Chapter 2

Disaster Strikes!

For the next few days, Hibari still hasn't come to school. Sora is thinking that Hibari is listening for once. However, once school starts, Aki and Suzu are just sitting there talking when Aki feels a sudden chill down her spine. It feels as though . . . someone is behind me, Aki thinks to herself. Do I even dare to look behind me . . .? She slowly turns and the girl standing right before her eyes . . . is staring right at her closely.


Aki screams as she jumps back in shock, causing Suzu to scream as well.

"Hehe! Scared you, didn't I?" Hibari giggles as she puts her long sleeve up to her mouth.

"Darn it! You almost gave me a heart attack!" Aki shouts, putting her hand to her chest while gasping for air.

"What are you doing here anyways?" Suzu asks. "Did they release you from the hospital again?"

"Mm-hmm! I'm feeling a lot better than I did a few days ago," Hibari replies. "In fact, I was able to convince them to come to school again."

"Convince them?" Aki questions. "Wait a minute, you're in poor condition remember? How are you better than you were before?"

There is a pause and Aki narrows her eyebrows suspiciously.

"There's something wrong here," the dark haired girl says. "Something that you aren't telling either of us."

Hibari backs away while sweat dropping. "Wh-what are you talking about, Acchan? I said I'm perfectly fine. R-right, Kitty-chan?"

Suzu just looks away. Aki grabs Hibari by the tie and pulls her close.

"Are you hiding something?"

"N-no, Acchan," Hibari stammers. "P-please, you're hurting me . . ."

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!

Aki reluctantly lets go of Hibari's tie. "You're lucky the bell rang, but I want answers after class, got it?"

"O-okay . . ."

Indeed Hibari is hiding something, but it's something that she does not want to tell either of them, especially her childhood friend. She may look fine on the outside, but deep down inside, it feels as if her health is failing very quickly, like her illness has gotten a lot worse than before. However, despite all that, Hibari is able to hide all of it . . . somehow.

As class goes by, Hibari's head begins to sting a little. She thinks it's just a simple headache, but as time went by, it got a lot worse than earlier. Hibari tries to hide it, but the pain keeps on hitting her like a ton of bricks. Plus, she feels that her breathing is ragged since class started. Her chest and head are starting to hurt now, which became very unbearable for her to handle at this moment. At the end of class, Hibari is able to sneak out of the classroom without Aki or Suzu noticing. She wanted to go to the nurse's office, but it feels so far away to her, even with this splitting headache and chest pains.

"Hibari?" a familiar voice says from a few feet away.

Oh, darn! Hibari thinks to herself. Please! Don't let the pain get any worse!

Sora runs up to her childhood friend. "What are you doing here? I thought the doctors told you specifically to stay in the hospital for a while."

"W-well, I got better and was able to convince them to come to school again," Hibari replies, rather softer than normal.

"Are you feeling okay?" Sora asks.

"Yes, I'm fine," Hibari replies as she struggles to keep on her feet. "See? It's all goo-"

All of a sudden, as if everything is happening at a slow motion, Sora witnesses something that she did not expect. Her childhood friend's eyes close as she collapses right onto the floor, causing Sora to scream. Aki and Suzu hear Sora's cry for help, including Yachiyo and Mikine Nezu and rush to her aid.

"Oh, my gosh!" Yachiyo gasps. "What happened to Torikai-san?"

"Not time for explanations!" Sora shouts. "Someone call the ambulance, pronto!"

"Got it!" Aki whips out her touch phone and dials the number while glancing at the unconscious Hibari.

Sora looks at her childhood friend in worry with her eyes shaking with tears. "Hibari . . ."

After about 10 minutes, they hear sirens from outside and the paramedics rush to carry Hibari onto the cart and roll her inside the ambulance. Sora stares at the sight of the ambulance leaving with her fists clenched in anger and frustration.

Yachiyo walks up to the chairman. "U-um, Sarutobi-san?"

"Girls," Sora says. "Let's go for a ride."

"Where?" Aki asks.

"To the hospital, of course," Sora replies.

Thankfully, all of the girls were able to fit inside Sora's car as she drove to the hospital, with Mikine texting her sempai about the news. Since Yukiji Ushikawa has her own car as well, she's able to drive to the hospital herself. After Mikine texted her the directions, they were halfway through to the hospital when they come across a traffic jam.

"Oh, come on!" Sora growls as she slams her hand on the steering wheel.

"D-did we already mention the news to the teachers, I wonder?" Yachiyo asks nervously, who is sitting in the passenger's seat with Suzu next to her and Aki on the opposite side.

"Don't worry," Mikine says softly. "I've already told both of their teachers as soon as the ambulance arrived and that we were going with Sarutobi-san to the hospital."

"Oh~! Good thinking, Nezu-san!" Yachiyo says cheerfully.

"Is there another way we should go, Sarutobi-san?" Aki asks.

Sora thinks for a bit before gripping her steering wheel. "Hold on tight, girls. This is going to get rough."

As quick as a flash, she makes a sharp turn toward an opening and speeds up directly to a ramp that leads to a road with less traffic. She then hovers left on the street that leads to the hospital, turning left and right to pass every car in her way. The other girls, on the other hand, were trying to hold on for dear life from Sora's reckless driving with the chairman not caring. She just wanted to see if her childhood friend is going to be okay.

Finally, with a loud screeching stop, they arrived at the hospital. Sora opens the door while the rest just collapse from the intense driving that Sora had never done before.

"C-could you at least be a little more GENTLE next time!?" Aki shouts at her while trying to gasp for air.

"Hehe! As expected of a monkey!" Yachiyo teases.

"I'M NOT A MONKEY!" Sora shrieks.

"Sarutobi-san," Mikine says softly. "Could you lead the way, please?"

"Oh, here follow me," Sora says, nearly forgetting what just happened.

All the girls follow Sora into the lobby and the chairman goes to the reception desk to tell him about Hibari. When he nods with a yes, Sora leads the girls to the 3rd floor and waits in the waiting room for Hibari's condition. While Sora is pacing back and forth worriedly, Yachiyo and Suzu give her that same look. Mikine checks her phone to see if her sempai arrived yet while Aki just stares at a window near by. Minutes pass by while Sora is growing impatient, frustrated and scared at the same time. After witnessing what happened with Hibari, Sora was immediately scared. It may seem unusual for a diligent chairman like her, but then again, most people would probably feel the same way if their loved ones were hurt.

As a half-hour passes by, the doctor comes in with a clipboard in hand. Sora immediately runs up to him.

"How is she!?" she shouts. "Is she going to be alright!?"

Yachiyo manages to pull Sora back a little. "Calm down, okay? We don't want to get kicked out."

The doctor, who has short black hair and a goatee, adjusts his glasses as he clears his throat. "Well, first things first, we checked on Torikai-san's status, which is a very weak body condition, as you all may know," he says. "But considering that she snuck out of the hospital without any of us knowing, her condition worsened a lot more than it did before."

Everyone gasps at the sudden news, including Sora. Why that stubborn little girl! Sora thinks to herself while clenching her fists in anger.

"So, she did hide something," Aki says under her breath.

"W-what's going to happen to her?" Sora asks.

"Well, we all know one thing," the doctor says. "From her condition worsening and the constant pains in the chest and head, we all come to a conclusion . . . she has heart disease."

A/N: Forgive me, but this is all I can come up with, regarding characters with weak body conditions. And yes, this is sort of related to Kaori from Strawberry Panic, but hey, we haven't seen Hibari in the manga yet, so why not make it up? Anyway, feel free to give out any suggestions, questions or concerns and don't forget to review! ;)