approach this."

"Good," Team RWBY said in unison.


"DON'T START THAT AGAIN!" shouted the four girls, one of whose eyes turned red and hair was glowing brightly.

"Nah, I'm good. I'm good. I'm all set."

Team RWBY rolled their eyes. "Troll," Yang said after calming down.

The scene changes to Mark looking at the ocean and spotting a shark.

"Well," Blake said. "At least he's safe from the shark."

"Oh, I found a shark! I guess they don't come out during the-Whoa!" Mark fell into the water.

Now it was Blake who face-palmed. "Never mind."

The scene changes to Mark being underwater. "Whoa…oah."

"How is he breathing, let alone talking, underwater without any gear?" Weiss asked.

"It's an animation of a Let's Play he did," Yang answered. "Anything can happen in video games."

"I wish I could breathe underwater," Ruby wished.

Marks eyes widen as he spots the shark.

"Well," Yang stated. "He's screwed."

The others could only nod in agreement.

"Hi…how're you doing?" The shark stares blankly at him. "You're a pretty one, ain't ya?"

"I have to admit," Weiss said. "The shark does look cute."

The others stared at her. Weiss amended. "B-But only because it's a doll!"

The others shrugged in agreement.

"Ahh, you ain't gonna bother nobody. Do you wanna be my friend?" Mark pulled out a make-shify hatchet. "I'm gonna eat ya."

Everyone, even Weiss and Blake, stifled a laugh at that abrupt change in tone.

"I don't see Mark winning against a shark," Weiss said. "But like Yang said, this is a video game."

The scene changed to Mark standing over a dead shark.

Team RWBY were only slightly shocked at this since they knew it was a video game, but still…Mark killed a shark!

"I won a shark!" Mark was completely surprised. "I-I literally won a shark like a prize." Mark bent down to pick up the shark. "What the hell?!

"W-We're just as surprised as you Mark," Ruby stuttered.

The scene only shows the shark's head as it is being lifted. "W-What! Whoa whoa!"

'What now', they thought in unison.

"O-Okay. Found a bug! Found a bug!"

"A bug?! Eww!" Weiss cringed.

The scene changed to Mark being lifted in the air by the shark. "Found a bug! Found a bug! I found a bug!"

Weiss relaxed. "Oh good. It's just a bug in the game."

"Huh?" Ruby asked.

"Well, sometimes games aren't perfect. There's bound to be glitches and bugs in the software."

Ruby nodded in understanding.

"I found-Whoa!" Mark fell and the screen blacked out before he made contact with the ground. A thump and snap were heard.

All of Team RWBY winced at the sound. "Maybe he's alright?" Ruby asked, unsure.

"Not likely," Blake answered.

The black screen remains for a few tense seconds before it reveals Mark waking up after being unconscious.

"See, he's fine," Ruby said in confidence.

"Don't be so sure," Blake pointed out.

Mark blinks and looks around a bit before looking down and raising an eyebrow. The scene changes to reveal that his leg was bent in an unnatural angle.

Everyone winced.

"Told you so," Blake said with a smirk. Ruby grumbled to herself.

Mark looks at his leg for a moment before letting out a…not-so-convincing groan of pain. "Aaaaauuuuggghhh." The video ends with links to other videos.

Team RWBY was silent for a moment before bursting out in a fit of laughter.

"HA HA HA," Yang laughed. "That was so funny!"

Blake managed to calm down after a few seconds. "It was a good video. Great animation too."

Weiss nodded in agreement. "I must admit, I did enjoy the video."

Ruby smiled. "This Markiplier really is awesome!" Ruby used the mouse and clicked on the "subscribe" button. "I'll definitely watch some of his videos."

A cough was heard and Ruby turned to see Weiss giving her a stern look. Ruby gave a sheepish laugh. "With your permission, of course."

Weiss pretended to think about it before giving a reply. "I suppose…but only if I can watch with you."

The other three gave her a surprised look. "What? I enjoyed the video."

Yang smirked. "Welcome to the wonderful world of DustTube, Ice Queen."

"Oh shut up, you brute," Weiss scolded with a smirk.

"I think I'd like to look at some of his videos, too," Blake added with a smile.

"Me three!" Yang exclaimed.

Ruby smiled. "Alright, gather around then."

They did just that as Ruby checked out Markiplier's channel to look at all the videos he's done.

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